Common for resonant capacitor C6 breakdown (short circuit) or low voltage (soft breakdown), should be replaced with the same capacity of high quality polyester or CBB capacitor with the voltage above 1kV. Open tube filament. If LED lamp tube is not seriously blackened, it can be used in emergency after connecting 0.047μF/400V polyester capacitor at both ends of the broken wire lamp pin. R1 and R2 are open or variable (generally, R1 is more likely to fail) and replaced with 1/4W high quality resistance of the same resistance value. The LED lights flickered. If the LED lamp tube is not seriously black, check whether D5 and D6 have false welding or open circuit, if D5 and D6 soft breakdown or filter capacitor C1 leakage and bad, will also make the light flicker.

5161AGG LED 5161AGG 7-segment 5161BGG display 5161BGG

LED luminescence mechanism. The LED consists of P region, N region, and the barrier region between them. The P region has extra holes, which can be regarded as a positively charged unit particle. There are extra electrons in the n-block, which are negative; The barrier is where the holes in the P region meet the electrons in the N region, and some equilibrium can be achieved without electricity. When a forward current is injected at both ends of the PN junction (i.e., the input of the DC regulated power supply), the injected non-equilibrium carriers (electron-hole pairs) compound luminescence during diffusion.

Common-Cathode CC 8011AGG 7-Segment digit 8011AGG LED Common-Anode CA 8011BGG Display 8011BGG 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC CL8011AGG 7-Segment digit CL8011AGG LED Common-Anode CA CL8011BGG Display CL8011BGG 0.80 inch

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