Because the nozzle will scratch the current diffusion layer on the chip surface. 5361AS LED sintering, the purpose of sintering is to solidify the silver glue, sintering requires monitoring the temperature, to prevent batch bad. Silver glue sintered at 150 ℃, the temperature of 5361AS general control sintering for 2 hours. According to the actual situation can be adjusted to 170 ℃, 1 hour. Insulated generally 150 ℃, 1 hour. Silver glue sintering oven must be opened and replaced every 2 hours (or 1 hour) according to the process requirements, and should not be opened at will. Sintering oven shall not be used for other purposes to prevent pollution. 5361AS LED pressure welding. The purpose of pressure welding is to lead the electrode to the LED chip and complete the connection of internal and external leads of the product. The pressure welding process of 5361AS LED has golden wire ball welding and aluminum wire pressure welding two kinds.

The solder joint is smooth, the helpless flux remains, and the LED package is intact), but also the chip will not be burned out by static electricity. At the same time, the LED position and direction are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance. FPC material: FPC can be divided into two kinds: calendered copper and copper coating.

5261BS LED 5261BS 8-segment 5261AS display 5261AS

As a result, the really good quality LED lights cannot match the sales output of inferior products due to the reason of price. From the technical point of view, the LED energy-saving lamp on the market is mainly divided into high power and small power. The small power light emitting tube used in most household or civil use has become a temporary trend because of its relatively low cost. But it will shorten the service life of the lamp, so that it is gradually eliminated. High-power LED energy-saving lamps, which use integrated chips, also cause problems because the heat can not be timely distributed, which weakens the effect of energy saving.

Common-Cathode CC 3911AGG LED 3911AGG 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3911BGG 7-Segment 3911BGG Display

Chinese LED screens light up Qatar World Cup, The Chau Ming LED screen at the Lussel Stadium, In the early morning of December 15, the second semi-final of the 2022 Qatar World Cup just ended, France beat Morocco, Qatar Hall Bay Stadium on the huge LED scoreboard stayed in the “2-0” screen, the eyes of the world concentrated on the two “made in China” LED screen. In addition to the score screen on the field, the 5G LED light pole screen outside the field.

Common-Cathode CC 5202AW LED 5202AW 0.50 inch Common-Anode CA 5202BW 7-Segment 5202BW Display

LED chip internal key and neck damage and fracture, The package structure is poorly designed, and LED chips are composed of semiconductor materials such as InGaN, AlInGaP and ZnSe, which tend to be thinner and more brittle than Si chips. If the package is improperly designed, there are residual stresses in the interior, and the existence of these stresses may lead to reliability problems such as chip cracking and functional degradation. The analysis of the case is also the LED sample on the board after a large number of failures.

LED 8301AS 7-Segment 8301AS 0.80-inch 8301BS Display 8301BS

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