The Why

Technical training is only as good as its application. We hope to cover a small set of tools to help you find ways to apply your skillset as your skillset evolves over the coming months.

Success is defined by how many opportunities you have waiting for you when you graduate.

The What

Discuss techniques to explore the world outside the college bubble.

Discuss tasks that lay groundwork for finding application of the skills acquired in college after graduation.

Suggest timelines and deliverables

The Who

The student owns the process

Resources available include:

The How

Personal Brand

Environmental Analysis

Target generation

The When

Suggested Timeline

3rd year, Semester 1 : Personal branding + Analysis start
3rd year, Semester 2: Analysis, Target generation
4th year, Semester 1: Target generation, contact, career fairs and the usual methods
4th year, Semester 2: Network extension, career fairs and the usual methods