Mini LED will become a battlefield, break the existing industry structure, raise the technical threshold and capital threshold of the industry, and accelerate the big reshuffle of the LED display industry to become the trend of the development of LED display in the future. In order to occupy a place in the blue ocean market of Mini LED, Chinese LED display enterprises must learn to walk on two legs, backlight and direct display are indispensable. Kainat Optoelectronics is a professional provider of LED display supporting accessory solutions. So far, we have been focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the supporting products of the LED display industry. We are committed to providing professional customers and end users at home and abroad with high standards, high quality LED display supporting products, to provide users with satisfactory product solutions.

Common-Cathode CC 4042AW LED 4042AW 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4042BW 7-Segment 4042BW Display

In addition to being used in public places such as road lighting, urban lighting and tunnel lighting, it is also used in office lighting, commercial window lighting and private places. We also see more and more LED stand lights, LED table lamps, LED ceiling lights and other household products. But when LED entered the home place, people’s use experience was not good. Leds are solid-state semiconductor devices, or light-emitting diodes, that convert electricity directly into light and are known as green light sources. With the development of the society towards energy saving, environmental protection and other directions, the advantages of LED lights have also been widely popularized to various application fields and consumers. In the high frequency, wide range of use, LED energy-saving lamp is gradually reflected in the problem.

Common-Cathode CC 3191AB LED 3191AB 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3191BB 7-Segment 3191BB Display

Poor bonding causes the LED to open circuit, Bonding process is a very important step in LED packaging, poor bonding process is easy to lead to chip damage, bonding wire damage, bonding wire and chip or pin bonding strength is not enough failures, these failures and the state of the bonding machine itself, the bonding machine parameter Settings, the operator’s proficiency. Example of LED open circuit failure due to poor bonding. The test found that the LED sample was open, the X-ray found that the two gold wires on the sample chip were inconsistent, and the metallographic section was made and the LED bonding wire was separated from the bonding ball, resulting in an open circuit of the device.

LED 8201AW 7-Segment 8201AW 0.80-inch 8201BW Display 8201BW

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