This is in addition to the reflective principle, the only use of LED chip surface thermal conductivity, heat dissipation technology. The use of lamp caps. In the household type of small power LED lamp, often use the internal space of the lamp cap, the heating drive circuit part or all placed. Can use the cap that has bigger metal surface so like screw cap to come loose heat so, because lamp cap is close of those who receive lamp holder metal electrode and power cord. So part of the heat can be derived from this heat dissipation. The purpose of heat conduction and heat dissipation is to reduce the working temperature of THE LED chip. Due to the large gap between the expansion coefficient of the LED chip and the expansion coefficient of the metal heat conduction and heat dissipation materials commonly used.

0.32 inch 3231AW LED Common-Cathode CC 3231AW 7-Segment digit 3231BW Display 3231BW Common-Anode CA
0.32 inch CL3231AW LED Common-Cathode CC CL3231AW 7-Segment digit CL3231BW Display CL3231BW Common-Anode CA

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