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Tips for Making High-Impact Brand Videos

Marisa Hochberg :

When it comes to brand videos, do not make the same mistake that other companies have made. Instead of making a home page highlight reel or a product demonstration video, try your hand at creating a high-impact brand video instead. It will give you the best chance of getting noticed and ranking higher in search engine results. What’s the best way to make an impact with your brand? Make videos that grab people’s attention, intrigue them, and leave them feeling inspired by your message. This article will help you create high-impact video content for your brand. Let’s get started!

Define Your Audience First
Before you begin creating videos for your brand, you’ll first have to define who you want to target with your videos. To do this, you’ll want to think about who you want to be marketing to. For example, if you want to target health and fitness enthusiasts, you might want to include videos about exercise, healthy eating, and living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to target MOBILE curators, you may choose to make mobile-first videos, focusing on the experience of using your product.

Be Realistic About Brand Awareness
Once you’ve identified the person(s) you want to target with your videos, you’ll have to be realistic about how well your product awareness will do across that audience. As a general rule, the more general your audience is, the more successful your video marketing will be. If your audience is made up of medical professionals only, your product awareness will be far less effective than if you targeted a more narrow audience with the same message.

Use Brand Storyboarding
Brand storyboarding is a great way to plan out how your video marketing will look and act out the different content types you’ll include in your videos. You’ll want to make sure you stay within your budget and your allotted time to make your video marketing effective. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a video that leaves people wanting more, but doesn’t quite scratch the surface. Brand storyboarding breaks down each of your video content types into digestible chunks so that you can easily pack a lot into each 30-60-90-120-minute video. You’ll want to make sure that each video chunk is around 1,000-2,000 words in length. You can use these digestible chunks to tell a compelling and detailed brand story, and also include images, infographics, and other content types that will keep your audience engaged and informed.

Use Video Marketing
Brand videos aren’t just for marketing campaigns anymore. With the rise of social media and the Internet’s influence on traditional media, brand videos are also finding new life as marketing tools. With video marketing, you can create brand-new revenue streams without having to spend a single cent. Video marketing with its plethora of benefits has quickly become one of the most popular marketing strategies around today. You can use video marketing to Drive traffic to your website Encourage social media engagement Get your products or services featured in TV and radio ads Utilize your events to deliver engaging brand messages.

Avoid Using Animated or Green Screen Ads
Because brand videos are meant to be experienced with an audience’s eyes, a lot of care has to go into the production of the video itself. Unfortunately, when it comes time to film and edit your brand videos, you’ll have to choose between the budget-friendly and time-consuming green screen or the more expensive and time-consuming animated or live-action ad formats. While it’s understandable that creating engaging and memorable brand videos can be challenging, it’s still important to make sure that your budget is allocated appropriately.

Create Emotionally-Driven Videos
When it comes time to create your brand videos, you need to choose videos that pique the curiosity of your audience. Brand videos need to captivate the viewer, not just the clicker. You can do this by using storytelling, emotion, and humor to pique your audience’s curiosity, and then providing a rewarding experience at the end of the video. For example, if you’re selling a stress-relieving stress-ball, include a happy music video at the end of your brand video to help your audience feel optimistic and stress-free. When you include moments like these, people are more likely to stick around and watch your entire video marketing campaign.

Branding is an essential part of marketing your business. It can help you stand out from the competition and get more exposure while increasing the likelihood of recruiting new customers. However, without a strategy to effectively brand your business, you’ll be at a loss when it comes to finding new customers. Brand videos are a great way to help build brand awareness, create emotional connections with your audience, and help you attract new customers. These tips will help you create high-impact brand videos.