The best and fastest way to learn Spanish easy today is through an interactive-audio learning program. There are several good ones available. Most have a completely digital version that can be downloaded from the Internet. Most also have a physical version with CD’s or DVD’s and printed books that you can have delivered.

The key here is to use a conversational approach. To learn Spanish easily, approach it the same way you learned English. Remember? You could speak pretty good English when you first went off to school to learn to read and write! How did you learn that? Children don’t go to class to learn to speak. How do they do it?

They start with a few basic words. They learn how to use these words by speaking and interacting with their parents. Gradually they learn more words and begin to have more complex conversations. They interact with others. They increase their vocabularies. They get better and better at it…

Do the same with Spanish. Don’t start with the books, start with learn Spanish audio lessons. Learn a few basic words and phrases, then build from there. Don’t just memorize the words, learn to use them. Practice with them. Listen carefully and get the pronunciation right.

Try not to translate from the English. Go directly from the thought to the way to express that thought in Spanish.

[In my own first Spanish lesson, hurriedly imparted just before I left for an important meeting in Mexico, I learned: “Buenos días” (good morning), “adios” (goodbye), “gracias” (thank you), “por favor” (please) and “Dos margaritas por favor” (two margaritas, please)! Not much, but it was a start! (And I NEVER forgot! ;-)]

Most good ‘learn Spanish audio courses’ (like Rocket Spanish and Learning Spanish Like Crazy) use excellent native speakers to teach word sounds and pronunciation. This is very important. The accent you learn cannot be better than that of your teacher. Not everyone who speaks Spanish speaks GOOD Spanish.

You want a good teacher to avoid learning bad pronunciation habits. That is one of the problems with learning in a classroom environment. How good is the accent of your instructor? Don’t ask him or her, get an educated native Spanish speaker to talk with your instructor and then tell you how good their accent is!

You may want to start with a “crash course” of learn Spanish audio to learn the basics. Synergy Spanish, Surefire Spanish both offer downloadable courses for under $40! Either of these would give you the basics and a vocabulary of 2-5,000 words. You would learn Spanish easy and you would have the framework to learn more.

Complete courses like Rocket Spanish, Learning Spanish like Crazy or FSI Spanish will cost $100 to $250 (depending on the number of levels you go through). Any of these will give you full conversational Spanish, a vocabulary of 4-8,000+ words and the ability to converse with anyone on almost any subject.

And, with a downloadable interactive-audio learn Spanish audio program, you can offload the lessons to your iPod or other portable audio device and listen and learn wherever and whenever you wish! Jogging, driving or on the plane to Acapulco!

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