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A Guide To Buy The Best Perfume!

There are many countless scents available in the market. And hence shopping for new perfume can be overwhelming for you. These days you can witness the fragrance concentration as well. Even though underneath the perfume bottle, you will get fragrance concentrations.

A fragrance concentration is a strength that a fragrance has. Also, perfumes having high fragrance concentrations contain more perfume oil and less alcohol.

Furthermore, fragrance concentrations have several categories-


It is the purest form of perfume.

Parfum lasts the longest (up to eight hours) of all scents. Parfums contain 15% to 40% fragrance. However, the concentration resides between 20% to 30%.

Since the quality of the fragrance is just immaculate, so does the price! Parfum commands the highest prices amongst all fragrances. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, Parfum is the best choice for you.

Eau de Parfum:

Their fragrance concentration is between 15% to 20%, lower than the Parfum. Hence, after Parfum, Eau de Parfum has the next highest fragrance concentration. Also, it is less expensive than Parfum.

They last up to five hours.

Eau de Parfum has a comparatively higher concentration of alcohol. However, people with sensitive skin can still buy it, as they are a better option. Example- Coach Eau de Perfum. It is a coach perfume for women.

Eau de Cologne:

Eau de cologne or EDC has 2% to 4% of fragrance concentration. It contains high alcohol concentration. Therefore it is less expensive than the above-listed perfumes. Various Versace cologne for women and men is the example.

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