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value exchange formula

value force







better health
more comfort
more money
more leasure
greater popularity
pride of accomplishment
improved appearance
business advancement
praise from others
security in old age
social advancement
be good parents
have influence over others
be sociable, hospitable
be gregarious
express their personalities
resist domination by others satisfy their curiosity
be up-to-date
emulate what’s admirable
appreciate beauty
be proud of their possessions
be creative
acquire or collect things
be efficient
win other’s affections
be first in things
improve themselves mentally

deliverable (completed project)

Solving a problem

common problem can be found through quantitative data

Desired Future State

Knowledge transfer

Value Triad

Revenue Gain

Cost Reduction

Emotional Contribution

Price Certainty fixed






related to # of competing options

immutable- easy to copy?
non substitute- easy to find substitute?

sub by cost force


functional risk
-maybe it won’t work, nor do what it’s supposed to do

monetary risk
-there’s a chance I could lose money on this


psychological risk
-I might feel guilty or irresponsible if I buy this

social risk
-I wonder what my friends will think if I buy this

physical risk
-looks a little dangerous. I could get hurt

mult by c force


easy to understand metaphors
-It’s kind of like “riding a bike”

little child test

I understand this

use stories or popculture that they know as vehicles

short, punchy, simple, common language


specificity- substitute general descriptions with specific facts

quantification- quantify your claims

verification- let someone else do your bragging

-endorsement from somebody credible
-case study
-study conducted by somebody credible/ institution

Association or Borrowed Association; with a credible company in the market place
relationship with likable credible public figure in your niche…mention to boost your credibility
borrow association…quote an influencer….now what I’m about to share with you is the very same thing opera shared on a tv show with Dr. Oz
Demonstrating Results
-that prospects envy
Track Record
-proof of results
-engineer track record
Case Studies (even if it’s not your customers)
Respected Endorsement
Giving the appearance of results in advance
-by this point you understand how to….register a domain name…create a website
-giving the appearance of showing that they are not in the same spot
Scientific Language
-adds credibility
Proprietary Language
-naming a method or phase
Media/ Prestigious Publications
-engineer massive credibility
-news release
—most available coaching program
list it on the squeeze page
featured in the following publications as the greatest system
have the logos

I’ll tell you, the easiest way to do that is third party credibility. If you can go out and find a third party reputable source that’s saying the same thing that you’re saying that their story is in line with your story and your prospect heard you say it first and you can send them this third party credibility, they will assume that this third party is validating you because they heard it from you first

Someone else validated it

7 - content, 38 - tone, 55 - body language