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Travel from Little India to Kamper by Bus

Little India is one of the most famous districts in Singapore which is popular amongst tourists for its low priced good quality products. It shows Singapore’s vibrant shopping culture on the entire street. Little India once was a racecourse full of cattle herders. There are several outlets here selling flower garlands as well as dirt-cheap electronics at the same place. Apart from this, the street is full of modern eateries and boutique hotels. One thing worth noticing is that the religious establishments of 3 different religions, Hindu, Muslim and Christianity. Do not forget to stop and eat at one of the famous eateries in Little India.

A visit to this place was never on my wish list but I decided to visit this place after I came across it online while booking my bus tickets from, which showed Little India as a bus boarding point. Make sure that you visit the Tekka Centre, which is quite famous in Little India and across the rest of Singapore for its large selection of hawker stalls. In addition, a bright yellow and orange warehouse sells products at excellent prices especially if you want to buy fresh produce in bulk. If you are looking to buy quality products, fabric and materials Tekka Centre is definitely one of the places that you should visit.

On the second floor of this establishment, you will find a sea of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Singaporean hawker stalls that serve cheap and tasty dishes in rather rough and ready surroundings. For those who have a sweet tooth it is worth hunting down this eatery called Chi Kak, which serves pale rice with a filling paste of sugared beans. Try this dish once and you will definitely order it one more time. I did!! There are also plenty of drinks that you can have ranging from squeezed limesoda to fresh juices. The centre may not have all the frills and decorations like other hawker centres but it offers a great choice of unusual dishes, which is one of the most fantastic ways to experience the whole of Little India on a single plate.

There were about 3 Operators plying on the route between Little India and Kamper. The One Travel and Tours, Starmart Express and Transstar were some of the popular ones. The One Travel and Tours had about 4 buses plying throughout the day with the first one departing at 11:00 am in the morning. There were about 3 more buses between 11:00 am to 10:30 pm from this Operator. Starmart Express has about 4 buses plying throughout the day with fares starting from SGD40. I prefer travelling through the One Travel and Tours as my previous experience with this Operator was great and the staff was quite interactive. This Operator operates only the Executive class of buses and if you wish to travel in a luxury bus, you will have to book either the Starmart Express or Transstar. The fares for both these Operators start from SGD60.