Generally speaking, if the heat generated by LED light cannot be exported, it will make the LED junction surface temperature too high, which will affect the product life cycle, luminous efficiency, stability. Therefore, in order to improve the LED luminous efficiency, the heat dissipation management and design of LED system has become an important topic. Before understanding the LED heat dissipation problem, we must first understand its heat dissipation way, and then improve the heat dissipation bottleneck. According to different LED packaging technology, its heat dissipation method is also different, Heat dissipation path description: Heat dissipation from air can be directly exported from the System circuit board and through the gold wire. In the case of eutectic and Flip chip manufacturing process, heat will be exported from the through hole to the System circuit board.

0.30 inch 3301AGG LED Common-Cathode CC 3301AGG 7-Segment digit 3301BGG Display 3301BGG Common-Anode CA
0.30 inch 3031AGG LED Common-Cathode CC 3031AGG 7-Segment digit 3031BGG Display 3031BGG Common-Anode CA

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