#Ultimate Sales Engine Boot Camp
Takes place over two days, with four 90-minute sessions on each day.

The aim is to give delegates a complete business model they can take away and implement.


Welcome everyone.

Outline the purpose of the Boot Camp

Go through the Running Order and set out the rules

Why you’ve come to Cork

Purpose of the Ultimate Sales Engine Boot Camp

Running Order for Day 1

0900 to 10:30 Session 1
10:30 to 11:00 Break
11:00 to 12:30 Session 2
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch
13:30 to 15:00 Session 3
15:00 to 15:30 Break
15:30 to 17:00 Session 4
19:00 to late Dinner and Bar

Running Order for Day 2

0900 to 10:30 Session 1
10:30 to 11:00 Break
11:00 to 12:30 Session 2
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch
13:30 to 15:00 Session 3
15:00 to 15:30 Break
15:30 to 17:00 Session 4


Day 1

Principles, Strategies, and Systems

The first day is going to focus on the six core principles of successful businesses as we teach in Elite:

The Ultimate Sales Engine

A simple process of lead-capture, follow-up and sales that’ll work for any business.

The Elite Process

How we do it all as a group


Give an overview of the Boot Camp and what we’re going to achieve.

The questions we need to answer are:

Overview of Boot Camp

What Makes Businesses Successful?

Business are successful when they find what works and keep repeating it. This applies to both marketing and operations.

And it usually comes down to a surprisingly small number of actions repeated daily, and a certain attitude embedded in the culture of the people who work in the business (this is also true for one-man-bands).

All other things being equal…
If the business is viable

What Makes Businesses Unsuccessful?

Making mistakes big and small over a long period of time without a studied or rational attempt to change behaviour.

You don’t get fat overnight; and your business doesn’t fail overnight (even though the final event can be swift and catastrophic. It’s like metal-fatigue in a de Havilland Comet.

All other things being equal…

How Do We Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t?

We start with what we know and move forward with testing, evaluating progress and results at every stage.

It’s called “testing and measuring”.

Testing and Measuring

There are strategies and tactics we know tend to work most of the time in most situations. But this is on a continuum, and we find while strategies are almost always infallible, tactics sometimes fail.

This is why we have to test.

For example, we know the strategy of relentless follow-up by email works. And I have yet to see it fail.

But the tactic of swearing like a trooper and calling people ‘fat cunts’ when they complain probably isn’t going to work in every market (even though the strategy of authenticity will).

What stops us testing?

Six Principles of Elite Success

These six areas are what we focus on most in Elite. As I’ve said before, Elite is less about knowing and more about doing.

In classic 80/20 style, if you focus on these five Principles you’re going to make incredible leaps forward in your business.

1. The 80/20 Principle

It’s a (perhaps) universal law that most of our results come from a disproportionately small number of our efforts.

Harnessing the power of this in our businesses is fundamental to our success.

Thing is, it’s extremely counterintuitive so even when business owners are presented with the facts, they’ll still ignore them.

2. Premium Pricing and Premier Positioning

These two simple but extremely powerful strategies go hand in hand to make you more money with less work, less hassle, and fewer headaches.

They capitalise on various innate aspects of human psychology to both filter and influence our target market so we command premium prices, are viewed as experts in our chosen areas of endeavour, and ultimately end up working with a better class of customer and client.

3. Relentless Marketing

Marketing is the one activity that keeps business coming in through the door. If you stop marketing, then pretty soon you have no clients. Not long after that, you have no business.

4. Transformational vs Transactional Selling

Takes a different approach to doing business. Rather than focusing on the sale as an event, it’s seen more as the beginning of a process of transformation.

5. Continuity

The practice of getting your customers and clients to buy from you in a pre-determined series of regular sales.

You can do this with products or services.

Continuity is a life-changer

6. Persistent Implementation

Nothing happens until someone does something. Action is at the root of all success, because the best idea not acted upon is just so many words lost in the whirlwind of life.

The 80/20 Principle (Law of the Vital Few)

Also known as “the Pareto Principle”.

Discovered by Vilfredo Pareto around the start of the 20th Century as he studied the distribution of land ownership in Italy — 80% of the land was owned by just 20% of the people.

When he looked more widely he saw it cropped up everywhere. In the time since then we’ve seen it seems to be an all-pervasive phenomenon in this little universe of ours.

It’s a real phenomenon and to ignore, discount, or refuse to accept it can be fatal.

The numbers don’t have to be 80 and 20 and they don’t have to add up to 100. They can be 80/10, 99/1, and so on.

In many ways it’s fractal: the top 20% of your clients have their own top 20%. This continues to a point where the sample size gets too small to be meaningful (a point some proponents of 80/20 selling should note).

Examples of the 80/20 Principle in real life
Why you should care
Harsh Reality Time
The Bottom Line

Examine everything you do through the 80/20 lens because it will dramatically improve your fortunes.

Premium Pricing

The art of selling your products and services at higher prices than your competitors, without losing sales or clients (other than the ones you want to lose), and all the while making a lot more money, to boot.

Who buys on price?
Why sell at premium prices?

You make more money

You deal with a better class of client

It’s in buyers’ favour

How to sell at higher prices
Premier Positioning

Premier Positioning covers two main areas: being seen as an expert; and being seen as someone worthy of respect.

These two areas do often overlap, but you can easily be one without the other. I am sure we can all think of experts we think are utter dicks, and people we respect greatly who are experts in nothing at all.

Inner Game
Expert Status
Alpha Positioning
Powerful Differentiation
Force of Polarisation
Simple Positioning Strategies
Relentless Marketing (with Product Pyramid)

Most business owners engage in marketing either when they have to or opportunistically when an ad-rep happens to call.

Smart business owners realise marketing should be a constant activity and the very best time to be doing it is when you’re busy, not when you’re quiet.

The Marketing Machine
When You’re Quiet…
When You’re Busy…
The Product Pyramid
Transactional Selling

Takes the buyer from the unknown to the known: “I don’t know or care where you are or what your problem is, but my stuff is the answer”.

Characterised by
Transformational Selling

Takes the buyer from the known to the unknown: “We’ve taken time and made the effort to determine where you are now and what your challenges are, now let’s see what we can do, where we can go, and what we can achieve.”

Characterised by

There are several different continuity models you can implement.

Continuity Models
Continuity Pitfalls
Continuity Success Secrets
Persistent Implementation

Ultimate Sales Engine

It’s essentially a system, comprising a set of strategies and processes that implement them.

The USE is an end-to-end structured approach to lead generation, sales, ascension, and continuity.

It comprises these parts:

  1. Target Market
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Education and Entertainment
  4. Relationship Building
  5. Sales (including the Product Pyramid)
  6. Continuity (with Ascension)

Target Market


Lead Generation

Referral System
Facebook Advertising
Google Adwords/Bing
Newspapers and Magazines
Yellow Pages
Direct Mail
JVs (inc. direct mail, endorsed mailings)
Article Marketing
Forum Posting
Solo Ads
JVs to Others’ Lists

You get links to you site sent out on others’ lists in return for a revenue-share.

Radio & TV
Free PR (my plan)
Articles in the local press
Free Standing Inserts
Cold Calling
SEO and Social Media



The Myth of Professionalism
List Husbandry

Sales (Product Pyramid)

Making the most of your client list

Continuity (with Ascension)

All the Elites are looking for ways to add Continuity into their businesses.

I can’t see any reason why any business cannot make Continuity work.

It just takes a bit of effort and implementation.

The Elite Process

A very simple structured process for getting all this done.

It boils down to three distinct areas:

  1. Knowledge.
  2. Activity.
  3. Method.

Knowledge (what we know)

Activity (what we do)

Method (how we do it)

The watch-word is accountability

Day 2

Ultimate Email Marketing

A live and extended version of the original Email Supremacy Programme, including segments on Funnels, and Advanced Email Marketing strategies.

Fundamentals of Relentless Followup (daily!)

Why Email Marketing?

But it’s not a panacea!

There is nothing special about Email Marketing. You would get the same results if you were able to do the same kind of follow-up with the same consistency and frequency.

Email just makes it very simple to do.

Myths of Email Marketing

There are lots of reasons business owners resist email marketing, especially done The EBG Way:

Six Core Principles of Email Marketing

1. People don’t buy for their own reasons

2. Follow up Relentlessly

3. Keep Things Simple

4. Use the Whole Pig

5. Grow a Thick Skin

6. Focus on Process, not Events

Email Structure

Six parts.

1. From line

2. Subject line

3. Body copy

4. Tie in

5. Call to action

6. The PS

Subject Line Secrets
The most powerful emotion for Subject lines
Subject Lines - things to watch for

Body Copy

The trick is to give enough value to keep them interested, and yet not so much they can just up sticks and leave and take all our knowledge with them.

For me it’s a two-part process.

This process naturally leads to sales!

Tie Ins

You don’t have to be clever to get the link in there. The whole email does not have to be leading up to this moment.

You can be as simple and straightforward as you like. You can simply tie it in like this:

Calls to Action

Email Content (where do you get your ideas, EBG?)

There are hundreds of places to get ideas for emails.

The best places in my opinion from stories from your past and anecdotes from the things that happened to you every day, as well as the things you hear happening to others, and read about in the newspapers or on television.

But aside from these, there are many places for you to get great ideas.

Where I have my best ideas

31 Simple Sources of Great Email Ideas

The Little Book of Great Email Ideas

The Ultimate Collection of Bizarre Email Ideas

Email Style

You are not writing formal sales emails in what people call “business language”. The trick is to have an ongoing personality filled dialogue with your reader.

Keep your emails:

Developing Your Own Email Style

How to

How to add personality

Just remember what I said before: you might resist doing this, but if you do, then you pay a price.

Why adding your personality works

Excuses for not adding your personality

No matter how you write, you are going to imply at some kind of personality. It’s not a matter of shall I show a personality, but a matter of which personality shall I show?

Given we’re going to show a personality, then, doesn’t it make sense to show the one we’re most familiar with, most comfortable with and the one which is going to attract the people we most want to do business with?

You’re NOT trying to write with MY personality. Write with your own! Unless you’re a doormat, in which case you’ll have to fake it till you make it.

Unless you have no personality or are suffering from some genuine problem, such as personality disorder, it does work.

Writing Tools and Strategies

Loads of people tell me how hard it is to write.

  1. Speed Writing
  2. Dictation
  3. Gingko


Speed Writing Exercise



A Simple Autoresponder Formula

Geeky Stuff

Nearly every email marketing course I’ve ever seen except my own, neglects this area. I think that is a big mistake. The reason it’s a mistake is what you don’t know can destroy your campaigns.

You cannot afford to ignore this just because it’s boring and geeky.

1. Autoresponders

2. Format

3. Statistics

4. Deliverability.

The battle for your inbox

Dos and Don’ts

Advanced Email Marketing

Segmentation (including self segmentation)

Advanced Funnels

Deadlines (with login from auto responder)

Closed and Open Loops

Advanced Funnels


Closed Loops
Open Loops
Concurrent Stories
Closed Loop Example
Open Loop Example