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  • Facebook
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  • 8chan?


Vision5 in a Nutshell

Vision5 in a nutshell:

  1. Set up the next generation of the internet (Internet5)
  2. Build a super-duper alternative to the WWW (Web5)
  3. Help millions of people though philanthropic projects all over the world (Humanity5)
  4. Create a new paradigm business and economics (Market5)
  5. Make a lot of people a lot of money in the process (Rocket5)

For every person you tell about Vision5 that signs up (for free) you’ll receive at least $2.50, which you can keep for yourself or donate to your favorite charity.

Vision5 has the potential to change the world for the benefit of everyone, including you. Surely it’s worth checking out to see if it’s really as good as it sounds!

How to get the credit:

  1. Sign up
  2. Use the special features for sharing on FB

5 things to know about Vision5

5 things to know about Vision5:

  • We’re building a potentially revolutionary upgrade to the internet (Internet5) and an improved alternative to the Worldwide Web (Web5)
  • We’re going to help as many people as we can through our philanthropic projects (Humanity5)
  • We’re creating a new kind of digital asset that only goes up in value (Rocket5)
  • You get free money for signing up (Signup5)
  • You can earn loads more money by telling your friends about us (Refer5)

Click here to find out more …

Join tomorrow’s …

  • Join tomorrow’s internet revolution, today
  • Join tomorrow’s technology and philanthropy revolution, today
  • Join tomorrow’s internet and philanthropy revolution, today
  • Join tomorrow’s platform for technology, philanthropy and unity … today
  • Join tomorrow’s platform for technology, humanity and unity … today
  • Join tomorrow’s vision for economics, technology, philanthropy, unity and education … today
  • Join tomorrow’s vision for technology and philanthropy … today
  • Join tomorrow’s vision for creating a better world … today
  • Join tomorrow’s vision of a better world … today
  • Join tomorrow’s plan for a better world … today
  • Join tomorrow’s platform for humanity … today
  • Join tomorrow’s vision for humanity … today


Open graph






Cloud Storage


Block phone



Office space





  • Largest


  • Branding


  • Top 3% screened talent
  • Bit more pricey (but probably better quality)


  • One of oldest
  • Kind of directory of freelancers


  • 3 million freelancers


  • Marketing


  • Technical
  • Worked with lots of big companies

Creative Market:

  • Design
  • 4.8 million creative people




Secure phones


Language Connect:

  • 150+ languages
  • Quick turnaround
  • Doing so many is about respect and universal access, not making money
  • Also, has a wow factor
  • If you don’t think we’re serious, then why have our site translated into over 150 languages?

Video chat

Virtual address + mail forwarding


UK Postbox:

City Address:

Ex Post:

Post Central:

My UK Post:


My UK Mailbox:


Virtual assistant

Virtual debit card


Virtual phone number







Project management


  • Looks awesome


V1 - Start5

Presentation ideas

“What if … ?” - teasers


  • Post as part of the different



  • What if we could re-design the WWW to create something better?
  • What if the features of the Internet were given an upgrade?
  • What if domain names were semantic and multi-lingual by design?
  • What if


  • What if a blockchain could change the world?
  • What if we could create a global wealth re-distribution engine?
  • What if an investment could be guaranteed to double every year for 5 years?


  • What if customers could share in the profits of a company?
  • What if developers, workers and customers could all receive shares in a business?


  • What if technology could be used to end global poverty
  • What if a new internet and economy could support your local community?


  • What if the laws of physics aren’t what we think they are?
  • What if Mandela Effects are just the tip of the iceberg of a new Theory of Everything?
  • What if faster-than-light travel is actually possible?
  • What if pyramids hold the key to healing?

Not scary

Start time

  • Unix timestamp : 1555555555
  • 04/18/2019 @ 2:45am (UTC)








Augmented capitalism

  • Capitalism 2.0
  • Global wealth generation and re-distribution engine
  • Using blockchains to create wealth in a systematic way
  • Help society, while making the rich richer at the same time
  • Everyone’s a winner!
  • We don’t really have capitalism right now because we don’t have free markets - but that’s a separate issue
  • Allows the richest people in the world to make huge amounts more
  • While at the same time lifting the whole world up to a decent minimum level
  • In the long-run, taxes can be lower or even eliminated
  • Nobody loses, and potentially everybody wins
  • The global currencies can go back to being gold-backed








  • The whole project at a glance

Page design

Use as base

Template (most pages)

  • Photo squares
  • Top photo start to the right, otherwise alternating
  • Hanging navbar on left that appears when you hover over it
  • Menu bar at the top-right
  • Login/signup at the top-right
  • First ‘square’ is a thinner rectangle, with wider photo to the right
  • All the logos would be white on transparent
  • All the projects have a “What if … ?” question on the left, under the logo + name
  • The main page explains everything in steps
  • Has links to other sections with their own
  • Use Golden ratios
  • Width
  • Inner box (with Vsion5 box underneath)
  • Then 50:50 going down the page
  • In top left box, at bottom, is the map within Vision5
  • Underneath is the nav on this page
  • Try different alternatives
  • Vision5 map in different colour
  • Could have “Introduction to Vision5” on all pages
  • “X5 is a part of Vision5. Introduction to Vision5”


  • Distributed team with people all around the world
  • Put up a map with people in different countries (friends)
  • Current base is in the UK
  • In the process of setting up our main HQ in Zurich
  • Appear really legit already


  • UK
  • Zurich
  • Don’t use the same



  • DeepL
  • Have a clean I/O document to help with translations
  • Display the current documents for FR, DE …
  • Have every page on there
  • Can re-generate the pages and missing parts
  • Use YAML
  • Each original page uses a tag
  • Generates the URL of the page, too, to make things easier
  • Template text is in Template5 ?
  • Display the current files
  • Allow people to make improvements
  • Want to try to translate Vision5 into 150 languages
  • When generate the information, keep track of the old versions
  • Put the tags with versions
  • Generate the documents for the latest versions, so they can be updated
  • Or just the last saved version
  • So if they’re not the same, then they can be slightly modified
  • Each page can have minor updates, and they are documented, but it doesn’t matter if the translations don’t happen straightaway
  • When new content is added, then ask people to help add the translation


  • When you log in, keep track of ‘Rocket5’
  • Explain what it is
  • Display how much X amount would be worth in X days, 1 year …
  • Say that ‘unlike other cryptocurrencies, there will be no uncertainty in the value’
  • You’ll be able to calculate years in advance how much they will be worth
  • For the first 5 years they double in value each year at a set rate, updated every second
  • You won’t be able to trade your Rocket5 tokens just yet, because we need to set up the platform for you to be able to do that safely, but they will still increase in value


  • Add page
  • Add translations etc
  • Allow people to see how the site is progressing
  • Auto-generate from the gen tool


  1. Vision5 +
  2. Tech5 +
  3. Economy5 +
  4. Humanity5 +
  5. Planet5 +
  6. Unity5 +
  7. Site5 +
  8. Lightworker5 +
  9. LightState5 +
  10. LightUnity5 +
  11. GreatAwakening5 +
  12. OpenIntel5 +
  13. Citizen5 +
  14. Market5 +
  15. Rocket5 +
  16. ZeroPoverty5 +
  17. Universal5 +
  18. Positivity5 +
  19. Microfinance5 +
  20. Millifinance5 +
  21. CleanWater5 +
  22. Homeless5 +
  23. CleanLight5 +
  24. Amazona5 +
  25. OceanCleanup5 +
  26. NatureCare5 +
  27. Meditation5 +
  28. Think5 +
  29. Pyramid5 +
  30. Grassroot5 +
  31. Community5 +
  32. Healthcare5 +
  33. Payday5 +
  34. Education5 +
  35. Equality5 +
  36. Sci5 +
  37. Internet5 +
  38. URL5 +
  39. Network5 (Blocknet5 + Peernet5) +
  40. Web5 +
  41. Shield5 +
  42. Forge5 +
  43. Social5 +
  44. Feed5 +
  45. Brain5 +
  46. Ask5 +
  47. Search5 +
  48. Rosetta5 +
  49. Model5 +
  50. Exchange5 +
  51. Pay5 +
  52. Developer5 +
  53. Investor5 +
  54. Hi5 +
  55. Giveaway5 +

V2 - Giveaway5


We’ll run a very simple marketing campaign with the slogan : “Vision5 is giving away $555.55 to 55555 people. Will you be one of them?”

To qualify, people will need to sign up, and refer 5 friends that each refer 5 friends. All these people need to sign up (for free). Also, people will need to like us on at least two of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We’ll give away the money in Rocket5, which we can create - so we’ll be giving away about $31m of Rocket5 in total. Also, because each person that qualifies will need at least 25 people underneath them, it’s likely to guarantee that at least 1 million people are signed up. I need to work out the absolute minimum number.

And we won’t give away much info about Vision5 overall. We’ll give people a few teasers about upgrading the Internet and Worldwide Web, but will say we’ll explain all once we hit the 55555 qualifiers, or 2.5m signups in total.

On the homepage, we’ll have a slideshow a bit like the one we have now, with slides something like this list:

  • Vision5 - What if a simple brainwave, oodles of innovations and a jumbo heart could change the world?
  • Rocket5 - What if a new kind of digital currency could pay for upgrading the Internet and Worldwide Web?
  • Meta5 - What if a single development platform were powerful enough to design and host any website conceivable?
  • Internet5 - What if a multilingual URL scheme could help the internet better handle new technologies like blockchains?
  • Web5 - What if we could create an alternative web with all the features we wanted for it to be awesome?
  • Humanity5 - What if the web as a whole could generate money for philanthropy and society?
  • Refer5 - What if you could receive at least $1.50 for every friend you tell about Vision5?
  • Giveaway5 - What if Vision5 were giving away $555.55 to 55555 people that sign up early and refer 5 friends?
  • InvestIn5 - What if you could invest in the next generation of the Internet and Worldwide Web once over 1 million people had already signed up?

The aim is to keep it really simple, and not reveal too much information. The more info you give people, the less they talk. The less info you give them, the more the talk.

And obviously, lots of people will sign up for free to something exciting when they have the chance at getting $500 for free.

When we’re close to the launch (probably July), I’ll delete all the info that’s online now on our social media channels, and replace them with mysterious photos with the logos on. For now, I won’t be advertising all this, so it will come as a surprise to the people that already know about Vision5.


Section 1


  • Vision5
  • Web5
  • Internet5
  • Platform5
  • Hypernet5
  • Meta5
  • Simpl5
  • Rocket5
  • Hi5
  • Giveaway5

Section 2

Web5 Diagrams:


  • “A new URL system for an evolved internet”
  • (Internet5) Web5 overview diagram (URL)


  • “Servers, Blockchains and P2P”
  • Stack5 diagram
  • P2P from top to bottom
  • Possibly squares on alternate sides / expanding to edge
  • Logos with the writing

Section 3

Web5 features / benefits:

  • Table of comparison
  • WWW vs Web5
  • List of features
  • Not too many, but enough to show the difference


  • URLs
  • Hosting platform
  • P2P in the browser
  • Security and data protection built into the network
  • Multi-lingual URLs
  • Free vs paid hosting (costs vary greatly)

Section 4

Gallery of Platform5 components:

  • Square images (that focus in)
  • Logos (white on transparent)
  • One-liner explanations
  • As many components as I can find (20 ish)
  • 5x5 grid would be great
  • Whatever it is - 5 wide

Section 5

Hi5 / Giveaway5:

  • Columns down the middle?
  • Hi5 on the left
  • Giveaway5 on the right
  • Cryptic, but with HINT: It’s to do with our potentially revolutionary economic paradigm that we’ll be integrating with Web5!

V3 - Investor5


  • 5 slides for each section
  • Would be better to have the logos pop up for each, but if there isn’t one, it doesn’t matter so much


  • Misc5 logo
  • Meme5 logo

Internet5 ++

URL5 ++

  • Locator5


  • Domain5
  • Domain name system (subset of URL5)

Network5 ++

Namenet5 ++

  • Hostnet5
  • backup of the DNS system
  • hosted on blockchains
  • More flexible configuration than current DNS servers
  • Handle better load-balancing at the network level
  • Much more robust backup of the DNS system

Blocknet5 ++

Blockchain projects


Dappnet5 ++

  • Not just accessing them
  • Interacting between dapps on different blockchains

Peernet5 ++


Sending key information

P2P chat:

  • Don’t use P2P file sharing, because it has static files
  • All you need is a friend that is already connected
  • Once you’re connected to the global grid, it should be robust from then on

IP addresses:

  • Lease different blocks of IP addresses each month
  • Continually change them, get from different providers

Sharing list of IP addresses:

  • Every browser fetches a list of 10 IP addresses regularly (once a minute?)
  • When you start up initially, then get a list of 10/50/100 IP addresses that are connected (and can be contacted using a P2P chat protocol that works over routers)
  • Generate a hash to look for a specific list (that is updated every minute or so)
  • The list gives a set of IPs that are proxies

Method 1


Suggested steps:

1 - Get list of 10 possible relays (users) (P2P)

Method 2


Suggested steps:

1 - Get list of 10 possible relays (users) (P2P)
2 - Test out the relays and set up the connections
3 - Send requests hashing over the relays
4 - Update the relays that aren’t currently being used every so often?


1 - (Beforehand) Relay creates (or gets) a public/private key pair just for that relay
2 - User (China) > Relay (anyone, inside OK country) - encrypted, request info inside encrypted using Internet5 public key
3 - Relay > Internet5 node (close by) - encrypted
4 - Internet5 node decrypts, makes and appropriate changes and forwards on to destination server
5 - Reply from destination server
6 - I5 node makes any necessary changes, returns directly to client (direct server relay)


Server software:

  • Run using a blockchain
  • Use HAProxy in DSR mode
  • [Extend with Lua Lua API
  • Encode the config into the server itself (or at least make it updateable only from US

VPN over IP


Platform5 ??? ++


• Ad5 - Advertising system that can be turned on/off by users (in Core5)
• Ask5 - Ask engine (uses Rosetta5 and Brainiac5)
• Alert5 - Alerts for natural disasters etc
• Base5 - NoSQL database (based on Couchbase)
• Bigbase5 - Big data database (based on Hadoop)
• Braniac5 - Knowledge database (using Semantic5)
• Chappie5 - Safe artificial intelligence (uses Semantic5)
• Cloud5 - Cloud storage
• Code5 - Completely customizable programming system
• Compute5 - Cloud computing (including a global supercomputer)
• Connect5 - API system for AI intercommunications (uses Semantic5)
• Crosslink5 - Complete dataset for links, referrers so no need in URL
• DataShield5 - Data security and privacy
• DataWizard5 - Data processing
• Declarative5 – Middle layer of Code5

• Encryption5 - Genuine security for all of Web5 against hacks (even NSA)
• Fact5 - Link information to related factual information
• Feed5 - Create feeds for different topics (abstraction of Twitter/Facebook)
• Filter5 - Filter system for any kind of content users don’t want to see
• Flag5 - Flag any content for being rude, sexual … (used by Filter5)
• Forge5 - Development center for collaborative development
• FraudShield5 - Fraud prevention system
• Gamezone5 - Online game integration system
• Graph5 - Graph database (Facebook Graph squared, uses Node5)
• Guru5 - User help
• Hashtag5 - Hashtag any content
• Host5 - Hosting for all Web5 websites
• Hypertext5 - Upgrade to the capabilities of hypertext
• Implementation5 – Bottom later of Code5
• Jive5 - All-in-one communications for text, audio and video

• Karma5 - ?
• Meme5 - Meme repository and search engine (uses Tag5)
• MetaWeb5 – Generic meta platform for creating all kinds of sites (e.g. for social networks)
• Micropay5 - Micropayments for any content / websites
• My5 - Bookmarks for any kind of content, not just webpages
• Node5 - Fundamental ID system for every elemental data point on Web5
• Peer5 - Generic P2P platform based on WebRTC / WebTorrent
• Plugin5 - Plugin system for building web5sites

• Rate5 - Rate anything (used Node5)
• React5 - React to any online content (abstraction of Facebook reacts)
• Rosetta5 - Natural language processing and translation (uses Semantic5)
• Scam5 – Scam protection
• Search5 - Search engine (uses Rosetta5 and Braniac5)
• Semantic5 - Semantic data processing (used for all AI)
• Share5 - Share any content with people who follow you
• Social5 - Generic system for creating a social / business network
• Stream5 - P2P streaming platform (uses Peer5)
• Syntax5 – Top layer of Code5
• Tag5 - Tagging system for any kind of content
• Topic5 - Organize everything by topics, including related topics
• Upvote5 - Suggest content to other people with similar interests
• VR5 - Virtual reality system
• Wallet5 - Unified system for storing money and cryptocurrencies
• Widget5 - Abstraction layer for all code to be made reusable as widgets

Ad5 ++

Alert5 ++

Ask5 ++

Brain5 ++

Chappie5 +!

  • Select from the robot images
  • Orange one?

Fact5 ++

Feed5 ++

Filter5 +!

Flag5 ++

Gamezone5 ++

Guru5 ++

  • wisdom?

Meme5 ++

News5 ++

Pay5 ++

  • Including Micropay5

React5 ++

Rosetta5 ++

Search5 ++

Shield5 ++

  • DataShield
  • FraudShield

Social5 ++


  • Social5
  • Network5
  • SocNet5
  • Dropbase5 (just for Dropbase)
  • Mesh5
  • Connect5
  • Buzz5

Feed and presentation separate:

  • Multiple feeds for the same entity
  • Presentation different
  • Allows people to create different social networks using the same base system

Integrate social media:

  • Have own website
  • Customized formatting
  • Placement of your feed, kind of feed

Social Presence:

  • Social Presence = Social Network 2.0
  • Integrated with own website
  • Feeds, communication
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc - they’re all monolithic.
  • Social networks are the past and the present, social presence is the future
  • Social networks are slow to change and are mainly set up by the big tech companies
  • Social presence will be dynamic, customizable and user-oriented

Facebook integration


  • Get the user to create an app ID
  • Full instructions
  • Automation script (passes info to
  • Stores the app ID
  • Then we use the users app ID rather than creating a new app (and get full integration with FB without restrictions)
  • User can set the actions that they give permission to doing on their own page for Web5 social apps (in a similar way to how it’s done on FB)
  • Kind of recreate the FB permissions system on Web5


  • (not much capacity)
  • Get the user to verify the Catcha if it appears
  • That way we can’t be accused of trying to bypass Captcha (and it’s more scalable)


  • Provide a feedback on the screen (if the user clicks on details)
  • Otherwise show a status bar that’s progressing


  • Say that this approach is user-focused
  • FB has lots of power over app-developers, and can revoke permissions
  • This way the focus is on what the user wants to do on their own profiles etc

Collective confidence:

  • While FB has ultimate control over the process for them, we’ll do collective confidence
  • Each app can be tested by the public at large
  • Look at the code, and rate it
  • More people with high confidence ratings, the higher the app gets

User controls:

  • Finer control of permissions for users
  • Can automatically accept Web5 apps that only do certain things
  • Other ones they have to ask
  • Can automatically accept apps that have a high CC rating
  • Any ques

Regular testing:

  • Run hourly tests on each app
  • If an app ID doesn’t work, then ask the user if they deleted it (and meant to)


  • Can obviously delete the app ID
  • Either through Facebook or we’ll make it easy too

Multiple app ID’s:

  • User should only need one app ID
  • Might want to have multiple app IDs
  • They might want to use a different app ID for testing

Meta social:

Stream5 ++

Wallet5 ++

VR5 ++


Browser5 ++

Platform5 / Developer5


  • Software stack (Stack5?)
  • Installable locally / on remote server
  • Stack5 is what’s running on Cloud5
  • Atlas5 is what controls the installation/monitoring




  • Don’t charge long-term
  • But do get people to invest for minimum period of time
  • Need to buy Rocket5
  • Could be locked for 6/12 months
  • Could be unlocked gradually, 20% or 25% / year (so 100% unlocked after 4/5 years, including the profit)
  • Can sell again (for a profit) after the time has elapsed
  • Still have lower rates than AWS / GCP


  • Redis5, Couchbases, Dgraphs, MinIO5, Mongo5, Postgres5, Cassandra5, …
  • Anything that people would want to use
  • Dedicated servers / VPS servers
  • Developer5 / Simpl5 to bind them all together

Setup interface:

  • Have awesome interface for each bit of software
  • Duplicate / gain inspiration from interfaces of other people (e.g. Dgraph Cloud, Mongo Atlas)

Long-term plan:

  • Take down the need for AWS and GCP by providing the same services, but essentially for free (as a Rocket5 investment)
  • Increases liquidity in the Rocket5 market + gets people used to it
  • Eventually we could end up hosting big chunks of the web, and all those people would be buying Rocket5



  • Installation of software on any server in the world
  • Uses Shell5 on the server-side
  • Can create arbitrary clusters of servers, and work out all the configurations

Hosting integrations:

Software integrations:

  • Each of the Cloud5 services

Free version:

  • Only works with own servers using SSH?
  • Or we just offer the whole thing for free

Multiple projects:

  • Each project can have different servers / clusters

Config files:

  • Include all the relevant information to be able to set up an kind of cluster

User-based interfaces:

  • Can create interface for multiple users
  • Signup possible
  • Can set up a user-based system
  • Users will be able to set up their own clusters / projects
  • Create teams, with different permissions


  • Check that there’s backend storage, and if not, install it
  • Create user


JWT5 / WebToken5

Authorization system:

  • Maybe uses JWT
  • Provide authorization tokens
  • Can be used elsewhere in requests
  • Check how secure they really are

Better with tokens:

  • Create user token that can store in a cookie
  • Get the JWT token from our servers
  • We can store the relevant info in cache

Base5 +

Bigbase5 +

Compute5 +



IC5 / Block5 / IBlock5


  • Block5
  • Blocknet5
  • Blockchain5
  • Chain5
  • Cloud5
  • Compute5
  • Computer5
  • DeCloud5
  • DeOS5
  • Destiny5
  • DeWeb5
  • Electrum5
  • Engine5
  • Genesis5
  • Grid5
  • Infinity5
  • Internet5
  • InternetComputer5 / IC5
  • Ledger5
  • Matrix5
  • Mainframe5
  • Mesh5
  • Network5
  • Omega5
  • OpenCloud5
  • Platform5
  • Quantum5
  • Smart5
  • SmartGrid5
  • Unimatrix5
  • Unity5
  • Virtual5


  • Grid: a number of computers linked together via the internet so that their combined power may be harnessed to work on difficult problems.
  • Google


Internet Computer comparison


Veto power:

  • Veto power for Vision5? (try to use as little as possible)
  • Since the platform is intrinsically linked to our organization, it’s important for us to have overall control where necessary
  • Selective veto (e.g. we can prevent censorship, but not censor)
  • Control over Model5 (just a canister?)
  • Data center over-ride for bad actors / influencers
  • Canisters that incur no cost
  • Overhaul the NNS?

Possible differences:

  • Purely trading canisters incur no cycle cost (voted on by NNS)
  • Projects that community deem should incur no cost do (any kind), possibly with limits (e.g. data storage, per person storage, …)
  • Costs are primarily for storing data?
  • Veto powers
  • Rocket5 canister


  • Like Dfinity, we could payout $1/trillion cycles
  • Obtain cycles by purchasing Rocket5
  • Rocket5 ordinarily doesn’t reward with cycles
  • Time-released Rocket5 purchased on Market5 does
  • Time-released over 90 days?
  • Could put it to a vote as part of governance, with boundaries (min 30 days, max 2 years)
  • Quarterly votes on whether to increase / decrease it


  • Might want to use this, or potentially just USD
  • For cycles

Free for Vision5:

  • Either provide ourselves with huge amounts of cycles
  • Or just say that our projects don’t need payment in cycles
  • Some projects might need payment by user in cycles (e.g. DeOS5)
  • See free trials/usage

Free trials / usage:

  • Everyone could have free usage up to a point
  • Over that limit, users would need to pay in cycles
  • DeOS5 good example

Free to use:

  • From Dfinity
  • Strip out the tokens code / change it
  • No fee for running program
  • No payment for operating servers
  • Philanthropic foundations / trusts run their own servers
  • Different governance system (maybe users, maybe hosts)
  • Long-term aim for Vision5 to have no more than 30% of the servers

Dfinity complaints:

Compare with software:

  • MySQL and MariaDB

ICP rewards:


IC / IC5 distinctions

Economic models:

  • IC - free-market
  • IC5 - guided-market + free-market

Config files:

  • IC - JSON (dfx.json)


  • Don’t use NodeJS
  • Use Resty5
  • Need to get Resty5 processing JS files


  • Wrap over things like lists / arrays (somewhat clumsy syntax)
  • Create helper functions to make shorter e.g. here
  • Address simplicity non goals here
  • Any new IC language would probably be best converted to Motoko
  • Follow style guide


  • Work like ICP
  • Purchase cycles
  • Helps to lower the total numbers

Projects to develop

Core services (free):

  • Image-generation
  • Search?
  • Biometrics


  • Store BM’s on IC5 (encrypted)
  • Use the biometric data to encrypt other data on IC5
  • Have a canister to do ID checks
  • Can confirm/deny identity
  • Can only decrypt data if it’s the correct person


  • Could deploy locally
  • Create local tools as part of Stack5
  • Could potentially run a test network on a VPS also


My thinking is that in the coming decades, we can evolved from standard servers to quantum servers, and eventually the Quantum5 global grid could become like a global super quantum computer comprised of millions of quantum nodes.



  • Blockchain5
  • Bridge5
  • Chainer5
  • CoinBridge5
  • Freechain5


  • From other blockchains
  • Convert tokens to Quantum5 tokens
  • Trade for free on Quantum5
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, …
  • ETH > ETH5, BTC > BTC5 …
  • Ethereum5, Bitcoin5, Binance5 …
  • Will want to register trademarks
  • Ethereum on Quantum5 = Ethereum5



  • Like Fleek
  • Make it free?
  • Make it a part of Edge5



Edge types:

  • Private Edge nodes
  • Part of our CDN


One5 !+

  • Unified database
  • ID system (id5?)



  • Resty5
  • Eventually we’ll be able to host PHP, Python, Perl … from Resty5
  • Then LiteResty5

Unimatrix5 ?

Meta5 + / Code5 / Core5


Bind together:

  • Core5 binds all the elements of Platform5 together
  • Interface between all software, platforms and client-side code
  • Generates the necessary code for Web5 sites to run on whatever platforms they need to
  • Powerful enough to set up any kind of site and generate all the necessary code to make it happen in a secure way


  • Code5
  • Core5
  • Platform5
  • Meta5
  • System5 (confused with System V)
  • Optimus5
  • Optimize5
  • One5
  • Helix5


All of Tech5:

  • Spread across Web5, OS5, Device5, …

Paradigm layers


  • Visual5 tools


  • Top layer
  • Goes over every platform and technology (in theory)
  • Primary way to design transferable websites/apps


  • Middle layer
  • Try to generalize imperatives as much as possible
  • Meta-programming here?


  • Platform / technology-specific
  • Might be implemented in different ways on different platforms



  • Write as much as possible using declarative language
  • Can implement in an optimized fashion underneath
  • Allows for multiple different implementations potentially




  • All the coding uses JSON
  • [Syntax / Meta-programming] > [JSON] > [Lua]
  • Also, all re-structuring done in JSON
  • Build up like did before, backwards

MetaObject5 ++

Meta-object-oriented programming platform


  • Meta-obbject IDs
  • Everything in MetaWeb5 starts here


  • Images
  • Videos
  • Data
  • Storage / backup info


  • Every object has a type
  • Data structure is free
  • Eventually that object can then be mapped to a database

MetaSemantic5 ++

Semantic explanation of objects:


Semantics of semantics:



MetaSyntax5 ++

Data formating:

  • Always JSON / object
  • The formatting / syntax thereafter is controlled / flexible
  • Can be used to optimize data later on


  • Different syntaxes for code I/O

MetaCode5 ++

3D coding:

  • The 3D coding paradigm
  • JSON
  • Can insert optional code based on external variables or settings
  • Puts code on a par with

Different types:

  • Declarative
  • Functional
  • Object-oriented


  • Mix different paradigms
  • Can probably be implemented in Lua

Declarative first:

  • Top level is always saying what you want to do
  • Implementation comes underneath


  • Code to generate the code that is used
  • Generates Lua code
  • Like a compiler for the whole of Web5
  • Could just output code statically
  • Could create code dynamically, for optimization / testing purposes

Code-printing protection:

  • At the bottom there is the code-printing layer
  • Code can only be printed using the bottom layer
  • Limit what can be printed to safe code

Code optimization:

  • Testing code has extra code in for testing loops
  • Optimized code doesn’t have that
  • Still need to be able to track back to the code origin, though
  • Based on the JSON, not the text

Data structures:

  • Can limit the types (or even structures) of data
  • Don’t have to

MetaElement5 ++


  • Fundamental building blocks of everything in Web5
  • Not just HTML elements, though they could be considered as such
  • Elements can have other elements inside of them
  • Elements can have both client-side and server-side components to them

Projects built with elements:

  • All code is implemented using


  • Larger components built from smaller ones
  • Each part can be customized etc
  • Meta-customization can be created at every level
  • Thus meta-components can be created first, then components
  • e.g. a feed


  • Components

Admin control:

  • Components (which themselves are components)


  • Explain what the component should do

Like factory of parts:

  • Lots of components of code
  • Need to work together
  • Inter-dependency
  • Like libraries / functions within libs

Implementation mapping here:

  • At the component level, in general, the implementation is mapped to code

Tight control here:

  • Added in this layer to help prevent bugs
  • End-users / programmers don’t end up doing much direct coding per se
  • Aim is to provide a huge number of tested components that will work together - or be made to work together
  • That way there will be fewer overall bugs
  • Can still allow for customization, and control of how much customization


  • Set semantic types for data

Components from components:

  • Can stack them up
  • Pass variables down the stack

Building blogs for all projects:


Every variable has semantic components:

  • Enforce the semantics of variables on each component
  • Don’t

Building semantics into code:

  • It’s the passing of semantic data here that will create ‘intelligent’ code

MetaVariable5 ++

Track semantics:

  • Track semantics of every variable in Web5 code
  • Vital if we are to be able to have Safe AI
  • Data types
  • In general will track types
  • When implemented, then will track specifics

Auto-generation of code:

Format restrictions:

  • Would also be linked to the types

Semantic info on variables:

  • Identify


  • Set permissions on who can view / edit variables
  • Potentially some variables could be viewed for the whole network, while others

Main starting point:

  • Consider that the most important components of code are variables / data
  • How that data is manipulated is up to the code
  • Variables have scopes that go from global (over the whole of Web5), down to just within a block of code)

More powerful than code variables:

  • Code variables are just within code
  • Here also have network variables, site variables …

Conditional types:

  • In some circumstances, a variable might have one type, and in others, a different type
  • Almost like a pre-parser determines the variable type / format


MetaBase5 ++

Building databases:

  • NoSQL
  • SQL
  • Big data
  • P2P
  • Blockchain

Data format:

  • In and out of any database
  • In theory, could transfer from one to another and create equivalent processing

MetaAPI5 ++

API separate to data:

  • The data can be stored in any format
  • The API links to the data
  • APIs can have more, the same, or less flexibility than the core data

MetaDataWizard5 ++


Creating own customized data I/O


MetaLib5 ++


  • Collections of components that work together
  • Can be a mix of server / client components

Libs using libs:

  • Nothing stopping libs using libs
  • Can either re-create the lib afresh, or use a global lib


  • Groups of components put together
  • Used to create templates, or customized templates / groupings

Equivalent groupings:

  • Multiple options for a specific scenario

Libs containing widgets:

  • Libs can be any kinds of packages of code
  • Can contain widgets
  • Can contain graph elements
  • Could just be code like JS

MetaWidget5 ++

MetaPlugin5 ++

Plugins are specific to a template?


MetaTemplate5 ++

MetaTheme5 ++

MetaPage5 ++


  • Generated from these
  • Lots of customization possible
  • Grouped theme colours etc


MetaSite5 ++

MetaURL5 ++

  • MetaURL5

MetaAdmin5 ++

Generates control panels

MetaTask5 ++


MetaApp5 ++

Re-build MetaWeb using this:

  • Eventually, the whole of the MetaWeb5 tools will be re-built using MetaApp5
  • Intelligent communication between apps
  • Forge5

MetaSuite5 ++

MetaBrowser5 ++

MetaOS5 ++

MetaLedger5 ++

Customized blockchain creator:

  • Much later


MetaProcess5 +

Conventional software


MetaMarkup5 +


Generic extensions to text


MetaReact5 ++

MetaFeed5 ++

MetaFlag5 ++

MetaFilter5 ++

MetaRate5 ++

MetaTag5 ++


MetaShare5 ++

MetaGraph5 ++

Generalization of Facebook Graph:

  • Graph5
  • Build a Graph5 interface
  • Can work on any object / type
  • Objects are expressed in terms of elements

Customization of interconnections:

  • Reactions (FB 6, FB6+, generic)

Artificial Intelligence

MetaFact5 ++

  • Brainiac5
  • Know5?

MetaLingua5 ++



MetaSearch5 ++

MetaAsk5 ++

MetaCompute5 ++

MetaGuru5 !+


MetaShield5 ++

  • AI protection (Chappie5)
  • Fraud protect
  • Data protect
  • Encryption

MetaBrain5 ++

Neural networks

Connecting AI

Generic AI creator



  • Designing your own school


MetaChat5 ++

  • Chat5
  • Conference5
  • Jive5?

MetaStream5 ++

  • Stream5
  • Cloud5

MetaPay5 ++

  • Pay5
  • Wallet5
  • Micropay5

MetaShop5 ++

MetaSocial5 ++

MetaGame5 ++

  • GameZone5

Gaming platforms:

MetaReality5 ++


MetaNode5 ++


  • Points on the network
  • Could be a server
  • Could be an app on a client
  • Each node has a resource allocation etc

MetaServer5 ++

  • Set up servers
  • Like Simpl system in the past

MetaCluster5 +

Server clusters

MetaPeer5 ++

MetaNet5 ++

MetaWeb5 ++


Library functions:

  • The packages of code that are part of Code5
  • These are used for building websites, apps, …
  • Other code projects exist also (Shell5, Resty5 …)

Different components:

  • Lib5-Lua
  • Lib5-JS



Forge5 ++

  • Collaborative forum for building Web5 collectively

Simpl5 ++ / Go5

  • Developer-level tools
  • Design Simpl5 in Forge5




  • Any point in the hierarchy can automatically have mail
  • Permissions on who can send you mail etc (groups)
  • Filters, depending on where it’s come from

Mail5 ++

Chat5 ++

Economy5 ++

Market5 ++

Rocket ++


Model5 ++

Exchange5 ++

Pay5 ++

Humanity5 ++ !


ZeroPoverty5 ++

Microfinance5 !!

Grassroot5 ++

Universal5 ++

Homeless5 ++

  • Talk about stability
  • Thinking about investors first
  • Set up

Hi5 ++

Giveaway5 ++

Investor5 ++


  • Slideshow info

Tech5 ++

  • Internet5
  • Web5
  • Developer5
  • Meta5

Economy5 ++

Rocket5 ++

Concept5 ++

  • Everything on V2/3
  • Tech5
  • Economy5
  • Humanity5 (end goal)

1) Build an awesome new technological platform (Tech5), which includes an upgrade to the Internet (Internet5) and the Worldwide Web5 (Web5)
2) On top of Tech5, create a paradigm-shifting digital economy (Economy5) based around a digital currency that only goes up in value (Rocket5)
3) When both Tech5 and Economy5 are mature and successful, use them for philanthropy and social-development (Humanity5)

Table - Tech5, Economy5 + Humanity5

Plan5 ++

Timeline5 ++

Opportunity5 ++

Risk5 ++

Contact5 ++


  • Model5
  • Concept5




  • Web5
  • One5
  • Unity5
  • Tech5



  • The P2P network side of things
  • Aim to create an uncensorable, P2P alternative to the WWW
  • Backward compatible with WWW
  • Fetches objects (stored in the cloud)
  • Proxies all around the world
  • A platform for developing and integrating web-based projects in a way that will be more powerful and flexible than existing tools

Everything declarative:

  • JSON
  • Structured so can be copied / pasted anywhere
  • Should always work, regardless of the implementation
  • Object actions also declarative (implemented in JS, but optimized)



  • Highlight the various features that are used
  • Colour-coded?


Theme variables:

  • Theme variables
  • Keep the theme variables for all templates
  • Add in spare variables
  • H1_FONT_2, H2_FONT_3


  • Apply generic rules to every template
  • Templates can import other templates
  • End templates can override any other templates
  • Developer can allow for templates to be automatically
  • Different types of templates (color, layout, font)


  • Separate colors from CSS
  • Color scheme generator
  • Color5?
  • Apply generic labels to the colors (as variable names)
  • Have color templates as a subset of the templates


  • COLOR1, COLOR2 …



One-stop shop:

  • Everything combined as one
  • Starting point for all the Vision5 services
  • Just T5 or include E5, H5, P5 and A5?
  • Maybe call this concept Unity5?


Multiple accounts with virtual identities:

  • Create as many virtual identities as you need
  • Should be more than enough for most people
  • Means you can organize everything in one place
  • Each virtual account can import from different sources
  • One5

Business and personal:

  • Can link


Login managers

  • Decentralized login/account managers
  • Can register with Vision5, or not
  • Can input the URL, so avoid anyone knowing about your account in any way



100K or 1M blocks at a time:

  • Per-project
  • Stored at uint64’s
  • Will know which project pertains to
  • Not necessarily what the data is
  • Shorthand [block]-[number]
  • Projects that require many more just apply for another block of 1M at a time




64-bit, 1024 nodes:


  • [42] Epoch timestamp in milliseconds precision - 42 bits. The maximum timestamp that can be represented using 42 bits is 242 - 1, or 4398046511103, which comes out to be Wednesday, May 15, 2109 7:35:11.103 AM. That gives us 139 years with respect to a custom epoch.

  • [10] Node ID - 10 bits. This gives us 1024 nodes/machines.
  • [12] Local counter per machine - 12 bits. The counter’s max value would be 4095.
  • 1000ms x 1024 machines x 4095 rotation = 4B/s

Twitter Snowflake:

  • [1] Reserved
  • [41] Epoch timestamp in millisecond precision - 41 bits (gives us 69 years with a custom epoch)
  • [10] Configured machine id - 10 bits (gives us up to 1024 machines)
  • [12] Sequence number - 12 bits (A local counter per machine that rolls over every 4096)


Generic system:

  • [41] Timestamp (milliseconds) - 1555555555000
  • [1] Reserved (69/139 years)
  • [22] Variable (4194304)

Variable suggestion v1:

  • [10] Machine ID (1024)
  • [12] Sequence number (4096)

Variable suggestion v2:

  • [14] Machine ID (16384)
  • [8] Sequence number (256)

Variable suggestion v3:

  • Batches
  • Re-distribute in a different way


  • More robust number of machines
  • Can distribute them around the world much more easily
  • Each machine is not going to handle
  • Could have 4B new IDs per second (likely to be enough for a very long time)
  • The variable component can change with time, and still not be a problem, because the millisecond component won’t be the same



  • [41] Millisecond timestamp - 1555555555000
  • [3] Reserved
  • [20] Variable


  • 1 billion per second is probably enough!
  • Allows for 1024 machines and 1024 per millisecond on each
  • Up to 557 years if the reserved are used for time



  • [3] Reserved
  • [41] Millisecond timestamp - 1555555555000
  • [20] Variable

Future - blocks:

  • If we start to need more than we can provide, then get blocks of say a million
  • Then dish out the IDs when they’re needed
  • Timestamp helps for ordering, though


  • 350m images / day
  • 4050 / second
  • 250k larger capacity than FB images
  • Many, many more IDs needed than this (comments)


  • Keep this for the first billion IDs
  • These will be properties of objects
  • Property IDs can be used without the prefixed 0’s
  • Keep most common ID’s with low numbers




  • Bad idea?
  • They may revoke access
  • Direct competitor


  • Personal accounts

ID recognition:

Facial recognition:

  • Send image with phone


Business accounts:

  • Select the business type when you sign up
  • The type of the business will affect what services / features you have
  • Can upgrade / downgrade the type at any time

Different types:

  • Small business (including self-employed)
  • SME’s
  • Large corporation (national or global)

Organization accounts:

  • NGO’s
  • Community organizations


Pseudonymous accounts:

  • Can’t send/receive money
  • Other features of My5

Stack5 / Platform5


  • Platform5
  • Stack5


  • Collection of software to run Web5 sites
  • Resty5, Couchbase, Minio, Redis? …
  • Interface panel to control it all
  • Multi-data center
  • Can scale to any size, including potentially up to Google


  • Cloud5 will run Platform5
  • Any business can run Platform5


  • Put in Web5, but separate to Cloud5
  • Focus on the software side of things, rather than the paid services



  • All sites that connect to the Web5 platforms
  • Could run Stack5, but don’t have to
  • Need to use the same One5 ID system
  • Distributed
  • Only the ID system is centralized (though even much of that can be delegated)
  • Interconnecting, using standard APIs
  • Common API platform
  • Can plug into the Web5 browser plugins / advanced features of Web5 browsers
  • All AI systems plugged into Web5 can be decentralized, but must use One5 / Semantic5 as the interface


In-browser component:

  • P2P sharing
  • Not necessarily anything on servers
  • Inter-client communication
  • If stored on the cloud, then flexible integration
  • Not necessarily on Vision5’s servers
  • APIs


  • Generalize access to other sites
  • Can be updated automatically without the developer needing to take action
  • Could potentially inform them of updates



  • Scheme / transport is hidden underneath
  • The interface can be user-adapted
  • Think of URL’s like Windows, with C:/, and URL5’s like POSIX paths, where the underlying filesystem and disk partitions are hidden
  • The prefix is for the natural language
  • Could be servers, blockchains, DAG’s or even local hard drive underneath
  • Everything is encrypted


  • Logical address for an application / site
  • Just a 64-bit ID
  • Could be hosted on multiple servers / blockchains
  • Could have multiple apps on the same server


  • Multi-lingual DNS on top of Blocknet5
  • Domains are for sale
  • For now just consider www/[…]
  • www/[topic]/[name]
  • www / www5 / web5 / w5 / ww5 / w5w

Check requirements:

For .ngo/.ong:

The following names are reserved from registration:

  • All two-letter second-level names;
  • Names of an inappropriate nature, e.g., adult-related terminology, as defined by PIR;
  • Names required by ICANN to be reserved;
  • Certain generic names defined by PIR that represent the NGO Community in a general manner.
  • Names that PIR uses to support the registry, including:
  • Names to support registry operations, e.g.,;
  • Names to support PIR’s NGO Community Advisory Council.
  • Names reserved by PIR, in its discretion.
  • In the event a registrant attempts to register a reserved name, the registrant will receive a notice informing it that the domain name it is attempting to register has been reserved.


  • Also multi-lingual


  • Translate URLs into different languages
  • Define semantically to start with


  • Works over HTTP
  • JSON, YAML, XML, Plain text
  • uses http caching


Mapping over existing DNS:

  • Use domains
  • hides the transfer protocol
  • just uses an address
  • default is https
  • the protocol is included in the DNS5 info




Add this to server platform:

Cert5 / SSL5




  • By words
  • Actions by pattern
  • User moderation
  • Copy all these


  • Add in templates (so others can create templates that can be applied
  • Created for all languages


  • Add in regexes as well as static words?


Sum of all protocols:

  • In existing internet, then could be considered the sum of the different types of networks that can be referenced using a URL / URI, and that can be accessed from a browser
  • There are many types of networks that don’t fall into this category, and will be more generic

Better name than Interblocknet:

  • Interblocknet is a bit clumsy to say
  • Network5 cleaner




  • Look at the WASM in EOS
  • Create a new merge of these two

Distributed ledger Technology evolution:

1 - Money (Bitcoin)
2 - File system
3 - Smart contracts (Ethereum)
4 - Markets
5 - Inter-ledger communication and addressing


= Internet4 + Interblocknet


  • IBTP - Interblock Transport Protocol
  • owned
  • owned
  • Interblock5
  • Interconnect5
  • IBNTP5
  • ibntp://ethereum/[id]
  • ibntp://https/[domain]:[port]/…
  • IBNTP over HTTPS
  • /
  • Include ‘trust’ protocols
  • Suggest that do BC1 <> INB <> BC2


  • Client library (C)


  • Global grid to facilitate inter block-chain communication
  • Initially just a bunch of servers
  • Eventually will run the whole thing off a blockchain itself
  • Could potentially just be one of many blockchains that work as inter-blockchain communication systems
  • Internet, blockchains, DAG’s, others
  • Mapping system over all blockchains
  • Also HTTP, FTP …
  • AKA Interblocknet
  • Piggyback over any interblocknet / inter-blockchain protocols
  • Each subsection a blocknet
  • WWWnet5 only one to start with
  • HTTPnet5 - just a mapping over HTTP
  • AInet5 when adding in AI …
  • Allow’s for inter-connection between dapps on different blockchains
  • Will have servers that do the 2-way communication
  • Runs over HTTPS
  • Standardizes using HTTP methods
  • Interblocknet will include any number of systems that implement the Interblocknet protocols (to be developed)
  • Blocknet5 will just be one of them

Infinet5 / Compunet5

  • Dfinity
  • Free
  • Integrate with Lua
  • Look at WASM on EOS


Network setup:

  • Network largely P2P
  • Need seed servers (guest, anyone, not us)
  • Uploads are sent to a seed server first
  • Don’t know where it is on the network
  • Could be sent to multiple servers
  • Once it’s been seeded, then shared to clients
  • Preferably clients with good connections
  • University campuses are a good start
  • Get to intelligently share locally

Eliminate liability:

  • One goal is to eliminate our responsibility as an organization
  • EU article 13 would make the platform provider liable
  • But if there is no platform provider …
  • Anyone will be able to build their own sites and not have any liability

User decides:

  • All content has flags
  • The user can then decide what they want to see
  • By default they can choose to have what their government says that cannot see
  • Allow governments to define this :-)
  • But the citizens don’t have to follow it

Build it quickly:

  • Want to build this quickly
  • Get it into the browser ASAP


  • WebRPC
  • WebTorrent
  • gRPC


Anonymous network:

  • Upgrade from existing best
  • Improve to making it truly anonymous and untraceable
  • Highly customizable, so that users can add the features that they want

Software integration:

  • Integrated into each node on the blockchain
  • Also integrated into browsers (but only on if speedy connection - can test)
  • Anonet5 is reciprocal - so if you use it, you also proxy (if connection is OK)
  • Can turn off doing for others, though
  • Other software that can run on home computers / servers
  • Having tens or hundreds of millions of addresses will help with anonymity

Server addresses:

  • People accessing a particular server on the blockchain could access for any reason
  • Not necessarily for proxying reasons

Onion routing:


  • Timing analysis
  • Traffic patterns (source / end)
  • Delivery vs source
  • Exit node vulnerability

Garlic routing:

  • Combines many into one
  • Much more difficult to trace
  • Can still be done, though

Optimal anonymity:

  • New kind of protocol
  • Package messages together
  • Send them via different routes
  • Add junk data to hide (at origin, and in-travel)
  • Modify the delivery patterns / speeds (midway) - integrate them into the commands to be executed on each server in the network)
  • Split up data into different chunks, and send via different routes


  • Proxynet5
  • Freenet5
  • Opennet5
  • Proxying network to bypass restrictions / censorship


Uses simplified syntax:

Quick API definition:

  • Can be set up fairly quickly
  • Very generic config, including contacting servers, fallbacks etc
  • Packet info is defined (could be JSON, binary …)
  • Default ports etc
  • In-browser interface can be automated too (e.g. SSH)

Needs to be accepted by community:

  • No need to go to a large organization to accept it
  • But needs to be accepted by online community
  • Trusted professional programmers can accept / argue against incorporation
  • Decision-making process is stored on a blockchain
  • Once its been accepted, cannot be removed - only upgraded

Names need to be approved:

  • Since protocols won’t change name, there needs to be acceptance of the name before start
  • Anything ending in ‘tp’ is


  • All standardized URI’s like http://, magnet:// will operate in the same way

Forwards compatability:

  • Will recommend that anyone creating a new protocol outside of Network5 should consider choosing one that doesn’t already exist in Network5

Mapping over other protocols:

  • Many interactions might have HTTP interface
  • Can map settings over HTTP


  • bitcoin:/address



Add Dfinity integration to Web5


Add EOS integration to Web5:


Globalus Global Grid:

  • Will rename to Grid5 later on




  • Tools to build cross-blocknet dapps / websites

Open-website platform **


Website Projects



Super-powered search engine that tries to answer any question you have, regardless of the complexity

  • Customized search for each business
  • e.g. ‘Can I do X?’
  • Uses the same semantic platform as everything else
  • Can customize to any business
  • Built as a customizable interface to Omniscient5



“All is good”

Revenue Sources

  • Commissions


Backpack To Impress


Revenue Sources

  • Subscriptions


Feed Center


  • Customized feeds
  • Can put together however you like


Revenue sources

  • Advertising
  • Not viewing ads


Global Upgrade


  • Place for people to discuss ways on improving their community, region, country or society in general
  • Can use as the basis for working out where to help with philanthropy and development



Humanity Upgrade (HuG)




International Social Development Group








  • Multiple social networks rolled into one
  • each network can have its own profile etc, so you don’t have to have the same one for each
  • can have social, business, governmental, community etc
  • A different profile (including contact info) on each if you want (so can have a silly name on one, but your real name on business ones)
  • Professional ones can be by sector, and we fully plan to implement different ones for different sectors
  • In the config can select which ones you’re a memmber of, and could potentially remain hidden on each one, but not have to go through process of signup to each each time
  • Users can create their own network, perhaps on a topic, and each one can have a unique name
  • Country / regional / locally-based ones will be automatically created when we have the location information (linked to the cryptocurrencies too)
  • Each of the location ones will have a path, like and users for each location can ide
  • The networks will not have user-created networks, at least initially
  • Creating custom ones will only be added once we’ve created all of the m
  • Different types will have their own path, e.g.
    /music/groups/uk/oasis - and control of the content can be handed over to the group
  • If groups are primarily regional, then they can be


Revenue Sources

  • Free for no ads
  • People are paid to view ads
  • Advertising
  • Not viewing ads


Tech With Benefits


  • Showcase technology that helps society
  • Organized by categories and countries
  • e.g. Water / Lighting solutions



Unity Through The Looking Glass (Uttling)





Google Analytics



  • Browsers with patched sources to include all features of Internet5
  • As more features are added to Platform5, more features can be added to the browsers
  • Hypertext5 added after IBNTP and URL5

Different presentation engines:

  • Google
  • Firefox

Customizable interface:

  • Can move components around anywhere
  • Can include / exclude any components

Basis for app creator:

  • Eventually all apps will have the same interface-changing possibilities
  • Generated from Meta5
  • Beginnings of UX5

Click to edit:

  • Right-click on any part of the code
  • Can take to the development studio to edit
  • Only works on Web5sites

Phases of development:

1) Internet5 / Web5 plugins for browsers
2) Our own browser (based on Firefox) - wrapper, desk, tablet + mobile (DTM)
3) Browser - re-written in modular way (DTM)
4) Browser - dynamically changeable (3 at same time?) (DTM)
5) Operating environment (DTM)
6) OE + lots of apps (DTM)
7) OS (DTM)

Network integration:

  • Proxynet5 (Great Firewall of China)
  • Tor
  • Cusomized requests (choose different ones depending on the URL)


Multi-lingual images:

  • Simpl Images / Simpl Pix
  • Embed source image ID into the image
  • Add text to it
  • Use tools
  • Create multiple images
  • Allow others to build images with other languages


  • Quality content (sites) etc are voted up/down by the quality of their content / popularity
  • Producers of quality content are rewarded Rocket5 tokens
  • Aim to make it more profitable to use Web5 than Web4
  • Make it easy
  • For each 10 lines of code, get 1 Rocket5 token (normal sites)
  • For each line of code, get 1 Rocket5 token (core platform code)
  • Images get rewarded well too, with higher quality images receiving more rewards
  • Want to give a huge incentive for the best developers in the world to be a part of this
  • Users paid
  • Site-owners paid
  • Businesses that used Web5 are paid
  • Popular / high-quality, rewarded higher


  • Because Economy is bringing in all the money we need, we can eliminate the need for ads
  • Create a Web where by default, there are no ads
  • Anyone who wants to earn money, can turn on ads on the network, and they are paid
  • Ad revenues are shared by all the people that choose to view the ads
  • From an advertiser’s point of view, we aim to create something that is more cost-effective, and better targeted than current systems, that will guide people on the network to great products and services with little wastage on advertising costs
  • From a user’s point of view, we want to create an experience that suits their needs and doesn’t clutter up their experience

User controls:

  • Off, on, partially on
  • Select by topics only
  • Determine based on AI
  • Periodically ask about list of topics (approve all / some / none)
  • Limit to 1/10, 1/20, 1/50, 1/100 posts
  • Turn on to help support certain users (e.g. favourite citizen journalist)

Don’t pay people:

  • Skews the advertising
  • In general, people will turn off
  • Only turn on if specifically want to see products within a certain category
  • Should give much better ROI for investors

Federated Learning of Cohorts:




End-to-end encryption:

  • Make it standard
  • Tutanota (much better than Protonmail)
  • Better than Tutanota


  • Special entry in DNS file
  • Separate protocol

Mail5 server:

  • Offer for free

Mail5 addresses:

  • marcus@com/google
  • marcus@vision/5
  • john@music/tree

Encryption keys:

  • Can be stored on our servers
  • If stored on our servers, then they’re first encrypted on the client
  • Need biometric / password + 2FA to decrypt
  • Need to make sure that the person can retrieve emails if lose password


  • Can use a scanner to access
  • Could use this for encryption / decryption of mail encryption key


  • Will just be part of your One5


  • Up to 10GB initially
  • Up to 55GB middle

Custom domains:

  • Make free for custom domains too

Configurations import:

  • Gmail in particular
  • All the other big ones too
  • Everything that’s possible
  • Blocked emails
  • Configuration rules

Static-images load:

  • Only Web5 URLs that aren’t tracked
  • If we know they can’t be tracked, then it’s safe
  • Still give the users the option to not do that

AI in mail:


  • All the server-side stuff and frameworks that can be used
  • Not the tools (those are in Simpl5)
  • Can be used externally by non-Forge5
  • State-of-the-art distributed platform for hosting apps
  • Will actually combined the benefits of multiple blockchains / distributed ledgers / server clusters
  • Will be able to evolve in a seamless way as technology develops

Graph5 Nodes



  • Sort content by category
  • Choose to view content from certain categories only, mixed, non-hate …
  • Do not rule out any categories, and only block content that is universally morally wrong (e.g. child porn)
  • Use the tagging system to help identify factually incorrect statements (can do common links)
  • Have links to researched facts, with sources
  • Make open, so people with political opinions can collectively help in the process of fact presentation, but only the true facts will actually get through
  • Users can choose not to see pictures of pets / hear about posts on particular topics


  • According to …
  • Linked in with tag5
  • Help reduce ‘fake news’ objectively, but not be draconian in terms of censorship, or restrict free speech



  • Bookmarks
  • YT vids
  • Instagram photos …
  • All in one
  • Collections on Facebook / Instagram


Rate services / deliveries:

  • Rate businesses / services
  • Including customer service, responsiveness …
  • Honesty
  • Delivery time

Integrated into browser:

  • Integrate the business info into the browser
  • Whether or not the company wanted to be part of it or not



  • Notify someone important (police, MP, friends)



  • share live videos, blogs etc based on topics
  • Allow to define upfront, so people can choose to watch it
  • Can change the tags afterwards



  • Websites
  • Blockwebsites
  • Web apps
  • Blockweb apps


  • Core cloud platform
  • Based off Dfinity
  • May add in Couchbase and OpenResty later
  • Work of loads of different types of services
  • Could include AWS, as well as on top of blockchains



  • Unifying semantic ID system over all of Internet5
  • IDs represent accounts for users, but much more besides
  • Everything is semantic
  • Everything will have a semantic ID
  • Helps with multi-lingualism, NLP, AI and more
  • Includes relationships between concepts
  • Have special IDs like FB_GRAPH:[id]
  • Have shorthand codes for common ones




  • The collective graph
  • Includes all data, public and private

OpenGraph5? / FreeGraph5:

  • The public, open-data component
  • Could just call it Graph5 for short


  • The software based off Dgraph


  • Looks to be the best suited for requirements

Virtualized types:

  • Could virtualize types first
  • Short names
  • e.g. xgfhd
  • Might just make it more complex and less clear
  • T[code] OR t[Code] OR [code]
  • Case-sensitive:
  • Three characters = 62^3 = 238328 possibles
  • Could have core types for less than 3?

Virtualized types 1:

  • _[Code]_
  • Having the extra on the end will make it a bit clearer when considering [Code]Filter, [Code]_Input …
  • Also, it will mean it won’t conflict with any 3-letter types beginning with _
  • e.g.
  • With 3 characters used for the code, it would also make all types be 5 characters long (until we hit 240k types
  • Might conflict with some internals like path, weight
  • Could do _[Code], P[Code]/T[Code], _5[Code], …
  • T_[number] seems clearest
  • T_[project_id]_[type_id]
  • 1-999 = core types
  • 1000-9999 = + extensions
  • 10000+ = user types/predicates
  • Same for predicates

Virtualized fields:

  • _[Code]_
  • Single characters (62), double …
  • OR 3 chars (and part of same unique from above)


  • @cascade won’t work correctly if don’t make them all unique
  • Will need to alter implementation, need to apply on each level
  • Could just apply them at the top for each (shouldn’t be an issue if doesn’t exist)
  • P_[number]
  • P_[project_id]_[pred_id]

Type translations:

  • Have names in different languages for full internationalization


Virtualized enums:

  • E_[code] OR e[Code]

Virtualized fields:

  • a, b, c, …


  • Defined by us
  • Not include user-defined projects to start with
  • Try to work collaboratively rather than separately
  • Could start off as user-defined, but change to centralised later

Prefixed types:

  • ProjectName
  • Projects are unique within the whole DB
  • User[code]ProjectName
  • Project.Type?


  • “Sequel 5”
  • Graph5 SQL
  • See other notes on Dgraph example that created it (from China)


  • Public version
  • Administrators version
  • Some info hidden? (at least make that a possibility)


  • Check how to authenticate user
  • Maybe keep really personal data on a separate server


  • Comment for every schema definition etc
  • Can hide comments in view
  • Link to semantic IDs etc
  • Stored in separate nodes/edges

Data migrations:

Project uniqueness:

  • Project|Name
  • e.g. d4K|marcus_clyne
  • Acts like a unique key over two columns
  • Could have more uniqueness columns if required

DQL syntaxes:

  • Open up the system for mapping of multiple syntaxes to DQL (DQL5?)
  • Would be something that could be set in a setting somewhere, and usable for mapping to DQL

Full text search:


Custom tokenizers:

Permissions on queries:

  • Arbitrary queries start out by one query at at time
  • Queries + processing time are logged
  • Timeout 20s for each
  • If perform lots of queries that time out, then start to become penalised (wait 1 min, 5 mins …)
  • Some types of queries / operations are restricted, but become available when trusted more
  • All indexes need to be verified by multiple admins B4 going into the final version




  • Fix has() so uses indexes / speeds up
  • Add @id to DQL (if not planned)
  • Perform queries / actions on a predicate level when importing using DQL (e.g. checking uniqueness on every myID predicate) (See Dgraph Live Loader)
  • Predicate mutations during migration to another group see here hot tablet moves might need optimizing (see my comments)
  • Cluster upgrade with zero downtime (discussion)

Uniqueness in DQL:

While importing (checks on predicates for unique IDs) =>

Not while importing. But there is a feature in Live loader related to XIDs(Blank nodes, unique identifiers). If you use it, it will create an upsert block based on the identifier in the RDF. This is a bit different but provides uniqueness via live loader.


  • Mixing Dgraph/GraphQL
  • Could create Graph5 schema that maps over both
  • Convert to a JSON setup, so parsing is in-browser


Importing data:

  • Create intermediary types, predicates, nodes
  • Mawk
  • Once have manipulated the data based on existing data, create an export
  • Test the export before importing into final DB
  • Need to create a generic process for updating / ingesting data from a particular source (so can be repeated later on when data is updated / changed)
  • Identify data entries that don’t need (store for next time)

Data analytics:

Financial data:

GraphQL interfaces:

Dev database:

  • Have ‘state’ for each predicate (as a facet)
  • Only copy over the accepted data into the final one


  • Need to be able to log all additions (before they’re processed
  • Store them as separate files in File5


  • Anyone can run stuff on dev
  • To commit to the main DB requires multiple engineers to sign off on it

Query language:

  • Ask5 Query Language (AQL)?
  • Awesome Query Language (AQL)?
  • Awesome Graph Language (Agile)?
  • Awesome, Ask5, Alabelo Query Language (AQL)?
  • Base5 Query Language (BQL)?
  • Brain5 Query Language (BQL)?
  • GraphQL5
  • Graph5 Query Language (GQL / GQL5)
  • Extension to GraphQL
  • Mapped to GraphQL
  • Easier to read than GraphQL

BQL syntax:

  • Turn on/off
  • (var: val) => (var = val)
  • (eq(var,val)) => (var == val)
  • gt,lt,ge,le => (>,<,>=,<=)
  • and,or,not => [same]
  • p1.p2.p3 = p1{p2{p3}}
  • See RFC change - nested filters



Lua libs:

Custom types:

Schema updates:

  • Could implement on each database in an isolated way to start with
  • Create a queue for each update, which normally won’t be blocked since there should only be one person (one namespace per user)
  • Get all the predicate IDs (since each predicate will be separate)
  • Implement all local types as external for the public (open) ones
  • Modify the schema, inserting @dgraph(pred: P_[number]) for all fields (but hide from user)

Graphbase5 / Graphica5

Changes from Dgraph:

  • Strip out all the _ee code and files under the ‘Dgraph Community License’
  • Add back ACL/MT/learners
  • Should be relatively easy
  • Put everything in a ‘graphica’ folder, with the respective sub-folders


  • Download the updated Dgraph code
  • Run an updater to check for changes with any of the _ee files
  • Replace the files with the new ones
  • Run all the tests

Delayed open-sourcing:

  • Wait 6-8 months (maybe two cycles before posting publicly)


  • Can define namespace in the URL
  • Need to set an option in the config (off by default)
  • Allows for handling of authorization elsewhere
  • Need to make sure we add a namespace from the admin section


  • Original method plus:
  • Set by groot
  • Set token in URL/header
  • Can store the token/user info in Graphica5
  • No need to check external
  • Encryption on disk automatically for that predicate


  • Can simply identify by number?
  • Don’t need to create them in order
  • Will allow for massive parallel processing of common namespaces
  • Otherwise will need to match the user to a cluster (which isn’t necessarily a problem)

Lambda servers:





Chat will Rolls

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:45]
Well, I can give you a sort of summary.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:47]
Basically, everything in the whole of Internet5 will be programmed using 64-bit unique ID’s. Using a method similar to Twitter, actually, we can have I think it was up to a billion ID’s per second for about 700 odd years, or 8 billion per second for 69 years, or somewhere in between.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:48]
All database schemas, all concepts, all programming interfaces will be reduced to these IDs, and it will be the ultimate form of communication between processes.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:48]
We’ll have a pluggable AI system, whereby different AI systems can be incorporated into this whole, using the ID system.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:49]
But between different AI systems, we’ll have a protection layer.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:49]
So that two AI systems will have to go through some mechanism that we can use to analyze what they’re doing, and potentially stop them from doing harm.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:50]
To be honest, ultimately, the biggest problem with AI would come from being hooked up to military weapons, and we just won’t do that.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:51]
I’m bringing this up now because while I’d intended on running this just on software before, I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to run this safety layer through some kind of specialized hardware - long term.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:52]
So that if there’s some bug in the meta-programming platform, and the AI system could somehow rewrite the code of the protection layer, then it wouldn’t even work, because it would be on a different system.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:52]
Segmentation or core isolation would be the way to deal with the issue

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:52]
Isolation in some way, really.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:53]
Also, we could build some of this into a blockchain / hashgraph too, potentially.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:53]
Core isolation would still let the AI do what it needs too

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:54]
Because through Blockchain we can authenticate the transactions

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:55]
It’s the metaprogramming side of things that I want to isolate from the decision algorithms.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:56]
What I envisage is having an isolated AI system actually determining the decisions of the safety layer - using inputs from humans.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:56]
With ultimate control given to humans to be able to block everything if necessary - or block parts.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:56]
Anyway, we’re several years away from that.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:57]
But that stuff about AI in the security room made me think about bringing it up.

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:57]
How’s your day gone?

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:57]
Any news about Chase?

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:57]
What have you been up to?

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:57]
So there is actually a SIEM and firewall solution

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:57]
What’s SIEM?

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:58]
I start Monday

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:58]

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:58]

Marcus, [10.12.19 22:58]
That must be a weight off your mind.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 22:58]
Thanks Marcus

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:00]
Just looked up what SIEM was.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:01]
What I suspect ultimately is that we’ll want to build our own dedicated hardware for this, using customized chips specific to our AI system.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:01]
Rapid 7 + Palo Alto Panoram

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:02]
But in the meantime we can use other systems.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:02]
That particular combination is the least expensive and most flexible I have seen…

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:03]
We’re going to be talking about AI systems talking to another super quickly.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:03]
Back and forth like a conversation, making decisions.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:03]
But with a ‘checker’ in between them.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:03]
They can handle it

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:04]

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:04]
I’ve used PA equip a long time, for the AI we can use 10 GB fiber

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:05]
OK, cool.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:06]
So we could have multiple different AI systems fed into this Rapid 7, which then feed out to a separate AI that analyzes what’s happening, and if it OK’s it, passes it through to the next AI system, and if not, then it won’t. Yeah?

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:07]

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:07]
Each individualized AI system would be isolated from each other.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:07]

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:07]
We’d also want it to handle the original AI request, so that we know what was being requested in the first place.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:08]
And since this would all be based on a semantic language, that would be unambiguous.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:08]
Of course, it might be vague like ‘choose the best course of action’, and then we’d have to analyze each decision, but done in the right way, I think this could potentially work.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:09]
I think it would be good to implement this side of things at the Globalus One level, obviously.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:09]
I also think that AI stuff on the blockchain is just going to be too slow.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:09]
All backed up by blockchain

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:10]
We might want to have one global centre for this, or multiple centres.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:10]
Yeah, backed up is fine.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:11]
Hashgraph seems to be a great way to go for distributed ledgers, btw.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:11]
I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of it, but it’s worth looking into the protocol a bit if you haven’t.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:11]
The creator - Leemon Baird - is super smart, high-vibe, and great on videos.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:23]
Oh, I’ve just thought of another idea that I hadn’t thought of before.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:24]
I think we should make statistics and potentially even the raw data available on what our AI systems are actually doing - without compromizing on privacy.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:24]
So that anyone in the world that wants to check up on what we’re doing can do.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:25]
And we’ll store that on a distributed ledger, too.

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:27]
Dude, we get a chappie!!!

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:27]

Rolls Royce, [10.12.19 23:30]
It would be awesome if we could have one in each hub.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:31]
I think what we’ll want to do here is make the Chappie5 code open-source, too.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:31]
So that humanity can build on it, and improve it.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:32]
And we’ll fund different AI groups to try to help improve it too, potentially with different interacting components.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:33]
When we get these physical machines, we should give them a special paint job too, maybe.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:33]
Or at least on the doors of their server room.

Marcus, [10.12.19 23:34]
Man, this is all going to be so cool to set up.

People to bring in

WSG Cyrus A. Parsa:

  • Interview with RedPill 78
  • Worked out that China wanted to control the world through AI/5G
  • Briefed Pence, and called meeting within 24 hours or something like that


  • Coding platform to define your own syntax for any App5 app
  • Can use a standard syntax or even define your own
  • Ideally should be 2-way, at least in part


  • Flexible app
  • Server package
  • Dapp
  • Packaging format
  • Code, includes, images, videos …
  • Generic protocol for inter-blockchain-dapps etc
  • JSON
  • Language-neutral
  • Programming platform on top
  • Can be exported to potentially any server / software / blockchain / dapp setup


  • Libraries that can be re-used anywhere
  • Bugs are fixed in the core file
  • Updates can be automatically added, or the user can be notified
  • Can quickly revert to older versions if it causes problems


  • User accounts to tie everything together on Web5
  • Can be used for any site, whether or not it is built using Simpl5 / is hosted on Cloud5
  • Ties settings together for any website in one place
  • Add option to do facial recognition
  • Added security
  • Can retrieve should you lose your password
  • Also by national ID, like passport
  • Details never provided to anyone else without your express permission

Solar event:

  • Need to think ahead to the solar event, when all other data / passwords might be lost
  • Can also retrieve with documents that prove where you live - but need to go in person?
  • Could just provide a UBI to everyone (can sign up again) that can use for now
  • Then link back to the main account when can sort out the details
  • Prepare everything well in advance - notices to tell people beforehand if the Sun goes dark, tell people to stay calm, be safe, stay away from the oceans (likely to be tsunamis), and help will be on the way afterwards


Development platform **


Database platform **


Graph data platform **


Graph SQL:

Source code optimizations:



Big data platform **



  • Cassandra
  • HDFS
  • MinIO
  • Vertica

Cloud storage platform **


AI platform **

AI5 / Chappie5 / Chappienet5

  • Note : Separate AI from Chappie
  • AI uses this one, and the AI-eye
  • Chappie is for the safe AI

Natural language processing platform **


Knowledge platform **



Collective knowledge of the world, including facts, how the world works, wisdom … - uses WSPL to describe the world - and creating an interface to query all the data

Could think of as a highly extended version of Freebase, on Web5, plus a lot more

Can include both free and proprietary information (paid for)

Can also include information about the world, e.g. that pouring boiling water on human skin scoulds that person

Will develop AI system to read information on the internet, and infer it - and then ask people to confirm

Social networking platform **


  • Community5 - use the old Unity5 logo
  • Not run by just a few select people (as in FB pages), but by the collective will of the community
  • Types of social network
  • e.g. Old schools - same format / features (template), but organized by year …
  • Can set to automatically become a member when say that you like something - e.g. bands
  • But don’t have to receive notifications
  • Hierarchical - e.g. music genres
  • Can have multiple interfaces, with the underlying information the same
  • Interface changed for each user based on their settings
  • Each community can be in any language, and the user can select the language(s) they want to view

Programming platform **


  • Platform5
  • Construct5
  • Script5
  • Flexiscript5
  • Flexi5
  • Flexitype5
  • Flexicode5

  • Any syntax
  • Any natural language
  • Any implementation platform
  • Abstraction layer between coder and the implementation

Cloud computing platform **


Gamezone5 **

  • Game5
  • Gamer5
  • Gamezone5
  • Gamecenter5
  • Gamepoint5
  • share items
  • move from one game to another through programmable doors / passages

Account platform **



Unified account for everything that’s 5-related

Ask platform **



  • 5-it
  • Five-it

Semantic processing platform **


Web5 Semantic Programming Language (WSPL)

Data processing platform **


  • Mawk

Search platform **


Communication platform **

Comm5 / Signal5

  • Jive5
  • Chat5
  • Talk5
  • Signal5

Use Signal:

  • Integrate the Signal code in with it
  • Could potentially communicate with the Signal network or not

Brian Akton:

  • Creator of WhatsApp
  • Left FB and joined Signal in 2017
  • Worth contacting


  • Work with Signal, Telegram, Wire, WhatsApp etc
  • Choose to integrate with all or just some
  • Own platform
  • Users’ own servers
  • Encrypt end-to-end
  • E2E green encryption logo > emphasize that Telegram not encrypted

Data security and privacy platform **


Hosting platform **



Webserver that handles all HTTP requests

  • Based on OpenResty, but extended

Social media

Advertising platform **


Advertising platform for the whole of Web5 and One5

  • Used for Web5, all One5 (Tagmata, Alabelo in particular) and Site5

Social media

Financial model

  • Many sites see ads by default, and might pay to not see them
  • We do it the other way round - it’s free by default, but users who choose to opt in to ads will be paid a cut of the revenue generated by advertising
  • Ads are all reviewed for quality etc, and are presented attractively (can adapt to the page where they’re viewed)
  • Users can select to only see ads in certain sectors / from certain locations (e.g. interested in particular topics)
  • Also customize by time of ad (e.g. small / big)
  • Applied to all web5sites that opt in to the program, and use Web5 to host their site - including on current web
  • Revenues paid to their Vision5 account - used for all they do on Vision5
  • Vision5 accounts can be verified with passports etc, for certain actions
  • Each ad has two links - to the page, and the organization presentation page (which has contact info, physical branches etc)
  • Last especially useful in locations where most people buy most things offline, so should help facilitate calls
  • Can customize the phone number that they give, so companies can monitor the success rate for each add offline as well as online



  • Much higher chance that users will be receptive to the ads
  • Higher return on investment

Users in general

  • Allows anyone that doesn’t want to see any ads to have a clean interface
  • Only see the ads that you want to see

People in poverty

  • If you need the money, then you can earn some income from just using the site
  • Encourage people who do to invest at least some in the crypto’s, so they will multiply the money they earn and will help to lift people out of poverty
  • We will work especially hard to find publishers in developing countries, where
  • Initially the platform will be
  • Based on semantics, not just words
  • Can choose settings like Facebook, but for the whole network
  • Can be integrated into any Web5 site, as well as WWW

API platform **



UX5 **

  • User interface platform
  • skill level
  • structure type (Mac, Windows …)

Hypertext5 **


Wallet5 **

Guru5 **

Payment processing - FraudShield5

  • Universal
  • Every conceivable payment processor
  • If eligible, can use our accounts, otherwise use own settings

Ignore for now

Alert platform **


Unity platform **


Fraud prevention platform **


AI plugin platform **


To sort

An ever-increasing number of artificial intelligence modules that are plugged into the Web5 semantic platform

  • Generalized AI platform
  • Modularized
  • Paid and free
  • Contact universities all around the world to persuade them to provide an interface into their models to allow others to search
  • Need to create a platform to allow the processing to happen on the network (faster)
  • Look at CFD Token

Diagram - AI in > [analyze consequences] > yes/no

  • Create framwork to plug in AI from different sources
  • Use a common interface for in/out
  • WE control the binding framework
  • Make it profitable for businesses to plug into the framework
  • Democracy

Regulation - don’t combine different forms of AI into a completely integrated system without a binding platform that is controlled by humans (and cannot be controlled by the AI system)

Create a common AI Interface based on Semantic5, with versions

Create a reward system to incentivize companies to connect their devices to such systems

Need to localize the decision-making hubs, to reduce network delay and super-high speed network connections to the home everywhere (for robots)

The decision-making engine needs to be democratized


(Lord) Sir John Dalberg-Acton

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Freedom consists of the distribution of power and despotism in its concentration

Musk - collective AI

Human-AI Interface

Social media

Web5 AI Safety Protocol (WAISP)

The importance of the Safe AI Framework

Unimatrix5 **


  • Weighting system for modifications etc
  • The higher your credibility, the more weight you have in the whole ecosystem
  • Have lots of different weightings for different categories, e.g. programming, fact-checking, language skills, design, blockchain tech …
  • Everything in the whole of Web5 is controlled by algorithms that make decisions based on users and their credibility
  • The algorithms can evolve over time
  • Means that power is decentralized, and not overly concentrated with a small group
  • BUT only after sensible policies have been created, and they can be changed after they’ve been tested, and reviewed periodically



Media platform



Virtual5 **

  • Virtual reality platform

Abstraction5 / Implementation5 (Code5)

  • Interoperability with other EOS-based blockchains
  • server extensions module system (makes easy to add into code from other
  • can be used by other groups that want to extend EOS - so they could all add in modules from each other easily and cleanly
  • Client tools also can work on top of any EOS-based system
  • will add in options to detect which OS it’s working on top of
  • A bit like KDE or Gnome for POSIX systems
  • Even if the tools exist, can selet to not use them if you wanted (e.g. if you knew there was a bug, or you didn’t want to allow that option on your blockchain - at least with the top-level tools) - e.g. IPFS???

Supercomputer **

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Users can be paid
  • Decentralized
  • WASM?

Display5 **

Blockchain core platform

  • Dfinity
  • EOS


  • Supercomputer platform for creating dapps
  • Will create in such a way that multiple systems will be able to work in parallel
  • Will be able to migrate from one b/c to another
  • So that the whole grid will be upgradeable





  • Hashgraph


  • The underlying distributed ledger technology that Economy5 runs on
  • Could be a blockchain, DLT, or other tech
  • Should be completely upgradeable
  • So designed from the start to be able to replace the entire network technology when it’s upgraded
  • Designed to run in tandem during an upgrade, to check that any new network doesn’t have any design flaws
  • Any upgrades should be seemless
  • Each version given a codename
  • Develop blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies that are Interblocknet compatible
  • Each tech has a codename
  • Blockchain / ledger upgrade protocols


  • Project to create unikernels more easily and for specialized network servers
  • Also potentially integrated with OS5
  • Speed things up
  • Add security

* Split from developers and users’ views


  • Don’t suppress anything
  • Flag it
  • Let the user decide if they want to see it or not
  • Parents can control what kids see




‘Doc’ Peter will be sharing this incredible private phone that keeps all the Alphabet AGENCIES in a box. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET YOUR FREEDOM AND PRIVACY BACK— E-Mail doc peter for the info on the world wide rollout on this privacy portal for the masses. e-mail me for getting involved with the worldwide rollout.

There are literally dozens of companies that bragged about blockchain related or based smartphones in the last two years. However, few if none of them released a real product with real use cases and good UX/UI combination.

IMpulse K1 Phone is the first blockchain based phone released so far and it’s amazing. It’s based on the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) – which is one of the main features of the IMpulse K1 Phone. It allows full encryption. All data – documents, invoices, text and voice messages – are sent peer-to-peer and end-to-end enciphered, thereby minimizing third-party intervention. As a result, there’s no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions, as the peer-to-peer encryption cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Here are the top 5 things that make this phone so innovative:

All third-party companies are eliminated and replaced with a p2p model as a result of implementation of the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoPB) 
Matrix ID allows the user to create an infinite amount number of blockchain account with every wallet to be assigned to one identity
All your media data, photos, docs can now be encrypted and stored in a p2p way because of the IPFS storage implementation.
Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location protects user whereabouts
Worm Guard technology creates a protection shield around private keys to protect them from theft or loss


Layers / components of ayers of design:

  • Syntax code (user-decided)
  • Widget code (tree/Gingko)
  • Abstract code (sematic, same for all)
  • Implementation / framework code (could test multiple implementations
  • Source code (HTML, CSS, JS)

Code <-> visual:



  • Build services, apps, dapps that will work on any underlying technology


  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Themes
  • Internationalization

Templates and options:

  • Can build websites up using templates (e.g. social network) and options
  • Uses widgets (see Widget5)

Integrating Forge5 with whole of Web5:

  • One web browser, when look at the code, then can see all the five layers of design


  • For memes with text on, provide ability to add the text separately
  • Can then translate the meme automatically / with help

Organize memes:

  • Massive repository of memes
  • Organized
  • Rate each meme
  • Flip through similar ones
  • Funny / good, 1-10
  • Get suggestions based on similar tags / tastes

Integrate with Web5:

  • All meme objects organized in the same system
  • All memes embedded anywhere use same system
  • Encourage people to get onto Web5 through Meme5

Multilingual memes creator:

  • Base
  • Text on top
  • Translate into multiple languages
  • Get teams of people to translate

Type and replace:

  • Type [I NEED IT] and replace the text with a specific meme

Psychology of memes:

  • Talk to Simon Esler / friend (DoD interview)
  • Create something generic
  • From Unity5 / UnityOne - just point people to it

Similar memes:

  • Other memes on the same topic
  • Organized by grouping / topic


  • Same weight as if it’s your own image / sharing
  • Means that we can link them

Integration with social media:

  • Share on FB etc
  • Download / upload
  • Post to Meme5 page


  • Deletes top/bottom black/white/colour sections
  • Have a shortcut key for that
  • Can just click to check, then accept
  • Store the original as well


Scam protection:

  • Highlight scams
  • Videos, explanations …


  • Generic P2P platform
  • Used for Stream5, Chat5, Gamezone5

Three main tasks:

  • Acquiring audio and video
  • Communicating audio and video
  • Communicating arbitrary data

Guaranteeing P2P communications

  • STUN for NAT (generally works)
  • TURN for when STUN doesn’t work (almost always works)
  • 6:1 (STUN:TURN)


  • Stream5
  • Bit5
  • Peer5
  • WebTorrent5
  • Streaming service build on top of Peer5
  • BitChute
  • BitTorrent based videos
  • WebTorrent (works in the browser)


  • AOMedia Video 1 (Video)
  • Opus (Audio)

NTD China:



Copyright infringement:

  • The copyright holders need to show that it’s not fair use
  • Put lots of examples of what we consider fair use / not
  • Reach out to major production companies to tell them of what we’re doing, and our policies in advance
  • Try to start off on the right foot, and create a positive, long-term relationship with them



  • Collections of widgets that work as a package


Widgets have own interface:

  • Like a new element
  • Settings
  • API
  • ID/CSS handled independently

Widget updates:

  • Can have versions
  • Each widget implementation has own ID
  • Updates to the widget are mentioned to the developers (up to them to update or not - can be done automatically)
  • Each update creates a new ID

Widgets organized by type:

  • Features (e.g. parallax)
  • Site
  • Scroll

Widget demos:

  • Miniaturized versions of the widgets demonstrate what they do
  • Can list all the different widgets on page, so can choose on page

Widget icons:

  • Icons can be defined for network widgets
  • Customized in designer interface

Widgets with APIs:

  • Servers
  • Blockchains
  • Peer5
  • Other widgets

Generic first:

  • Pages built up from widgets
  • Widgets are generic first
  • Then adapted for the specific page
  • Means that widgets can be re-used across other websites

Widget extensions with elements:

  • Data can be updated anywhere on the page
  • Extra elements can be placed anywhere on the page
  • Drag and drop

Widgets from elements:

  • Widgets are collections of elements
  • Can then include scrolling
  • Parameters for the widgets can be translated to underlying code

Widget interactions:

  • Widgets can be combined and interact
  • API for each widget


  • Any widget on Web5 can be re-used
  • Copy/paste/modify on other pages
  • Creates a new widget
  • Could make it a linked widget, whereby the new widget is updated whenever the parent widget is updated
  • A bit like

Build widgets from widgets:

  • Build up more complicated widgets from simpler ones
  • Inside can be lists of widgets (e.g. like a feed)

Widget GUI:

  • Block view for the widget GUI
  • Could be a tree
  • All configs for the widget are settable on the GUI
  • Alternatively could be set using YAML/JSON
  • If sub-sections have code, then

Widget designer:

  • Like Gingko
  • Store list of popular widgets
  • Should be able to create a web page really quickly
  • Click Ctrl + right to create a new widget / part
  • Type in the name / search on a list
  • All the options are navigable using keyboard
  • Each part of the widget can be edited, and stored as a new widget

Widget history:

  • Widgets can be tracked from where they came from
  • Recognizes all designers (by user/group id)

Widget code:

  • Pages could potentially be created using YAML with references to widget ID’s

Widget IDs:

  • Each domain could label a widget with an easy-to-remember name
  • The name is a shorthand to a specific ID
  • Could save exact ID, or version
  • Could be widgets created by a user

Widget versions:

  • Each time a user saves a widget, it should have a version (major / minor)
  • Once a widget has been saved, the name should not change in the future (security)
  • Users can change the name by copying / renaming

Widget events:

  • Scrolling - what happens
  • Select action from list or create a new one
  • e.g. Videos playing / audio / scroll up + move (like FB)
  • Can be set by a user param too


Nord VPN:

  • Like their live chat


Fine-tuning of feeds:

  • Languages
  • Types (memes, text updates)
  • Groups (hierarchical, global > continent > country(-ies) > region > community)

Post tags:

  • Have tags for each type of post
  • Each post can have any number of tags, with strength for each one
  • Can be used to find related posts

Feed groups:

  • Could group posts
  • Put a tag / comments on the group collectively
  • e.g. For memes, ‘the best of last night’

Related posts:

  • Have trees of related topics
  • Links to pages of related topics
  • Find memes on same / similar topics
  • Hide the Great Awakening inside the network

Sharing lists of interactions:

  • Can choose to share with others (or certain groups) what posts you’ve liked / shared
  • Also comments
  • Completely user-determined

Admins for topics:

  • There are admins for the topics
  • The admins can be anyone
  • Other people cannot change who the admins are


  • Outgoing posts (e.g. every 15 mins)
  • Other people
  • Call Throttle5?


  • Group into comments, likes, laughs …
  • Can select which ones to be notified of / groups etc


  • Add in elements that want to include in the feed
  • Could just be a generic feed, or one tailored to specific things
  • Videos to just include YouTube, for example


  • Topics
  • Limit to new info
  • Create custom threads from multiple people’s convo’s

Feed items:

  • Headed lists
  • Pop-up graphs


  • e.g. YouTube videos
  • BBS Radio > /Out of This World/
  • These videos appear in the feed

Save gifs:

  • Method of storing the gifs to be reused


  • Calculated from friends, posts that liked, topics

OCR of memes:

  • Automatically get text
  • Allow for viewing / translation


Organize by topics:

  • Organize everything by topics
  • Have a hierarchy / graph / ontology

Alternative names:

  • Similar5

More subtle than old dictionary:

  • Can have ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ branches


  • Uses Stream5
  • For torrent files, also parses videos to create multiple different magnet files for different quality



  • Stack of technologies on Web5 ?



Cambridge Analytica:

  • The Great Hack
  • Apps with special permissions
  • Took friends data (without their knowledge / permission)
  • Grossly unethical experiment
  • Playing with the psychology of a nation as part of the democratic process
  • Irony that Facebook was used to help Trump
  • Targeted persuadables precinct by precinct in swing states with customized content


  • Only use if give express permission
  • Cannot use otherwise
  • Virtualize the data
  • Don’t export the data to other platforms


  • Data rights


Cookie notice:



  • Table of contents on right
  • Only extend current section
  • Like Dfinity and GraphQL




  • Best features of privacy phones
  • OS5-Mobile
  • Businesses can create their own private networks (server software open-sourced)


  • Emit harmonizing Tesla frequencies
  • Show videos of other brands of phone with copper wool (show that it sparks)
  • Show radiation tests / brain scans
  • Scans of groin too (since often in pocket)
  • Show links to cancer etc



  • Download from FB using JSON
  • Import into Web5
  • Keep dates etc


Intelligent requests:

  • Flights etc cheaper depending on the IP address
  • Run the same search through multiple IPs
  • Get people to use the browser

Epic browser:


Link to PDN/CDN:

  • Track most likely links (PeerNet5)
  • Pre-load most likely files (code, images)


  • Operating system that’s tailored towards different skill-levels
  • All apps / services will have multiple



  • ShortURL5
  • Short5
  • Shortner5
  • SURL5 / Surl5
  • ShortLink5

Merge URLs:

  • Could grab OpenGraph image also
  • Provide other methods of getting around censorship



OS5 for …:

  • OS5 for Windows
  • OS5 for Mac
  • OS5 for Linux
  • OS5 for BSD

OR … on

  • OS5 on Windows
  • OS5 on Mac
  • Generic platform for interacting with text-based software / system
  • Create generic platforms over all OS’s
  • List tasks to accomplish, and put in Forge5

Uses Chromium OS:


  • Not correct !!!
  • Brave better than FF

Firefox better:

  • Seems faster
  • Natively designed with OS features



Paying people (Rocket5):

  • Pay manufacturers
  • Pay retailers
  • Pay customers
  • Maybe $50 each?


OS5 apps:

  • Just the command-line versions
  • Display ones - WASM in browser
  • If highly intensive / computational, separate binary


  • Can do a search for apps
  • If they’re not installed, then can just install them
  • Could just be some extra lua code
  • Auto-install without prompting?


Multi login

Wipe / hide:

  • Depending on the password / method, different action
  • Could hide (but not delete) certain files
  • Could delete files
  • Could secure-delete files


  • If forced to log in in certain situations, then might be useful
  • e.g. by an overbearing security officer, gf/bf, boss …



  • Web-based API for doing anything on the OS
  • Each OS has its own interpretation of the operation
  • Might require creating / installing extra progs


  • GTK > OS5
  • .Net > OS5


Multiple options:

  • Free (us)
  • Paid services
  • Own cloud (e.g. through OpenCloud servers)


  • On the phone, or in the online interface
  • Don’t have to store passwords on our servers if OpenCloud etc
  • Offer it as an option though
  • Similar for other smart devices (so can have the features, but not leave the data with us)



Multiple Resty5 instances:

  • Auto-gen configs when start
  • Create single instances bound to unix sockets for each user at startup
  • Forward requests from main interface to each child
  • login using shell inside each child
  • store login tokens in shm in child
  • without a login token cannot run anything


AppStore5 / App5

  • Like iTunes
  • Allows us to control the quality
  • File system apps etc only allowed if aren’t harmful
  • Could be free / paid apps


Customizable installer:

  • Based on the Perl installer for Resty5
  • Uses symlinks
  • Can run on separate sub-folder
  • Same across all platforms
  • /usr/local/install5/
  • /usr5/ or /lib5/ or /sys5/ or /os5/
  • /usr/local/os5 or /os5/ base


OS uses Gentoo:

  • When building from scratch, use Gentoo Linux




  • Run off blockchain
  • Dfinity / Block5 / Platform5
  • Can link into local OS also



Complete virtual OS that works on top of any OS, and has many complete with software versions for each major open-source software OS (Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, …)


  • Developed as part of Simpl5, and will include all the tools developed there
  • Also Web5OS that can work on top of any operating system
  • And create multiple versions that provides a lean version of each OS type, with just Web5OS on top (BSD, Linux, Solaris)
  • Simpl Ubuntu, Simpl Fedora, Simpl FreeBSD, Simpl Solaris, …
  • Won’t do versions that use proprietary OS (Windows, Mac)
  • But there will be the Web5OS
  • Likewise in all apps and OS, the ad platform will be integrated, and will be optional for anyone that wants to see them











Ubuntu Latest:

  • Ubuntu with the latest source repositories so that the packages come from the sources, not from Ubuntu


New shell:

  • Backwards-compatible with Bash / sh / zsh
  • More functionality
  • Shortcuts?
  • Configurable

Implements over others:

  • Over bash/zsh/dash


  • /usr/bin/sh => /usr/bin/dash

Perl-based morphs later:

  • sh5 will be the standard shell for OS5
  • Can just be an extension of what’s being created now
  • All the commands could potentially be written in Perl first
  • Re-write in C or Go or something faster later on


Generate from ground up:

  • File structure
  • Shell scripts (implemented using dash?)

Start at top:

  • Web-based
  • Browser-OS5
  • Browser + webserver?
  • OS5 over multiple OS’s as interface
  • OS over multiple OS’s + compile from source
  • Generate entire OS (Gentoo)
  • Generate entire OS (Gentoo + source)
  • Generate entire OS code (including optimised scripts, generalized from System5)
  • Auto-compile optimized scripts and call the compiled versions
  • Generate entire OS (any Linux / BSD, including file hierarchy)

File5 / Drive5


  • File5 = File + FS5 + Drive5 (cloud files)
  • Merges the two
  • Multilingual
  • Some dirs are local-only (defined in Posix)
  • Others are network + merged
  • Local files are stored under /drive5/[user]/
  • When a user logs on, the filesystem changes for the Drive5 components

File5 / Drive5:

  • /drive5 => Drive5
  • drive5:// or file5://
  • Keep Posix filesystem
  • Maybe map all files onto local filesystem
  • Can still use file:// for local-only files

Standard paths:

  • Keep paths separated for different types
  • /docs, /fonts, /music, /videos, /photos …
  • At the top level keep control of the names of the folders (and have them translated)
  • Have groups (like system/posix for /bin /lib …)


  • Can switch the language of the filesystem
  • Automatically changes everything
  • Only things that don’t change are POSIX
  • Can have more than one language implemented at a time
  • If there is a conflict, then add -[lang] at the end


  • Synchronize changes between all systems that use the same FS
  • High-speed updating of files


  • See Util5 / Shell5 / CoreUtil5


  • Can store pre-encrypted (on remote system)


  • e.g. /bookmarks
  • When viewed as a file, there’s a file that can be viewed
  • If you delete it or move them around, they change in your browser

Command line + API:

  • Command line tools basically operate the same as API commands
  • Keep them standardized over all OS’s (even if there are differences on the native versions)

Installing on other OS’s:

  • Possible to integrate File5 with other OSs
  • Just run it on top
  • If there are conflicts, then make it .os5 at the end or even just add a 5 on the end
  • e.g. /docs5

Include 5 paths:

  • /docs = /docs5
  • Don’t include /[path]5 in listings unless required
  • Can still chdir there even if not listed

Windows integration:

  • /drive/C or /drives/C
  • /drive/D
  • Doesn’t appear on Linux
  • O:\ = One5? / OS5

Customized displays:

  • /fonts => like Google Fonts
  • /bookmarks => tree with preview
  • /images => slideshow
  • Always have the standard viewing options of files, details, sizes etc
  • Have settings on the general level / per-folder level
  • e.g. All files, all alt interface, mixed
  • User-defined customized interfaces (import from others)

Publicly shared files:

  • Any user can share files for anyone to view
  • /user/[name]/…
  • Permissions can be set so people can view / edit etc
  • Uses the same filesystem hierarchy
  • e.g. /users/marcus/docs


  • /user/marcus => /users/marcus567
  • /user/mum => /users/soniaclyne1946

Use IDs:

  • /[id] => directly to the object
  • /user/[id] => same
  • /[base64-id] => same
  • Make sure that usernames can’t be a base64 id

Map folders:

  • Some folders could

Multiple paths:

  • All objects are unique by ID (like inode)
  • The can automatically appear on multiple paths
  • e.g. in /docs all documents appear?

Special folders


  • Stores all memes, integrated with Social5 / Feed5
  • Stores them by date shared, name, social network shared on …
  • Integration is with usage on Web5


  • Automatically build player into the interface
  • /music#player
  • /music#store
  • Hide the # part unless you’re copying the URL
  • Like Opera does


  • Buy music, videos, anything


  • Top folders
  • Allows users to use capital first letters or not
  • Sub-folders may or may not be case-insensitive

FS5 / File5

System integration:

  • Work like Tresorit Drive
  • Any normal Unix command could work on top of it


  • When creating FS need to provide both synchronous (finished on the server) and async


  • Will need to mount each dir separately on boot
  • See mount5 / ummount5

Avoid confligs:

  • Get list of all filesystem structures that are commonly used
  • Avoid potential conflicts with all of them


  • Always mount on /file5 (if can)
  • Commands for mounting/unmounting all file5 directories
  • User might want to turn off all directories or not
  • Regardless the files will still be accessible via /file5/[user]/…
  • Also starts the File5 daemon - file5d


  • Will want to have a daemon running to keep the files sync’ed
  • Might also want to keep an eye on which folders (if any) are unmounted
  • Also will want to get updates from the File5 servers


Extension of Glibc:

  • Change to include networked files
  • Might not be needed



  • Command line tools like all the common command line tools will need to be rewritten to work with File5
  • Use mix of executing locally and remotely in parallel
  • Could potentially run them through Resty5


  • Add extra flags on file to indicate if local or remote
  • Alternatively could indicate the user at marcus* if it’s stored in the cloud (for ls etc)

Tools optimizations:

  • Able to execute tools that only return once applied locally
  • Can create extra command to return when everything has been sync’ed remotely as well
  • Allows for large numbers of actions to be performed in parallel

Separate names:

  • cp -> cp5
  • mv -> mv5
  • ls -> ls5

Shell5 defaults:

  • In Shell5 use cp5 instead of cp by default

API version:

  • Might be most relevant to running as API
  • System calls can be integrated into File5
  • Filesystem handles everything




  • When share memes on Web5 they appear automatically in the /memes folder
  • Make a big thing of this, since everyone loves memes and loves to be able to search / find them


  • Many memes are almost identical
  • Use image search to find them


  • Add tags to memes
  • Makes them easier to search for


Abstractify code:

  • Write in such a way it could be JS or C > WASM

Convert code to WASM:

  • Optimize performance
  • Create high-perf applications in WASM
  • Could re-create the Adobe suite in WASM?

C libraries:

Cloudify everything:

  • With WASM could run all apps in cloud
  • Only store some data on blockchains etc

Caching WASM:

  • Cache previously-loaded files
  • Potentially on net could give each one a unique ID
  • Say that never expire
  • New ones have new URL

Common library:

  • Share certain code between sites
  • Build into OS5
  • Only store once in memory

Simpl5 / Developer5


  • Development platform
  • Triskell5 apps can run on any platform
  • Alternative name to Simpl5?

Visual5 / Simpl5


  • Design5
  • Developer5
  • One5
  • Simpl5
  • Studio5
  • Visual5
  • Website5


Generic Gingko:

  • Meta system for using Gingko tool for organizing any kind of data
  • Set parameters to decide what it is to be used for
  • Size etc can be totally customizable
  • Note: works differently on Chrome/Firefox


Customizable interface:

  • Can move components around anywhere
  • Can include / exclude any components

Basis for app creator:

  • Eventually all apps will have the same interface-changing possibilities
  • Generated from Meta5

Phases of development:

1) Internet5 / Web5 plugins for browsers
2) Our own browser (based on Firefox) - wrapper, desk, tablet + mobile (DTM)
3) Browser - re-written in modular way (DTM)
4) Browser - dynamically changeable (3 at same time?) (DTM)
5) Operating environment (DTM)
6) OE + lots of apps (DTM)
7) OS (DTM)




Wide range of cusomizable apps that can act as alternatives to common office / editing programs, that work both online and offline, that will run on WebOS5 and later OS5

  • used to build other tools
  • everything built on the same base platform, which is linked in with Semantic5



Interface customizability

User skill level

  • All products will have a free version, and most with paid (cost-effective) versions too
  • Complete range that eventually could completely replace


  • Office suite
  • website development tools (for Web5)
  • Accounting
  • Management tools

Social media

Simpl Websites


  • Create Gingko-like tree


  • Create Nuclino-like setup

Simpl Webapps

Simpl Networks

Simpl Cloud



Wide range of desktop-like tools that are integrated with WebOS5, and are highly customizable

  • Each one called Simpl X, e.g. Simpl Docs
  • Can set user level from beginner to advanced, and the interface is customized for each level, or each section
  • When start to use, asked your user confidence level, and that is set for all tools
  • Try to anticipate the platform that will be needed, and add appropriate code to all websites
  • Could just be containers
  • Will allow potentially any site5 to be embedded inside WebOS5 (and not just inside an embedded browser)
  • Can be used like in a browser, or in OS5 mode


JavaScript5 / JS5

Multiple frameworks:

Node modules:

  • Make the node modules available
  • Use the same versioning system


Programming language:

  • Simpl(e) Markup/Markdown and Programming Language



Global datacenter network:

  • Datacenters
  • Cables between them


Anycast network:

  • Multiple locations for same IP




Basis for quicker Web:

  • Web5 will have quick injection points
  • Everything is re-cached all over the world
  • Dynamically selects the best location for storing primary data

Works with Grid5:

  • Services on top of Grid5

Make it free:

  • Make everything in CDN free
  • By getting them to use our services, it helps with migration to Web5

Cache WWW:

  • Run en:/https/ through CDN (but don’t touch any of the data)
  • Only where appropriate (i.e. not if it’s already being run through a CDN)


  • Just want to have one system to manage the entire network
  • Have an installer that we can just add an IP on to, then run the installer remotely

Buy existing CDN operations:

  • Easier to acquire existing operations than to start from scratch



  • HAProxy community / enterprise
  • Buy product or buy company ?


  • Already know



Eventually buy up CloudFlare:

  • Will cost too much initially
  • Maybe 10+ years down the line
  • Have a multi-year integration so that everything on CloudFlare’s setup is broken up and integrated into Meta5
  • Then have global injection point
  • 8kun

No nameserver change:

  • Can use without a nameserver change

Very cagey about datacenters:

  • Didn’t want to share information about how many datacenters they use / where
  • For security reasons
  • That’s actually quite good from a security basis
  • Probably why 8chan chose them


CloudFlare first:

  • Initially run everything through CloudFlare
  • Use their API to make changes
  • Partner with them
  • Will need to work out a deal on each domain (will need it to be unlimited)
  • Get people to set their nameservers to Vision5 (, …)
  • Eventually could either buy CloudFlare (preferred) or replicate what they’re doing


  • Awesome services
  • 50GB free
  • Re-create something just as good
  • Globalus One hosting
  • Interface using Internet5
  • Make the interface customizable, so both Globalus One and Vision5 will be able to create branded solutions on the same base platform
  • Give users a choice of location to host (Switzerland bunker, Sweden bunker, elsewhere non-bunker)


Private cloud:

  • Allow people to store their data on their own servers if they want, or another provider
  • Including OpenCloud


Duplicate Google Fonts:

  • Same system for optimization
  • Where fonts are on Google Fonts, use them
  • Where they aren’t, host them ourselves?


Duck Duck Go:

  • Partner with them to pay them for using their platform and re-posting the search results
  • Re-create their search engine on Platform5?

Search engines:

User-customized searches:

  • Sharable
  • Link into the main ID system
  • e.g. for torrents
  • ditto for Ask5
  • Can also create collections of good extra searches

Reverse image search:

  • Tineye
  • Others
  • Incorporate into whole search platform


  • Available as JSON
  • Make the analysis both generic, and specific to search algorithms
  • Can create a new search engine on the back of the core data analysis


  • Have versions / subversions for each of the components of the various algorithms
  • Allow tracking of it / backpeddle if makes sense


  • Store the objects in Cloud5
  • Keep everything for historical backup
  • Rip from the Way Back machine to go back historically?

Light language:

  • Place LL codes on page
  • Maybe Alabelo but not Search5
  • Need to work out how to do so in a way that doesn’t affect the aesthetics, but will work on a subconscious level
  • Could allow users to turn it off if they wanted
  • Sacred geometry too
  • Could work like Google Doodle on the logo


WWW backup:

  • Dynamic backup of everything on the web
  • Try to do a deal with backup engine to copy their entire database going back to the beginning




  • Anyone can run a File5 server


Object storage:

  • Just the objects / files


Virtualized filesystem:

  • Hierarchy
  • Permissions
  • Syncing / not
  • Different kinds of structures (so just blobs / hashes for huge file counts)
  • Symlinking / linking

File system for Web5:

  • Files can be web pages, scripts etc
  • Everything under one global system
  • User FS’s are just /user/[id]/…


  • Like URLs

Multiple locations:

  • Can run your own file storage
  • Utilize third party providers (running the same software)


  • Can be stored locally
  • Can be stored on V5 servers
  • Still need to link in with permissions
  • Checking user identity needs to be done on V5 servers, though, unless it’s a separate user


  • Overall filesystem for a user
  • Links to one / more File5 servers


  • Stored on our servers
  • Stored on blockchain
  • Stored on third party servers
  • Stored on own servers

Encrypted config backups:

  • Can store backup on our servers
  • Fully encrypted
  • Password-protected before sending to us



  • Use the same API structure for everything
  • api (optional, e.g. facebook, stripe)
  • actions
  • node (optional)
  • args


  • Use a similar system for interacting with all external sites also
  • Singular format for all Web5
  • Wrappers around the third party APIs


  • API (Swagger/OpenAPI)
  • Abstraction (by generic type, e.g. payment, social media)
  • Task (map task to API, use JSON + extra if necessary)
  • Write in declarative, auto-gen the actual API code (Lua and JS)


  • RapidAPI
  • Other places
  • Convert to OAS
  • Display the OAS on API5

Swagger extensions:

  • Formats like email, id5, …



URL VPN programming:

  • Allow mapping certain URLs to run through VPNs
  • Change country based on URL
  • Can load a config / configs

Integration with browser:

  • Like Opera
  • Allow for integrations with third-party VPN’s
  • Potentially get commission when people sign up
  • Recommend double-VPN setup

Universal VPN:

  • Configuration for VPN over VPN
  • API to automatically connect (like NordVNP software)
  • Provide for whole system
  • Also for sub-system (flexibility)
  • Work across multiple VPN systems
  • Minimally works for our VPN


  • Like NordVPN
  • Universal VPN / uVPN
  • Graphical VPN uses the commandline version?



  • Foundation of all AI stuff
  • [64-bit][64-bit]…
  • Use base64 for encoding/decoding


  • Low end of the spectrum
  • Will result in lots of ==’s


  • Can add information to Brain5 using triples


Quantum computing platform

AI5 / Brain5


Affect past:

  • Neige talking about future AI affecting the present
  • June 2020

Christ consciousness + AI:


Google Analyctics


Like Auth0:

  • Same system with JWT
  • Other paradigms too
  • Make API-compatible with Auth0



  • Enterprise5
  • Business5
  • Biz5
  • Economy5
  • Venture5
  • Money5



Blockchain platform to create a new global economic model of capitalism - Capitalism 2.0

Capitalism 2.0 is based on the “Rocket5 Law of Two”

  • Doubling of value
  • Doubling of tokens
  • Doubling of help
  • New kinds of assets
  • Programmed-value assets



  • Speak to Rob






Smart contract insurance:

  • Insure against the risks of smart contracts
  • Tranching of such risks

Initial Farm Offerings:


  • Seems important with DeFi
  • Maybe less important when it comes to the blockchain



  • Get the license for Vision5 companies?
  • Alternatively, get for Bank5 and get a banking license?

Licensed - USDC:

Extend to other chains:

  • USD5-ETH
  • Rocket5-ETH
  • Use the same bridging concept


Exchange5 / DEX5


  • Borsa5
  • ClearingHouse5
  • Coin5
  • Exchange5
  • FinEx5 / Finex5
  • Investor5
  • Market5
  • Security5
  • Trade5
  • Trader5

Legal entities:

  • Could have Exchange5 as the legal entities
  • The ones registered as being able to interact with clearing houses


Start early:

  • Create exchange before launch Rocket5
  • Set up stock market
  • Exchange crypto directly for shares
  • Get registered in lots of countries
  • Make it look like we’re doing it for cryptocurrencies in general
  • Set up the foundation before launch Rocket5


It’s somewhat of a hassle to take the shares and transfer them to a new stock exchange, especially if there’s a fee for doing so.

What we could do, though, is to say to investors that want to sell their shares and buy Currency5 instead that we’ll give them a 10% bonus for moving their shares to our stock exchange. Also, we’d need to require that the shares stayed in Exchange5 for at least say a year or two years, so that we don’t just get people buying shares on the cheap and then going back to the free market.

Initially, not that many people will be interested I expect.

But when there’s a huge amount of money in Economy5, the prices are likely to be much higher for the stocks in Economy5.

Eventually, they’ll be so much higher (because people will have more money), that more and more of the shares in the world will move to Exchange5.


  • The rules for free-market economic cycles will break down collectively.
  • They’ll apply differently for the rich / the poor
  • So we can make the rich super-rich, while giving everyone a high minimal standard of living
  • Will start to kick in probably in years 10-15, and will be particularly apparent in years 16-20+

Central Securities Depository:


Central securities depository:

  • List of CSDs
  • Don’t deal with physical certificates
  • Only deal with securities electronically

Dark Pool:

In case you were considering Stock, Bond, Commodity et al. Market as an investment…
The electronic markets are controlled by the satanists - the meaningful trading is done in dark pools - off camera.
Stock trades settle through DTCC, and the DTCC contains a “black hole”- an unmeetable trillion dollar liability. Naked short selling and “failing to deliver” are a principal method of extracting value from securities market.

With DTCC you can sell shares you don’t own (short selling) and haven’t borrowed ( “naked” short selling) and receive payment for the shares.

You then have three days to deliver those shares to the DTCC.
Sell 1 k shares AMZN you do not own and collect (this am) ~ 1,692,000.00
Three days later fail to deliver same.

SEC takes action. They put it on the “Fails to deliver list”
Then what?
Then Nothing.

That’s how the DTCC would up with a multi-trillion dollar black hole of un-meetable liability and why the entire financial markets are no more than a transparent side show put on for normies to make them think everything is on the up and up.
It’s why stock market anon is wasting his time.

Electronic markets and the DTCC have been controlled by the dark forces since their beginning. The reported movements of markets is useless, like trying to understand the ocean by staring at seascapes.

Unsettled trades can accumulate: in the desks of brokers, in pre-netting among brokers, in the Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) system, in the Stock Borrow Program (SBP), through ex-clearing, and in delivery mechanisms from offshore exchanges. For all I know, these represent just a subset of the cracks in the system. The great unanswered question is, How much financial toxic waste has naked short selling and its various equivalents left scattered throughout these cracks?

The answer is: I don’t know, and I think no one knows. I suspect no one agent has the full picture of what is going on across all of these cracks. In fact, I suspect some of these cracks are so obscure no one has a clear picture of what is going on in them individually, let alone collectively.



Combine exchanges:

  • DeFi exchanges
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Stock exchanges

Zero fees:

  • Won’t need to make money if have Rocket5
  • Will likely bring lots of activity to us

ChainBridge5 / CryptoBridge5

All chains:

  • Interact between all chains
  • Utilize existing services if they exist
  • Build our own if they don’t
  • Primarily for Chain5/Block5 though

Trading speed-up:

  • Suggest that people move their tokens to Chain5 (peg in)
  • Trading will happen in 2 secs on Chain5 and is free
  • Convert back only when need to (peg out)




  • The financial side of Cloud5
  • Includes all of Rocket5, stablecoins, other tokens built on Cloud5
  • Also includes tokenized coins from other chains


  • Finex5
  • Stockex5
  • Stock exchange
  • Share-owners can also exchange their stocks for Double5

Money5 / Coin5 / Token5

‘5’ tokens:

  • Only Vision5 can create tokens ending in ‘5’ in Market5

Fiat5 conversions:

  • Need to have reserve of money in respective bank accounts in different countries
  • Will create token on Market5, allocating the money in our bank account
  • The person sends money to us on Market5, we exchange for that amount in other token
  • Provide a rate that’s close to the inter-bank rate, but say 0.5% off


  • Updated stats about Market5 every second
  • Total wealth in E5, liquidity rates, available Electrum5 for sale …


  • For Fiat5, or any other cryptoasset
  • Will be able to transfer money in/out

Depositary Receipts:

  • Seems to be that the company would need to do that in the foreign market
  • Use depository receipts for shares, bonds, derivatives …
  • Buy them up as part of deals with individuals
  • Create stock exchange in Zurich (allow people to trade out of Economy5)

Transfer Agencies:

  • The owner transfers to the transfer agency
  • We’ve negotiated the price
  • When we receive it, we deposit the money in their account
  • We’d want to offer stockholders a bonus on the stock price if they do direct (e.g. 10% or 25%)
  • Start this beginning in about 2028

Deals with stock exchanges:

  • Try to create a deal with the NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE …
  • Allow traders to transfer in/out of their market
  • Probably won’t happen easily


  • Free internal payments
  • We get money from the investments markets
  • Sellers can offer discounts - e.g. 1% - for paying by Pay5
  • Payment system will allow for payments in any cryptoassets, including Rocket5

Pay5 App:

  • Use QR-code
  • Pay to/from
  • App
  • Can also work just on website
  • Use webcam
  • Click to authorize

App very important:

  • Will allow adoption to expand quickly
  • Make it possible to bypass regulatory systems
  • Can set up standalone machines too
  • Will give Cash5 worth beyond just an investment
  • Will be integrated into Web5 sites
  • Will be very attractive to businesses as all transactions will be free (we’ll absorb the credit and debit card fees)
  • Start online
  • Go offline later
  • Offer a stripe / Paypal-like API ?
  • Integrate with various eShop’s


  • System to maximize liquidity for all the different levels of trade
  • Grouped into trading amounts that go up 10x
  • Queuing system for each band, on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Each band enforces a different Share5 rate
  • Higher bands can exchange parts for the lower bands if trades are available
  • Aims to not block small trades if a large one is queued
  • Each band is given a rate (equally called a Liquidity5), in terms of the average number of seconds / minutes to complete a trade within each band
  • Generally aim to have Liquidity5 rates measured in seconds for small trades, and minutes at most for large ones (over $1B)
  • Allows for fine-tuning of Economy5
  • The percentage of trades that are shared with Vision5 (i.e. not the part that are 3rd party to 3rd party)
  • During ICO - 100%, because we’ll be starting up
  • Generally aim for 50%, so that Vision5 participates in 1/2 of all trades (to get income to invest in other projects / pay for things)
  • As the Liquidity5 band increases, the Share5 rate generally decreases, unless there is really high throughputs
  • Share5 is 0 if the total number of Electrum5 tokens in Economy5 is at the maximum (which changes every second anyway)


  • Work with any companies that have stocks on a public stock exchange
  • Form agreements that will guarantee that if they agree to accept payments using the Pay5 / Electrum5 / Cash5 system, we’ll use some of the revenues that we get to purchase their stocks, and hold them
  • That will increase their stock price
  • We will offer this for any publicly-traded company
  • The more places that accept Cash5 / Pay5, the more valuable it becomes
  • So long as they continue to accept Cash5, we’ll hold their shares, and not sell them - which will help keep the share price higher
  • Everybody benefits



Incentivize traders:

  • Offer free Rocket5 for trades until there’s a huge volume of trades
  • Could potentially even make it an ongoing thing


  • Exchange5 / DEX5 / Coin5
  • Coinbase
  • Binance


  • Initially talk about 5 tokens / second
  • That will stay the same for the first 2 years
  • Quietly change the ‘model’ for year 3 onwards, so that it doubles each year max
  • That way only a relatively small number of people will notice the increase
  • Will probably take till year 5 for most people to realize that we’ve changed the model, by which time we’ll be fully up and running
  • Single page
  • Talk about the bonus
  • Link to
  • Use KYC
  • Register with the SEC, FCA etc
  • Have banking / stock-market level of security
  • Use both servers AND a blockchain, to guarantee that everything is working until an eventual move to blockchain-only, when all the bugs have been fixed in the system
  • Reversability



  • Can specify who buy the Rocket5 from
  • Will allow people to support the OIA by buying Rocket5
  • Direct people towards Vision5
  • Can also limit how much is available


Model5 - 1

Overall new economic paradigm:

  • Currency that only goes up in value
  • Different rates for going up
  • Different models of economics (e.g. philanthropy)
  • Not based on profit + loss, but what is best for humanity

Supreme Court Dismisses Slew of 2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits

Foundation of creating a new world:

  • Humanity5 funded by Economy5, which is based on Paradigm5

No upper limits:

  • Model5 previously had upper limits, and Rocket5 could explode
  • Now just leave it up to the markets, but control the expansion to sensible levels

Guarantee to never go down:

  • Can go up more slowly, then speed up
  • Will try to make adjustments smooth
  • WIll give percentages for the coming year
  • In general, will just increase more and more slowly

Simple growth:

  • All currency just grows at the same rate
  • Defined on the hyperledger
  • Greater than the stock markets
  • No non-growing currency
  • Philanthropic models also just create Money5


  • Name for the growth rate
  • Simple figure
  • Rate5 for first 2 years will be 100%
  • Applied to Rocket5 (1 Electrum5 @ Start5 + continual Rate5 since)

90 buy-back:

  • Keep all USD > UDS5 deposits for 90 days
  • If user has a change of heart, then they can try to sell their USD5 for a profit
  • If that’s not possible within 90 days, then we’ll buy it back at the original rate
  • Can just buy back a proportion if wanted
  • Primary reason is to provide ease-of-mind
  • Could potentially offer indefinitely
  • Keep at least 10% of all deposits in reserves
  • Wouldn’t apply to money from stocks

Different factors (for expansion):

  • Number of businesses using Pay5
  • Previous demand
  • Total sales in Market5
  • Numbers of people joining / buying Rocket5?


  • Don’t necessarily need to give this
  • Better to start out with just us making money
  • Can pay people to work for Vision5 using Rocket5
  • Don’t need to worry about the inflation factor
  • See where we are in 10-15 years (replicators)

Model5 - 2


  • Lower amounts go up quicker
  • The idea being to raise the standard of living quicker for the poorest
  • Still make it appealing for mid-income families
  • Still introduce Pay5
  • Try to get the backing of some whales
  • Preferably up to 1 quadrillion USD

Model5 - 3

Market5 sections:

1 - Primary market (Model5)
2 - Secondary market (free-market)
3 - Extended market (stocks, bonds …)

Primary market rates

Rate - 1:

  • 55% start, decrease by 1% every 6 months, 25 years down to 5% (could be down to 10% instead)
  • Might still need to make the interest high enough for people to be interested

Rate - 2:

  • 55% start
  • Down 0.5% every 5 months
  • About 42 years down to 5%
  • Countdown to the next Rocket5 drop day as a marketing tool and regular reminder
  • 1Qi after 55 years

Rate - 3:

  • 55% start
  • Down 0.5% every 6 months ish
  • Down on 5/5@5:55:55am and 11/11@11:11:11am
  • Start with $55,555,555
  • 50 years, down to 5%
  • Will know the timings down to the second, excluding future leap seconds
  • 190 days or 6 months, 6 days (* 0.5% = 33) => reclaiming/transmuting the energy

Rate - 4:

  • Same as rate 3, but start with $111,111,111 instead
  • Need to make sure we have enough to cover the payments of companies hosting Block5

Rate - 5:

  • Like rate 4, but don’t have any upper limits on what we can sell
  • Don’t necessarily need to start out with any fixed amount to sell
  • Could give a bunch away
  • OR start with 55,555,555 in the pre-launch sale
  • Automatically allow users that need to pay for services to pay for R5, and create more if necessary

Rate - 6:

  • Start with $55M
  • 100% in first year
  • Down 2.5% each year (38 years total)
  • Bigger incentive for investors to get involved
  • Probably up to a few quadrillion over 40 years
  • Go down by 1.25% twice a year (5*0.5^2)
  • Aim to launch on 5/5/25???

Primary market notes

24-hour buy limit:

  • If no Rocket5 for sale in the space of 24 hours, then we’ll fulfill the order
  • Maybe up to a limit (don’t want to create too much too quickly)

Pitch to developing world:

  • Could say that it’s part of a global movement to change the economic system
  • One that works better for everyone


  • Keep track of the transactions
  • Numbers, amounts
  • Maybe the principals OR a one-way hash of the principal?
  • Could make hash available publicly, but hide the principal (storing in a DB accessible only to us)

Limit new tokens:

  • Maybe to 20% year on year
  • This is a maximum addition
  • Can rollover for up to 5 years (so no rushed attempts each year)

Secondary market:

  • Acts like a pressure valve / release for the primary market
  • Release valve, works on market principles
  • Allows people to sell at lower-than-formula rates
  • Market-driving
  • Should alleviate concerns about the system not being viable
  • Would be able to say then that it would be a risk just like any other, just in a different form
  • Could set up automated emails when people wish to sell on the secondary market
  • Don’t automatically sell on the secondary market, people need to go there


Rebates on purchases:

  • Pay 100% using standard currency
  • Could have 50/80/100% rebate, paid in Rocket5
  • Paid back gradually over say 2 years
  • Pay back the original amount, without interest (but add interest once it’s in the wallet)
  • Have different rates on different products
  • Try to cover most of the costs of all business at least in standard currency (at least averaged over all businesses)
  • Applies to Vision5 products only
  • Other companies will be able to accept Rocket5 as part-payment for services
  • Create promotional videos to explain the concept (in multiple languages)

Effectual rates:

  • Start with base rate of rebate, which is the exact figure
  • Then add the interest payments
  • Present effectual rate
  • e.g. 80% / 105%
  • Can have rates over 100%, since we’ll be including the interest

Partial split:

  • e.g. 20/40/40
  • 20% - Vision5
  • 40% - Rocket5 (Vision5), returned over time
  • 40% - Rocket5 (Market5), returned over time
  • Use unlocking contracts

Locked up liquidity:

  • Locks in liquidity for future Rocket5 sales
  • Will help give confidence in being able to cash out quickly in the future
  • Will add confidence to the Rocket5 futures market
  • Publicise figures on locked up liquidity, and when it will be released


Locked in

Locked-in Rocket5:

  • Can’t ‘cash out’ or trade?
  • Doesn’t seem feasible / sensible

Alternative model - variable percentage

RV funds:

  • See Model5 elsewhere?
  • Use RV funds to just give the money away
  • Start with any amount - even $0.10
  • Initially explodes in value
  • < $1 doubles in one day
  • Up to $5, then starts to slow down
  • Have a cap, which might be different for each country
  • e.g. $10k in India, $100k in the US
  • Eventually we can lift the limits in each country, and gradually bring the world to financial equality


  • Someone could have more than one wallet


  • Shifts psychology of poorest from spending to investing
  • Even investing $0.10 could lift someone out of poverty if managed correctly


  • Open it up as a Rocket5 / Economy5 alliance
  • Maybe Alliance5
  • Lead by example

Limited spot for free transactions


  • Everyone can get cost-price rate if accept Rocket5
  • e.g. 1.4%
  • Need to use R5 for at least 90 days to become eligible for zero transaction fees
  • Cost-price will still be less than others

Free transaction fee slots:

  • Limited
  • Don’t want to make too many tokens too early
  • Need to be eligible (acceptable business)
  • Need to accept R5 for at least 90 days (in general)

Early adopters:

  • First 55,555 businesses can go straight onto transaction-free rate
  • Up to $1000 in fees
  • $55M total

First-come, first served:

  • Create a queue of businesses
  • Bring new ones on in the order that they signed up
  • Rewards loyalty in the R5 ecosystem
  • If join and leave, can have a grace period of 55 days total

Zero commissions:

  • Account-to-account payments


  • The rock from which everything stems
  • Rocket5 is a cryptoasset with two very special properties
  • Rocket5 wouldn’t be considered currency / money because it’s not really a unit of account
  • It always goes up in value
  • The rate at which it goes up in value is controlled by an algorithm that is always known well in advance
  • In the very long-term (100+ years), the idea is that Electrum5 would always retain its relative value, the increase rate would slow, and fiat currencies would go down in value
  • The global economy, for as long as we still used money, would be primarily based on Electrum5
  • Have fiat currencies because banks can do their inter-bank exchanges in Economy5 instead of FM
  • Not only make money by moving to E5, but also through currency exchanges
  • ???
  • Rocket5 is the name for the overall system
  • Electrum5 is a special kind of programmed cryptoasset
  • It’s like a share on the stock market, but only goes up in value
  • There is no risk in the asset going down in value, and it will definitely go up in value, but takes time
  • Much better return than just bank interest, but some riskier investments can make a much quicker return
  • Going to transform the world by creating and distributing assets that always go up in value
  • The econo-dynamics will be very different to just creating currency
  • USD5, EUR5, GBP5
  • The plan is for the amount of wealth in Rocket5 to increase at a very predictable rate, such that in about 20 years’ time there will be about as much new wealth in the Rocket5 system as there is currently in the global derivatives market (about 500 - 1000 trillion dollars), and to use that created wealth to transform the global economy so that it works for the benefit of the masses


  • Cryptoasset that never goes down in value, and goes up in value at a steady rate that is programmed into the blockchain
  • Investment
  • Help the world economy
  • Protection against the USD decreasing rapidly in value as predicted by experts in monetary history
  • The core concept in Economy5, and that which makes all of Vision5 possible
  • The value of Power5 = Electrum5 * Power5
  • Add in calculator
  • How much certain amount worth given the investment date
  • For first year 5 tokens / second are created
  • Yr 2 - 10 tokens
  • Yr 3 - 20 …
  • Electrum was the first real money that was used, so it’s appropriate that we call our primary currency this
  • Pegged in value to a basket of currencies that will provide the most stability
  • Initially start at 1 XDR
  • If any currencies start to lose their value rapidly, then will change the ratios or remove them from the mix
  • Any changes in the currencies should only make the value of Electrum5 increase at the time of making a change, by back-dating to a fixed date no more than 3 months prior
  • Any changes should be to switch to more stable currencies only / remove unstable ones
  • Should try not to make more than 1 change per year if possible, and should only happen in the case of instability

What’s the risk?

  • From your perspective, the only risk is this :
  • If we don’t actually set up a platform for you to be able to trade your Rocket5 tokens with others and we run off with your money (would we really go to all the trouble of creating this huge website if that were the case?)
  • Is doubling your money each year too slow for you? Maybe you want to make 10x in one year and 100x in 3 years. We’ll have opportunites that might well do that coming in 2020 and beyond, but for now this is the best we can offer
  • Even if the predicted hyperinflation of the USD happens, we’ve got that covered, because the Rocket5 value will be tied to currencies that have stable values (haven’t heard about this - check out Money5)

Rocket5 psychology



  • Once the world goes back to a gold-backed currency we may well use the price of gold and silver combined as the basis of the value of electrum
  • If we peg Electrum5 to the values of fiat currencies forever, then it won’t hold its value
  • However to peg it to the value of gold/silver right now would not be stable in the short-term, because the price of gold/silver needs a correction, and they fluctuate too much right now
  • Electrum is a mixture of gold and silver, both of which hold their value over time
  • The concept of Electrum5 is to be a mix of currencies that always holds its value over time
  • The aim is to keep the relative global purchasing power of 1 Electrum5 be about the same each year
  • Within +/- 10% if possible
  • The growing currency
  • All Cash5 is matched to this
  • e.g. USD5
  • Makes it easier for international trading - don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations / calculations


  • 55.555 tokens per second created and distributed to Vision5
  • Vision5 can then re-distribute those tokens as it sees fit to help the expansion of Internet5, and the philanthropic projects in Humanity5
  • From year 3 onwards, more tokens can be created above the 55.555, with the strict limitation that they be distributed only for social welfare purposes, like a universal income, social development, or tackling of poverty
  • Each doubling period doubles in value
  • Also, the absolute maximum number of tokens that can be created in each doubling period is double that of the previous period
  • For years 1-5 doubles each year, years 6-10, doubles every two years
  • What will happen after that time will be determined at a later date
  • Half for business / technology / internet5
  • Half for philanthropy


  • Just a convenience mechanism for presenting Electrum5 using Fiat currencies
  • Eventually we’ll create a payment system to allow for payments to be made using Electrum5
  • Unline all other currencies, Cash5 is guaranteed to go up in value, whereas all other currency that is fiat currency is guaranteed to eventually go down in value
  • This type of currency was technically possible before blockchains, but well-implemented blockchains create the possibility for a new level of trust that was not possible previously


  • After initial 5 years, there will be a formula that determines how many tokens are created
  • It will be set to increase, but progressively decrease in the rate it increases - smoothly
  • The aim is to create a formula that is never-ending, and provides a perpetual investment incentive, but that in the long-term will be able to provide a meaningful universal basic income to the whole world
  • To create a healthy global economy around this system we will need to create businesses and jobs, and provide other services
  • The formula we have in mind will increase Economy5 to the size of the current derivatives market in about 25-30 years, which gives plenty of time for global markets to adapt to the model
  • By creating a formula that is known decades in advance, it will provide certainty to businesses, the world markets and governments


“The Rocket5 Law of Two”

  • Initial period when the value of Cash5 doubles year on year, and double the quantity becomes available
  • We set this period as a minimum of 5 years, and although it may be longer, it is unlikely
  • By the end of 5 years, there will be around $225B of Cash5 available in Economy5
  • The length of time that it takes for both the value of Electrum5 to double AND the maximum amount of Electrum5 available in Econmomy5 to double
  • Each Double5 period corresponds to a 4x increase in the total wealth in Economy5
  • T0 is Zero5
  • Years 1-5,


“What if synchronicity told us when something incredible should begin?”

  • Time zero
  • All values for Electrum5 are calculated from this time
  • Unix timestamp
  • 1555555555
  • 18th April 2019
  • Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:45:55 AM


  • Steadily calculates adding new Rocket5 assets to Economy5
  • Calculated every second
  • Number of new tokens that are created per second
  • For the first year it’s set to 5/second on average
  • Y2, 10/s
  • Initially, for simplicity, we’ll just set it to 5/s
  • When fully functional, the rate will increase smoothly, such that the expansion of Economy5 is smooth


  • Have charts of the total number of Rocket5 tokens into the future
  • Starting at


  • Base5
  • Fiat5
  • Basket5
  • Currency5
  • Foundation5
  • Stable5
  • Reference5
  • The base currency basket
  • Tie to Special Drawing Rights
  • A base cryptocurrency that is a basket of currencies that is designed
  • The collection of currencies and weights that are used for the value of 1 Electrum5 token
  • The weights are calcuated separately to Weight5, in a similar way to SDR




ID methods:

  • Card
  • Wrist band?
  • Thumb print
  • Facial recognition

Free services:

  • Make loads of services free if businesses accept Pay5
  • The more businesses that accept Pay5, the more valuable the currency becomes
  • Essentially make everything free if you accept Pay5

Percentage fees:

  • Percentage that accept in Rocket5 is percentage of CC fees that are paid by V5
  • That way businesses can adjust how much the accept (since might not be able to cash all out immediately)


  • If people give good comments, then pay them back

Saved amounts:

  • Save amounts like 5.55, 11.11

Allow processing on/off:

  • Allow Visa, Mastercard etc to tell us what they don’t want us to process
  • Can activate other forms of payment for those services, potentially

Payment processing:

Payment gateway:

  • Partner with loads of payment organizations
  • For cards, partner with lots and lots of different financial institutions in different countries
  • Hash the card number so it’s always sent to the same location > harder to find out
  • Have a static number of buckets - e.g. 32, 64 or 128
  • Can put a bank in multiple hash buckets
  • Could create multiple ‘payment gateway’ businesses to hide our activities (have different people from the organization work on each one)


  • Print barcodes / qr-codes
  • Scan into phone
  • Pay with something like SumUp

Integrate with payment providers

  • If banned by Visa/Mastercard:
  • Integrate with independent payment processors
  • Stripe etc potentially
  • Would prefer with ones that cost less
  • Say that you’ll refund up to 1.5 or 2% if they still accept Pay5 / Rocket5
  • Will need to be able to track purchases and refunds
  • Simple integration with their service
  • Could potentially limit it up to $10k of fees per year
  • Could do this from the start

Set up alternatives:

  • In case Pay5 goes down
  • Charge say 1.5% or 2%


Business model:

  • Look at Monzo
  • Look at other new banks
  • Loans, business
  • Payment processing for truthers
  • Pay5 host



  • Customer support
  • KYC checks



Apple Card:

  • Loads of extra features
  • Security


  • Thumb print on card before using
  • 1m delay



  • Cryptoassets
  • Generic term
  • A cryptocurrency is automatically a cryptoasset, but a cryptoasset is not always a cryptocurrency
  • Many new kinds of crypto assets are being created each day
  • In general we want to create assets that go up in value a lot more than they go down
  • Cryptocurrencies have suffered from incredible volatility because they had free-flowing values
  • Adding formulae to decrease volatility and increase worth could create a new kind of economics
  • Just have one section for Asset5
  • Combine them all
  • In the long-term, this could well become the most transformative aspect of Economy5 to human society
  • It has the potential to change the global from a system where it’s most profitable to be greedy, to one where it’s profitable to help others and do social good
  • Providing a universal basic income is a good start, and gives us a good base from which to improve upon, but making philanthropy highly profitable has the potential to create a completely different kind of society


  • Share profits using dividends
  • Value of each share is based solely on the profits for the year
  • 1 token for each Electrum5 profit made from customer
  • Value per token is (total profits for the year / 1 billion)
  • Total tokens is the cumulative profit (in Electrum5, weight 1)
  • Tot
  • Most (or all) of our Venture5 businesses will have a Share5 model
  • $1 + (total sales for previous year / 1 billion)
  • Each dollar spent receives 1 token
  • Re-normalized at the point of sale
  • Vision5 receives the same numbers of tokens
  • Could include the numbers of people that work for the company


  • Explore lots of different cryptocurrency models
  • Philanthropy token models
  • Humanity token models
  • Society token models
  • Community token models
  • Could be on anything, including the popularity of a government :)
  • Assets that have valuations based on their social good
  • Would need to work out how the valuations would be made, and build into the Economy5 / Internet5 framework the necessary platform to be able to monitor it fairly
  • In the long-run, we would like to create a global economy that was more focused on helping others than in making profits
  • Programming financial worth from social good would make this possible
  • Different types of models
  • internal growth
  • programmed increase then stop (ZeroPoverty)
  • slow replacement (Fiat5)
  • Social benefit (therefore people buy-in)
  • Dividend-sharing
  • Cross-dividend-sharing investments (countries)
  • International
  • Could have different names for each?
  • Develop software / concepts that could help governments support their citizens, either in isolation or as part of a new integrated global digital hybrid economy that’s better able to support the needs of the citizens of each country and of humanity as a whole
  • All these can (and must) be implemented as DAO’s, so that nobody and everybody owns them
  • Need to work out the best way to implement all of them, and we will be creating discussion forums so that everyone can give their opinion, as well as having voting procedures
  • By co-ordinating many different systems under one roof, and doing large marketing campaigns to promote the benefits of the various systems, they will stand a much higher chance of gaining credence and acceptance, and ultimately to achieve their goals
  • Must be designed in a way that governments will ultimately embrace, and that will be appealing as investment opportunities to the establishment, including large companies and the financial sector


What if we could create cryptoassets that increased in value as you helped more people?


  • Got a cool project that you want to do, why not turn it into an asset, that increases in value if the project is a success
  • If there is an ‘endpoint’, then can convert them into Currency5 afterwards
  • Could be based on donations …



Combine with Rocket5:

  • When pay back the loan, will pay them in Rocket5
  • They need to actually use the loan
  • Also need to pay it all back, with the interest
  • Pay back the principal in Rocket5, not the interest



  • Much more comprehensive and hands-on
  • Full package
  • Education, business-development, networking support
  • Millifinance for larger organizations / communities


  • List all the ICO’s that we run
  • We don’t consider Rocket5 to be an ICO because it won’t be a currency
  • It will be an asset, that is only similar to cryptocurrencies because the technology is similar, and not because it will operate like one, because it won’t
  • Primarily focused on stimulating new markets with opportunities based around cryptoassets that have much less-risky valuations
  • Focus on much smaller projects - looking for $1m or $10m, rather than hundreds of millions
  • Work with the founders to create assets that are appropriate to the situation and help them make a success of it
  • Can create assets that have valuations based on their social good


  • Slow-release, like the coins will be on the blockchain
  • Put the available stats as a dynamically-updated system
  • Special kind of ICO - the tokens that will be created will only go up in value


Hidden Secrets of Money

  • Educational program about money, currency
  • Initially just present the info from Mike Maloney
  • Say that the view for Economy5 is for it to become a wealth re-distribution engine for the world
  • Quality of a society is directly proportional to the quality of its money
  • Say to people that if they watch all the videos, they’ll receive a great education about how money really works, and they should be able to see even more clearly how Economy5 will help fix many of the problems we see in the global economy
  • And that the problem is not with free markets, it’s with who controls them, and how they control them
  • Once fully operational, Economy5 will completely change economics
  • Economy5 should, eventually, help the world go back to sound money, or currency that is at least backed by sound money
  • Federal Reserve on the brink of collapse
  • There is talk of a new global currency that is backed by gold
  • Dragon Family in China?

Hidden Secrets of Money

  • Link to the website
  • Explain some of the key concepts
  • Especially video 4
  • Link to all the videos, and summarize each one roughly
  • The global economy is at a critical point and might very well collapse very soon
  • Ec5 could help



I’m in the process of setting up an economics-related project and would like to link to your videos on YouTube and to this site.

My project will be presenting a new cryptocurrency and economic model that could help to transform the global economy over the next 15 years, and I’d like to help guide people to your excellent knowledge because I think your presentations are exceedingly well-done, helpful to people, and very relevant to what I’m doing.

I am writing to ask if this is OK with you. I can do this in one of two ways :

1) I say that I’m in no way affiliated with you, and that you have not specifically endorsed what I’m doing
2) You look through my project, and assuming you do actually endorse what I’m doing, you could potentially write a short endorsement.

Right now there is no information on my site, but in the next couple of months there will be. When I have more information online, would you be interested in looking it over to see if an endorsement would be something of interest to you?

I’m fairly sure that you’ll like what I’m doing, and if my project goes viral (which I anticipate it may well do sooner or later), that


  • Keep down the same side
  • Have a line between each page
  • Single video on each page
  • Have the YouTube video in the center on the right
  • Explanation on the left
  • Navbar with the 10 videos that you can roll-over
  • Most people don’t realise that the indicators are that the global economy could collapse even worse than in 2008 very soon
  • If we can set up Economy5 and Internet5 quickly, then we may not be able to prevent the collapse when it happens, but we should be able to soften the blow and help those most affected by economic crises in the years following it
  • So by investing in Rocket5, not only are you going to double your money each year, you’ll also be helping to stabilize the global economy

Notes - see Marcus - Notes


  • Catalogue all fiat currencies, and what they’ve done (historically)

How the Economy Works

3 main factors:

  • Productivity growth
  • Short term debt cycle
  • Long-term debt cycle


  • US 1929
  • UK 1950s
  • Japan 1989
  • US 2008 *
  • Spain / Italy 2010’s

Deleveraging (modern history):

  • Cut spending - Deflationary
  • Reduce debt (defaults) - D
  • Redistribute wealth - D
  • Print money - Inflationary
  • If balanced, beautiful deleveraging

Long-term debt cycle:

  • Leveraging (50 years)
  • Depressions (2-3 years)
  • Reflations (7-10 years)
  • D + R = Lost decade

Three rules:

1 - Don’t have debt rise faster than income
2 - Don’t have income rise faster than productivity
3 - Do all that you can to raise productivity

Lacks understanding?:

  • Doesn’t take into account taking the USD off gold standard in 1971
  • Doesn’t take into account the derivatives markets
  • Doesn’t take into account the deregulation etc

The Crash Course

Two exponential systems:

  • Free market must expand with at least enough new money to cover the interest payments on the existing debt (otherwise a string of defaults)
  • Free market - exponential (debt / interest on debt / money)
  • Economy5 - new wealth
  • Eventually the exponential side of Economy5 will outgrow that of the FM
  • When will Economy5 out-pace the free market???

NESARA / Peter Eugene

Illuminati history:

GoldSilver info



  • For traders, and potentially their bosses
  • All the way up to the bank CEO’s
  • 1% shared equally between all the whole hierarchy
  • Need to input the hierarchy
  • Half for the trader, and half shared up the hierarchy, to include the board members / top management team
  • Could be 1/2 + 1/2, 1/3
  • It will be calculated automatically by us, depending on how many people there are, and the structure
  • Same for large corporations, too - not just banks


What if we could give capitalism an upgrade

  • Pump the stock market

Long-term key

  • Liquidity
  • Can people buy/sell each day
  • Up to $100B should not be hard with individual traders
  • Given our plans, we will build up to this volume of currency in E5 over time
  • To acheive our long-term goals, we will need to have good liquidity in large amounts of currency
  • We feel the best way to acheive this is to form good relationships with lots of banks, and work out the best way that they can benefit by using our platform
  • One of our reasons for setting up our HQ in Zurich is to form early relationships with lots of different banking institutions, and Switzerland is obviously world-renowned for its banking sector
  • Our strategy is to plan many years ahead, and to show the banks we’re serious from the very beginning
  • By laying out our bold plan from the very beginning, and sticking to our word over many years, it is our believe that they will gain solid confidence in us long before their influence in Economy5 will actually make a significant difference
  • By planning many years ahead, we will be able to refine everything so that everyone benefits - the banks, investors, and well as the public at large

First year

  • $10m in top 10 banks
  • $2.5m in next 40
  • $200m total
  • Build a relationship with all top 50 banks

Year 2

  • Double the numbers of shares

Years 3-5

  • Buy 4x the number of shares each year in each bank
  • Work with the banks to find the best / fastest way for them to trade / profit from trading in Rocket5
  • The FX market trades $2-6T / day, and by year 10 we’d like to do this too on Economy5
  • By the end of this period, the share prices of all these banks should have noticeably increased, because we will be holding the stocks

Years 6-15

  • Buy 2x shares every year, until there is a severe shortage of available stocks
  • Never sell the stocks, so long as the banks work with us
  • They should all benefit from using Economy5 to make more money than they could do using risky investments like derivatives
  • Work with the banks so we have great liquidity in Economy5, so the banks are all making lots of money, while Vision5 can continue to exchange new Rocket5 tokens
  • Also, with all the ventures,
  • The banks are likely to want to do things that will make the banks higher profits, make the bankers themselves more money, and that will push the bank stock prices up
  • By buying and holding large quantities of stock in banks, there will be a shortage of their stock, which should push the price up
  • Their profits are likely to be higher by using Economy5
  • They’ll also be able to store many gains in Economy5 itself that wouldn’t end up being taxed, because they’re still investments, as they’re only taxed once they’re paid out
  • The banks might then hold on to the assets until taxes were no longer needed by governments (or they were at a very low rate)
  • Obviously there will be limits to how much money even the banks could pass through the system, but one key factor is the velocity of money, so if we spend money very quickly, by distributing it round the world - e.g. using universal basic income - that money is then spent in businesses and re-deposited into banks quicker, so can circulate again
  • If we hold on to lots of money for extended periods of time, then the global velocity of money will be slower
  • Everybody will prosper more if the overall velocity of money globally is high
  • We won’t need to make all the money ourselves
  • Wherever possible, when we want to do something, then we can just give tokens to people willing to accept them
  • Only convert to fiat currency where necessary
  • We can just give away the tokens to people as a universal basic income
  • Once there is understanding and confidence in the system, most people are likely to accept Rocket5 as payment, because they’ll be able to sell them very easily
  • With big-traders, then offer 1% bonuses on the money that Vision5 shares
  • So for $100m, the trader gets $1m in Rocket5
  • The banks / traders can decide on the share that Vision5 gets
  • Leave it to the market to optimize the earnings
  • It’s likely that a lot of bankers / traders / investors will be interested in that
  • Long because it



  • Once Economy5 becomes big enough, transfer all the world’s debt from free market to Economy5
  • Effectively could prevent huge hyper-inflation
  • The wealth would increase much more rapidly
  • People struggling to pay off debt could be liberated of that burden
  • Poor countries would no longer need to replay rich ones
  • $240T in 2017
  • By 2040, we could potentially convert all world debt from the free market to Rocket5 wealth in Economy5
  • When worked this out, just outside my window, there was a double-rainbow
  • Literally stood up afterwards
  • Took photo


What if we could eliminate taxes while still providing governments with the money it needed to perform all its functions?

  • Eventually, the system could generate enough to provide the money necessary for government
  • Over a number of years, Government taxes could potentially be eliminated, with all Government money coming from E5
  • There would be no tax-evasion, because there would be no need for taxes
  • Every government would receive amounts that were based on criteria decided by an international body, including population, land area, and any other criteria
  • With no taxes, money that is currently hidden offshore could be circulated freely around the world
  • More cash could flow around the global economy, thus enabling greater liquidity in Economy5 (although many of the transactions will be offshore anyway, so the difference might not be that great)


Four biggest investment companies:

  • BlackRock ($66B)
  • Vanguard Group (private)
  • State Street ($19B)
  • Fidelity (private)


Hidden Secrets of Money:

Keynesian Delusion

  • Keynesian economists believe you can create a healthy economy by changing the currency supply
  • It’s not the quantity of currency that determines prosperity, it’s the amount of goods and services that are created in that country ***
  • Adding currency slows velocity at first
  • Prices go up later

Money illusion:

  • Lots of extra money
  • Velocity drops proportionately so the increase in currency supply isn’t noticed (for a while)
  • Velocity hasn’t picked up yet
  • Don’t feel rich yet, but when they do, velocity speeds up
  • Until the prices catch up with the rise in money
  • We’ll need to measure how long this takes in each area

Planning for inflation / locations:

  • Only move into areas where we can provide a UBI to everyone in the population (and account for this)

Holistic approach / coping with inflation:

  • Create services that are only for the poorest
  • Restrict how much people can buy at the low rate
  • Keep track using IDs on their systems
  • e.g. Bread / basic food / clean water
  • Create lots of jobs at the same time that produce goods / services
  • Lead by example
  • Make sure that the poorest can buy the basic food/necessities that they need with what we give them
  • Explain to people that we will increase prices, but gradually
  • Put out info on how much, and when - well in advance
  • Give people time to prepare
  • Provide emergency services to the poorest at the same time

How it will collapse

  • Baby boomers will get scared when they find out their homes and mutual funds are now worth next to nothing
  • They’ll sell off all their assets
  • Greatest real estate crash
  • Will force forclosures as the credit bubble pops
  • The big spenders become big savers
  • There will be a threshold reached
  • For each income class it will be different
  • Finally think they have enough saved for retirement
  • For some $100k, others $1m, others $10m
  • The Fed knows that there will come a point when feel OK to replace that aging computer / get a new TV
  • At this point the boys at the Fed will buy enough government debt to fund tax rebates for all the taxes in the previous year
  • Won’t work
  • Screw the helicopters, send in the bombers
  • Currency will begin to fall like rain in the desert
  • Eventually the world will lose faith in the USD and will want to dump it by buying up goods
  • The USD will come flooding back into the US

Reduction in value of money:

  • Not rising prices, and not increase in currency supply
  • Could be by increase in currency supply relative to what people want to buy
  • If we create lots more things for people to buy, then they’ll buy more stuff, and prices won’t go up so much
  • Central economists can’t control this, we can (by creating jobs / extra stuff)
  • If we quickly set up businesses in everything, we’ll be able to keep inflation at bay in certain areas
  • Need to do that for what people want to buy

3 stages of inflation:

1 - Stocks, bonds, … anything that can absorb that much money
2 - Things that rich people can enjoy (fine wine …)
3 - Everyday things (slowly at first)

Planning for inflation:

  • Knowing that inflation will go into things that can absorb that much money, we can use that first
  • That will give us more time to start all the businesses
  • By the time inflation would actually hit real things, we’ll have set up the businesses to keep the prices down


  • Distribute currency via UBI
  • Create alternative economic models to start shifting econopsychology
  • Provide jobs for people to work
  • Delay inflation by letting it be absorbed into the stock market
  • As quickly as possible, put in place all the businesses necessary to supply all products / services
  • Keep prices from rising in every sector to prevent inflation
  • Prosperity increases, because more money + no price increases
  • No inflation, because the value of the money doesn’t go down
  • Eventually, when everyone is a bit more prosperous and we’ve ended poverty, gradually raise prices to equalize standards of living across the world

Differences to FM inflation:

  • We’ll be controlling the money supply (where and to whom it’s given) AND a sub-section of the economy
  • FM models that use central banking don’t include controlling a sub-section of the economy in the same way
  • We can control the quantity and range of products that are available (i.e. by increasing them) which should offset inflation, and increase prosperity instead

Turning inflation into prosperity:

  • Increase range of products and services
  • Keep prices at similar level
  • Provide more public services
  • Create appropriate jobs / economic factors


Economy5 / Transaction5:

  • Transaction type
  • Reversible
  • Reversible (regulated by Vision5)
  • Reversible (regulated by someone else)

Hashgraph / Hashnet5:

  • Look at Hashgraph as well as Dfinity
  • Thinking that could to Economy5 on a different network to Web5
  • Financial transactions / smart contracts only
  • Making it single-purpose might make it more robust
  • Could also potentially run on mobiles / tablets
  • Harder to do that for Web5 stuff generally
  • Leemon Baird (creator) - Looks like a Lightworker (but doesn’t know it)


Debt markets assumption:

  • That future markets will be (much) larger than the present
  • Economy5 will create a larger market!
  • Perfect harmony for taking over

Future debt:

Debt reduction:

  • Defaults
  • Inflation


Drive up stock market:

  • By driving up the stock market, we’ll make everyone happy
  • Help prevent a downturn in the larger economy
  • Buffer mechanism to protect pensions (before we can actually pay for them)




Pay taxes as work:

  • When we give out money, or pay people using Currency5, then we do work for the local government as well
  • We calculate it all, and work with the local governments to do things that they want
  • Ideally, we’ll be able to convince national governments too

Small countries first:

  • Start with small countries, then work up to bigger ones
  • Go country by country
  • As we need to buy products / services, we can buy up / create businesses so that it’s completely internal

Create an entire economy:

  • Try to implement the full model on a small scale first
  • Go to empoverished islands first
  • Offer to re-build their entire island
  • Present the new model


Transition Network:


Free market crash:

  • Inevitable
  • Will be a great opportunity for us
  • We want to have all our systems in place if possible

Confidence shift from FM to E5:

  • When the FM is crashing, E5 will be expanding
  • Then will be the time when all investors really see the potential of E5
  • Will likely be the only thing going up at the time
  • We should be able to sell lots and lots of tokens
  • Should capitalize on that period for bringing in FM money
  • Later on, we’ll be able to give away lots of tokens

Always sell as many tokens as we can:

  • Cash-in while demand is high
  • Keep lots of cash in reserve offshore
  • We can delay the new Humanity5 stuff a bit if we’re maxing out

Exponential growth and limits:

  • Exponential growth is fine, up to the point of physical limits
  • Once there are physical limits, the exponential growth becomes very important very quickly
  • This will be true in the FM, and we need to shift over from FM to E5 as quickly as possible
  • The exponential growth in E5 will not have the same issues (long-term) as the FM, because we’ll be able to keep prices down
  • We’ll just have different physical limits that will need to be dealt with

Crash because of oil:

  • Population growth and economic growth from oil, not the other way round
  • (3m45)
  • Cannot continue to grow in the same way because oil is going to slow down
  • What we’re experiencing now is the early stages of this
  • Current financial system came into being about the same time that an exponentially exploitable resource was discovered
  • Must get E5 in place before the oil reserves run out
  • Also, get onto free energy


All products sustainable:

  • As much as possible, we should create products that are not dependent on declining resources, in particular oil
  • Find / develop replacements for them from the very beginning
  • Recyclable, natural - just dependent on growing stuff if possible, or at least won’t run out any time soon
  • Some oil is OK, but wherever possible, use an alternative
  • Focus on long-term sustainability and real limits over cost (as the economic system is temporary)


Global Economic Securities And Reformation Act

My friend Sean Christopher said it best; And you all said GESARA wasn’t real and I was crazy…all debt is forgiven on Earth…it’s all happening now.
First was Chase Bank forgiving Credit Cards in Canada…now it’s student loans for disabled vets…next is the IRS and FED!

1 - Cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt.
2 - Abolishes income tax.
3 - Abolishes the IRS, with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
4 - Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
5 - Increases benefits to senior citizens.
6 - Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7 - Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
8 - Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
9 - Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10 - Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11 - Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.
12 - Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.
13 - Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
14 - Restores financial privacy.
15 - Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
16 - Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
17 - Establishes peace throughout the world.
18 - Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
19 - Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines.
20 - Eliminates all current and future nuclear powered weaponry on planet earth.


Versions of capitalism:

1.0 - Pre stock market capitalism (up to 1602 _ Dutch East India Company)
2.0 - Pre petro-dollar capitalism (1602 - 1913)
3.0 - Petro-dollar capitalism (1913 - 15/08/2019)
4.0 - QFS / GCA capitalism (15/08/2019 - 2039?)
5.0 - Economy5 capitalism (2039+, Market5 > GCA)

Identify markers:

  • 4.2, 4.5 …

Quantum Grammar

Windmiller / Gould:

Wealth required

1 - Build Internet5 / businesses
2 - Buy out free market
3 - Universal basic income
4 - New economic paradigms (philanthropy)
5 - ?



Peter’s links (don’t share)

August 2019:


  • Conference call
  • 40m mark (42m?)
  • 3 cities
  • Full checks
  • $4.6Q
  • Checks in fractions of a second
  • Seconds to move on

Managed payout:

  • Spread out over 20 years
  • Set amount each month …
  • Not dump everything at once
  • Not go bankrupt
  • Source of funds to invest in Economy5 ;-)


Tier 1 is global authorities: US Treasury, European Union, Monarchy (Sovereign “Very Old Money”);

Tier 2 is world governments, entities led by whatever governing authority is assigned the task of negotiating and coordinating debt settlement and acquisition, bond issuance and management, including BIS, IMF, WBO;

In this tier are also “Family” members who are the principal owners of the world’s wealth. These people assigned their gold, gemstones, exotic minerals, etc., over to the UST/Central Banks and now, finally may have restitution. But notice, they are still under the authority of tier 1.

Tier 3 are the “Authors of the Plan”, those brave souls who had the vision to restore financial strength to a world run amok with debt and to free the slaves to the debt (you and me). This tier includes every “pre-arrangement” facilitated by and in cooperation with Tiers 1 and 2, including: principals, paymasters, groups and sub-groups, approved members one and all.

In this tier 3 are also found “Elites”. This might also be people working in intelligence, in military or financial or government sectors, or know someone who is working on The Great Financial Reset. It might also include bankers working on this transaction being given early benefits.
We’ve been told that Tier 3 have negotiated rates much lower than the rates tier 4 will receive.

Tier 4 is “the Internet Group”. Those that are knowledgeable about RV GCR and its possibilities. This is a group of either independents, never joined a group or those who have joined a group and either bought more or held currency aside to hedge their bets and, as Plan B, C and D. Tier 4 are mavericks and believers.

Tier 4 are also reckoned by the banks as:

The Ones that must be helped to make wise decisions. They are somewhat aware of what is happening. They are malleable and will follow instructions. They are also the group that can be used to further our agenda for control of the world’s wealth and end corruption and money laundering.

There’s a lot riding on our shoulders…. We are given an incredible opportunity here. We just have to understand how to maneuver safely through the exchange process and get to the other side.

Tier 5 are the unaware, sock-drawer, public. They may have been gifted currency but don’t actively follow this process. Once we have exchanges starting they will probably be notified by word of mouth. Tier 5 we’ve been told, are going to receive pennies, a fraction of the amount of tier 4.


  • Educate the public on the importance of gold-backed currency
  • Make people aware of the benefits of GCR

List of humanitarian projects:

  • Make list of humanitarian projects available
  • Help to spread awareness of the things that are happening

Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank:

Neil Keenan:



Not all at once:

  • We can’t just go straight from poverty to 5D bliss
  • Need to go in phases
  • Need to work with the existing system
  • Need to beat the system before we change the system
  • When we tell people this in 2022, then just focus on ‘mastering the system’ first


Brand protection:


Code5 / Connect5

QR code:

  • QR code that can bring up to send people to your page
  • Connect with them quickly
  • Do a quick connect, so that can look back to it later when you’re actually at your computer
  • Can generate a new one, if one becomes invalid / put time limit on it …
  • Make it quicker to connect with people
  • Also some sort of bluetooth thing?


Distinct from social enterprise:

  • Deeper, more holistic in its help

Encourage businesses to be more conscious:

  • Give them incentives?


Open business:

  • Share internal practices for public scrutiny

Biz5 / Venture5


  1. Domain5 - $10M
  2. Pay5 - $100M
  3. Ad5 - $1B
  4. Bank5 - $10B
  • Build a larger system based on more than just money
  • Initially focus on online services
  • Head offline, to create services that are appropriate to a locality
  • Want to help create a thriving economy in each area, which will allow the people who live there to lead a fulfilled life
  • Also, make sure that people have jobs
  • We already have over 300 business ideas that we plan to implement at some stage
  • Here is a selection
  • As Economy5 grows, we won’t need to worry about the profits of these businesses
  • We’ll be able to create businesses that provide all the products and services that people want / need, and will be able to sell them at a loss, if it’s deemed in the best interests of society (e.g. non-polluting vehicles)
  • Still want to be profitable overall, but don’t need to worry about selling some things at a loss
  • Plan to form partnerships with the leading companies in each sector

1) Web5 (creates a new WWW)
2) Economy5 (creates a new global economy)
3) Venture5 (creates of businesses)
4) Philanthropy5 (sustainable philanthropy)
5) Utopia5 (creates a new world paradigm for humanity)

  • Focus on the development and ongoing maintenance of businesses (online, offline …)
  • Can include investing in others
  • Web5 - IT development
  • Economy5 - creating a a new global economy
  • Venture5
  • Benefit5
  • Co5
  • Com5
  • Force5
  • Key5
  • Biz5
  • First5
  • Group5
  • Class5
  • Core5
  • Equity5
  • Enter5
  • Factor5
  • Family5
  • First5
  • Core5
  • Group5
  • Enterprise5
  • Entrepreneurial5
  • Entrepreneur5
  • Impressario5
  • Enterprise5
  • Venture5
  • Family5
  • Factor5
  • Leader5
  • Coop5
  • Fab5
  • Force5
  • Biz5
  • Benefit5
  • Top5
  • Alpha5
  • Class5
  • First5
  • Flash5
  • Aim to create a global family of fab companies, both online and offline



  • The most important thing to understand here is that assuming Economy5 becomes a success (and so long as we form the right relationships with banks - who stand to make the most money from Economy5 - then that shouldn’t be a problem), we don’t need to worry too much about any of our other businesses being highly profitable, and we will generally look to break even ourselves, after having shared some of the profits with our loyal customers
  • We’ll be able to create great products and services and sell them at a fair price of even a loss, if it’s in everybody’s best interest
  • And we’ll look to share the profits with our customers,
  • We’ll be creating cryptoassets for each of our customers
  • Token value = global sales / $1B
  • For each token given to customer, keep one for Vision5


  • In the longer-term, look to have banks in every country in the world
  • Will take longer to set up
  • Access points
  • Connects the other financial world with Market5
  • Bank accounts
  • Regulated financial businesses in different countries
  • Create and maintain confidence in Economy5
  • Make sure that we’re adhering to all the appropriate legislation

Good banks:

  • Monzo (app / features)


  • Mag5
  • Special cool credit card
  • Multiple designs
  • Magnesis idea
  • Can also add other payment info on it
  • Duplicates other card info - can select account
  • Discounts in lots of places
  • Make into a membership experience, especially for Millenials


  • Music festival
  • Could do in exotic locations
  • On an island (Fyre failure)


  • Book talent
  • Look into Fyre
  • Iconn



  • Maldives
  • Direct flights from Zurich (9h30)
  • Best season: Nov-April
  • Peak season: Dec-March
  • Monsoon season: May-Oct, peaking in June


  • Mosquitoes
  • Dengue Fever
  • Fog for Dengue
  • Have huts going out into the water
  • Like the idea of a flower huts, or something similar
  • See images in Vision5 if not appear
  • Could build whole community on wood
  • Have boats that people could use (with GPS for tracking + guides)
  • Rides
  • Hammocks
  • This one is only available for purchase of a villa, however we could create something like this for company employees
  • We could buy multiple islands in the Maldives - potentially all that come on the market, and create many different villa types



Amazon5 (competitor to Amazon)



  • Energy5
  • Torus5


Digital billboards:

  • Buy up billboard space all over the US
  • Buy digital billboards
  • Sell the space to advertisers
  • Keep one slot for Vision5
  • Constant reminder of Vision5 everywhere


  • Digivan5 (digital vans)
  • Digital trucks


Gold cash machines:

  • See Peter Eugene

Motor5 / Gear5


  • Motor5 / M5
  • Auto5
  • Axel5
  • Class5
  • Drive5
  • Electric5
  • Engine5
  • Fast5
  • Gear5
  • Green5
  • Infinity5
  • Mach5
  • Piston5
  • Sleek5
  • Smooth5
  • Steer5
  • Wheel5


  • Torus

Multiple brands:

  • Different vehicle brands
  • Don’t need to have the ‘5’ in them necessarily
  • Like General Motors
  • M5 could be a brand of Motor5 (GMC of GM)

Tesla frequencies:

  • Emitted inside and outside the car
  • Help with healing while you’re driving


Profit coins:

  • Payout mechanism for dividends
  • Companies agree to give % of profits to token-owners
  • We can provide a payout mechanism
  • The tokens need to be on Economy5
  • That way we’ll know who the peeps are
  • Would want to look to be regulated for this

Mobile5 / Talk5


  • Mobile5
  • Talk5
  • Tel5
  • Telco5
  • Telecom5

Virtual network:

  • Work as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)
  • Use multiple networks for the best reception
  • Offer lots of different packages, potentially different with each host network
  • Could offer single network or combo network at a higher price?

Lots of countries:

  • Might as well try to have operations in lots of countries
  • Start out in the West
  • Move to developing countries later on
  • Aim for total global coverage eventually



  • National
  • International (eventually)


  • Economy5 is an exchange platform with the potential of rules set on exchange rates
  • Sometimes fixed (Double5 / Rise5)
  • Sometimes downward-limited (can only go down by certain %, but up by any
  • Includes a trusted profit-sharing platform, where businesses can share their profits with users
  • Confidence in the platform and the global scope will hopefully grow over time, and thus the usage / size
  • Eventually we’ll be able to pay a


  • $50 in Double5 when sign up
  • $50 in Double5 for every person that they recommend
  • Amount that is invested in $
  • Calculation of the value is made from the second that the order goes through

Make people scared

  • Taking the principles of the most successful marketing machines in humanity (Google, Facebook and Microsoft)
  • Improving on them
  • Making them of benefit to humanity, and not just to share-holders
  • Using the platform to implement a new economic system that’s of benefit to humanity
  • Running the system off blockchains that eventually will have government / soverity-level resistence to corruption
  • That eventually will have far more wealth than the whole current free market, including derivatives, combined
  • If Internet5 is a success, then Economy5 will ultimately become a success too


  • Pair Web5 with Economy5
  • Encourage people to build new kinds of online businesses

Economy5 tokens

  • Up to $1B before launch E5
  • Then Up to $1B in first year
  • Quota doubles each year
  • Continues doubling until there is $128T in value in total
  • Then the automatic increase slows down
  • Worked out based on the estimated amount of money in the world
  • Never go higher than 20x the amount of money in the world (for liquidity) - or 5 derivatives market
  • So about $2Q to start with (about 2-4x derivatives)
  • When people want to buy, and V5 wants to sell, then if there are others that also want to sell, then do 50-50
  • However, if liquidity is low for others, we’ll reduce the rate, for the benefit of the economy
  • Later can do more for the other person
  • V5 will use the money to set up projects that will be of benefit to humanity as a whole
  • Initial investment for Internet5 will be
  • $10m
  • 5% of Internet5 tokens (get value from domains)
  • AND $20m in Economy5 tokens
  • Further investments will be 2xinvestment in Economy5 tokens
  • Internet5 tokens can be 100% equity tokens (we just get our money from Economy5)
  • Vision5 only needs to get its money from this
  • Everything else can be above board and non-controversial, because if E5 is a success, we’ll be the biggest company in the world
  • Add in an uplift token that will help to erradicate poverty
  • Increases in value much quicker for a period, but then slows down
  • Everyone can qualify for a $1 token that does this
  • Everybody can qualify for $1
  • Then converted to $100
  • Can convert up to 10% of remaning amount each year for first 5 years
  • Can convert up to 25% of remaining amount each year for 6-10
  • Up to 50% for 10-15
  • Up to 75% for 16-20
  • Any after 20 years
  • Tokens are not held in USD, but are held in the averaged currency
  • Based on all the world’s currencies
  • Should hold its value regardless of if a particular currency loses its value
  • Could give the option of USD / International
  • Could give the option in any of the major currencies - can convert between them
  • We will base our quantites off the international one, with about $1B in first year
  • Class I - Doubles each year until we hit the same amount of value as in the money in the free market, then increase slows
  • Class II - $1 -> $100 then doubles (everyone), but can only spend up to 10% of remaining worth each year (might increase later)
  • Class II+ - $10 -> $1000 then doubles (poorest)
  • Same for everyone
  • Could apply that can only spend a fraction of them for all money that have in Class II
  • Eventually have different kinds of money that increase over time, but average out
  • Vision5 release up to $1B in first year, and then double each year for 20 years - $1Q, about $2Q in total
  • Won’t double in value each year, but will still go up
  • After which time we probably won’t need any more to fix the world’s problems
  • Same rules about percentages spent - can only release a certain amount
  • That money is to be used for the benefit of humanity
  • Eventually remove the need for money entirely
  • Double5
  • Rise5 (global rise rate)
  • Double5 becomes Rise5 after certain time
  • Cryptoeconomy5
  • Any token can adhere to any set of rules
  • The rules to be applied are voted on by token-holders
  • Potentially re-vote each year, in the month of January
  • The new model / rules are then applied to the token from the 1st March
  • Allows for the evolution of any token
  • Voters can lock in the rules for 5 years if they want


1) Free market economy
2) Centrally-controlled economy
3) Decentralized, automated, digital, independent, programmable economy

  • Share ideas
  • Implement some of those ideas
  • Encourage societies, governments and international communities to explore the possibilities and create solutions that will make our global economy healthier
  • Will use Web5 as a platform to market and implement some of our bigger ideas that could have a massive positive impact on the world
  • Economy5 will be a part of the global decentralized markets
  • Use info from the Bitcoin video


  • Lots of different types of smart contracts
  • Platform to run the smart contracts on

Economy-wide limits

  • e.g. Cannot go down by more than 3-5% in a day
  • Also define on a per-token basis
  • Based on the average price (incl. volume) from previous day + auto-detect looops (allow the pricing script / check to be changed w/o changing the whole blockchain)
  • e.g. Cannot go down by more than 3-5% in a day
  • Also define on a per-token basis


  • Use AI to monitor the entire economy


  • Fintrac (CA)
  • SEC (US)
  • FSA (UK)
  • Implement anti money-laundering for the whole blockchain
  • Only on point of entry into the economy (KYC)

Investment checking

  • Only allow certain ICOs etc that seem viable
  • No shitcoins



  • Collection of cryptocurrencies to help societies lift themselves up
  • Increase the idea of self-help
  • Cryptosociety5
  • universal basic income …
  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • Global
  • Use the crypto-dividends model for social benefit
  • So many ways of doing this
  • We can develop platforms to facilitate this, so each community / region / country can apply the model in a way that they see fit
  • We shall also run our own social enterprises, hopefully in partnership with some major corporations, in ways that make them exciting investments as well as having huge social impact


1) Capitalism
2) Cryptocapitalism
3) Cryptosocialism
4) Ubuntuism

1) Debt-market-capitalism model
2) Equity-market model
3) Equity-society-system
4) Moneyless-society-system

  • Crypto-equity
  • First stage is to get people out of debt
  • Turn our world from debt-based to equity-based

Finance5 / Bank5 / Loan5



What if we could completely re-design society around a new, better economic system?

  • Work together to re-design capitalism
  • What things do the general people want to reward?
  • With Economy5, within limits, within 15-20 years, we should be able to support the whole of humanity financially using E5, so how should we re-design society
  • This is something we need to decide together, allowing for national, regional, linguistic and cultural differences
  • Over time, Economy5 will be able to provide a universal basic income, free healthcare, free education and much more
  • We’ll be able to support cultures that are dying off, small businesses, etc
  • There will be differences
  • We need to design this together, and the earlier we plan ahead, the better it will be

What if we could create Capitalism 2.0, a completely upgraded model of capitalism that benefited everybody?

  • “Augmented capitalism”

Capitalism5 is the project to continually refine the Capitalism 2.0 model, so that it continually improves

  • Capitalism in and of itself is not bad - it’s just a system where businesses are run by the private sector - but all too often, the interests of the few are in contrast with the interest of the many, and the interests of the few win out
  • Under Capitalism 2.0 that’s not the case
  • Two diagrams
  • Capitalism 1.0 (now) - very few very rich, others poor
  • Capitalism 2.0 (by 2040) - rich much richer, everyone at a high minimum level

Info from Strategy5

  • Trying to implement Capitalism 2.0 over 25 years
    to a system where banks and the bankers could make lots more money, the stock market grows much quicker, businesses focused more on equality and customer service, but the biggest beneficiary was the public at large and the public benefits much more than they do now?
  • Buying stocks in companies that treat their workers well, give good customer service, value quality, do things to help the community
  • Buy stocks in banks / companies that trade large volumes on Economy5 (which they benefit from)
  • After 15 years Economy5 will be the size of the global stock market now
  • After about 25 years, it will be as big as all global wealth (including derivatives) combined
  • Has the potential - and it’s in everybody’s interest to make that happen
  • The public can have a say in the stocks that we buy, and as Economy5 grows, so does the
  • The voting system can be built into a blockchain and automated, so there will be no possibility of a small number of people being able to corrupt it

Years 10-25

  • Apply the same strategy to companies as well as banks
  • While our biggest focus will be on banks (since they trade the largest amount of money), the best results will be if we apply the same strategy to all companies
  • If we buy and hold stock in a large range of different companies, the overall stock market will continue to rise
  • If we don’t sell our shares even in bad times, when there is economic instability in the free markets, it should be less hit, because we won’t be selling
  • However, we could make it that the public chooses which companies / banks to buy
  • Companies that give good service, don’t rip off their customers etc should receive good ratings, and we’ll buy their stock
  • That gives companies a financial incentive to treat their customers well
  • Also, companies that give equal (or better) pay for employing minorities / etc could be rewarded by V5 buying their stocks
  • Will make businesses really focus more on how they treat their workers and customers, and not just on the bottomline
  • In the long run, not only could everyone make more money using Economy5, but it would also act like a buffer to protect the markets in times of crists
  • Eventually the stock markets may end up just generally going up with few downturns
  • Over the course of decades, it has the potential to have a massive impact on how businesses operate
  • Over time we’ll offer to fund many things that gov’ts currently fund, like education and welfare
  • Will allow governments to reduce or eliminate certain taxes
  • Reduce restrictions for small businesses especially
  • We can allocated specific percentages of the overall system to this, and make allocations based on population numbers, so it’s equal for the whole world
  • It will be up to the governments of each country to decide on whether they wish to adopt this system, but given enough time, as early adopters show the benefits, we anticipate that larger and larger countries will start to embrace the model, as everyone benefits
  • In the very long term, it may be possible to completely eliminate taxes, because Economy5 provides governments with all the funding they need
  • Sooner or later will start a program to just give money to governments that are democratic, on a pro-rata basis
  • Eventually governments won’t need to tax their citizens
  • Quality of a society is directly proportional to the quality of its money
  • While designing a better system, we’ve studied 5000 years of monetary history to learn from the mistakes of the past
  • We encourage users to take the time to learn more about money, currency, sound money, why gold and silver retain their value, and the reasons for all the economic crises that we’ve had in the last 150 years
  • Mitigating the collapse
  • Sub-section of Capitalism5
  • Not an extra project
  • Have separate “What if … ?” question
  • We don’t want to scare people
  • We want to help inform them, so they can properly prepare


  • Divide H5 income by population of the world (minus countries that don’t want it)
  • Allocate pro-rata
  • Start with the poorest / most in need, and work up


Andromedan stepped model:

  • Round councils at each level (local, regional, super-regional, …, global)
  • Later on, anyone can be a part of it
  • Initially there will be a lot of ‘me first’, so we need to work out the best way to implement it
  • Guided, maybe
  • Also have children - great ideas



Operation Underground Railroad:



3d printing:

  • Ziggy



  • Universal5 should eliminate global poverty on its own by 2035
  • However, there are other ways that we can help to speed things up

Homeless5 / StreetUp5


  • People work there and are paid
  • In nature - help to get their head straight
  • Mix in with training, and other paid work elsewhere


  • Provide people appropriate training


  • Provide employment
  • Could set up businesses that are run by people who were homeless?

Mobile showers:

  • Shower to the people

Community work:

  • Get them involved in helping to make the community better
  • e.g. Cleaning, painting rundown buildings

Thanking them:

  • Get the people to thank them
  • Makes them feel valued
  • Improves their mental health
  • Better position to go into full-time employment
  • Everyone benefits


  • Godfrey (Houston, Lori)


  • Basic needs like access to clean drinking water, food, energy, shelter, clothes
  • Same in developing world as in big cities
  • Everybody deserves to feel like




  • Start off with $5/day for everyone in every country
  • Could try out in poorer countries to start with and homeless in rich countries
  • As quickly as possible move to giving $5/day to everyone that has a Web5 account

More than just money:

  • Brochure with info on nutrition, where to go for help etc

Setup with Pay5:

  • Pay5 = free payments (maybe just off the QFS)
  • Important for businesses to have a way to accept payments in countries where people might not be able to access the cash easily
  • Pay using facial recognition on phone
  • Universal basic income
  • The single most important act that Vision5 will ever do will be to provide a Universal Basic Income to every human being
  • The reason we say this is that that single act - which from our point of view is relatively easy to accomplish - will allow every individual, community, country and government to solve its own problems using the free markets
  • Under Capitalism 1.0, there is no UBI, and the market forces have results in the vast majority of people in the world below the poverty line, spending most of their time worrying about where the next meal is going to come from
  • Under Capitalism 2.0, there is a meaningful UBI, so that the worry of where the next meal is going to come from, and all other basic needs, are covered, and the global society can now get on with fixing all the other problems that need to be fixed, and leading fulfilled lives
  • By 2021 we would like to have set up a UBI for at least a million of the poorest people in the world, and increasing rapidly each year
  • We will phase in the UBI as quickly as possible given the constraints of Economy5, focusing on giving life-changing UBIs to start with, and then providing a small amount to everyone that has indicated that they want a UBI, and steadily increasing that amount
  • By 2035, Economy5 will comfortably be able to provide a Universal Basic Income of $1-1.5k/month in Rocket5 to 10 billion people, and still have plenty left over to do all the other things we’ll want to do
  • This amount of money should be able to lift the whole world out of poverty in an organic way, and as those people pay taxes on this income, governments will be able to increase how much money is done in public spending
  • Over time, governments will be able to lower business taxes, which will free up the markets to

  • We could potentially provide more, but our aim is to lift the standard of living for the very poorest up to a level where they don’t have to worry about poverty, and to do so for 5 billion people

  • This will have an enormous effect on the global markets, and we need to be responsible in how we do this, and try to avoid the negative impacts of what we’re doing as much as possible
  • If we give too many Rocket5 tokens to too many people all at once, without giving the global markets enough time to adapt, we could end up with too many people who feel they don’t need to work, and large chunks of the world’s population feel they no longer need to work
  • As the UBI increases, countries that are currently very cheap will likely see an increase in prices, as
  • Implementing in a trial group, seeing the effects, and building up will allow us to make adjustments
  • The difference between now and 2035 will be enormous, and we need to make sure that the markets are given sufficient time to adapt
  • We feel that the fairest way to implement this is just to provide the same amount to everybody that wants a UBI, and just let the markets adapt over time
  • In the long-run (at least 3 decades), we expect that the cost of living globally will eventually normalize to a similar over the whole world
  • Once you’ve been accepted onto UBI, you’ll never be taken off, until you voluntarily stop, or pass away
  • In year 9, will be able to provide a UBI of about USD $4 to 4 billion people
  • Given that many of the poorest people in the world live off less than $2 / day, this should have a massive impact
  • After year 10, we’ll be able to start raising the UBI each year
  • The key is liquidity, but by this time, there should be good confidence in the markets overall, and the total wealth in Economy5 will still be much less than in the global stock markets
  • Year 10 we’ll be able to provide a UBI to everyone, then will increase
  • Double each year for 4 years
  • Up to about $1500/month
  • Then increase, but steadily, to allow time to adapt
  • Doubling from $1500/month to $3000/month could have awful consequences
  • Go up linearly after year 14, by about $500/month per year for maybe 10 years
  • After which time, hopefully all currency in the world will be gold-backed, and everyone in the world will be able to have a high minimum standard of living, while those who are driven to become super-rich are more able to do so
  • Will create up to $1Q in wealth over 15 years
  • $2Q in 20 years
  • $3Q in 25 years
  • Just go up sort of linearly
  • Will program the UBI into the blockchain
  • For first 15 years, then aim to provide 2/3 of all the tokens created as a UBI
  • After year 15, it will slow down, as we need to consider what is an appropriate level for UBI such that society continues to function properly
  • We want to raise the UBI to the highest level such that everything that needs to get done gets done
  • In time, as automation increases, humans won’t be needed for a lot of work, so will be able to pursue their interests more
  • For each Rocket5 that we ‘sell’, we will provide 2 others as a UBI
  • So investments will double in value, and will be distributed twice-over to those most in need
  • With more money circulating around economies, especially the developing economies, sooner or later there is inevitably going to be inflation
  • Because the increase rates will be exponential (rather than linear), they will take a while to kick in, and when the economic effects are felt on the market, we will quickly be able to provide a UBI to those in surrounding areas that are affected by price increases
  • We will monitor market conditions in the places where people are already receiving Universal5 incomes, and focus on providing an income to everybody in particular areas
  • If possible, we will try to enroll the vast majority of people in a town / area before providing an income to people, so everybody’s income is increased together
  • We’ll also be providing other public services at the same time, and will try to get community involvement in projects that are for the public benefit
  • Rather than
  • Aim to implement in the bigger cities later on, when we can help millions of people in one go
  • Also, we can learn what works well / doesn’t on a smaller scale to start with, and then build up
  • Could do 2/3 to the individual, and 1/3 for public services
  • Or 1/4 - 3/4
  • Let the community vote on the percentage?
  • Try out on towns / cities with certain populations
  • Year 2, try on a city with a population of 500k-1m
  • Give long-term effects
  • Try to improve the system before move up to the really big cities
  • Aim to do it properly in each place, to optimize the positives and minimized the negatives
  • Then refine / improve for the next location
  • For the first year or two, just focus on India
  • One country that suffers from high levels of poverty
  • Many languages, cultures and town / city sizes all within one country
  • Although would not represent the whole world, it makes sense to restrict our plan to one geographical area to start with
  • $5/day
  • 2/3 universal basic income
  • 1/3 other, including job-creation, to help stimulate the local economy, education, healthcare
  • Could be supporting small businesses
  • Or creating businesses appropriate to the area
  • Endpoint
  • Work out how high it can go as a % of GWP
  • Aim for maybe 20% new tokens each year as % of GWP
  • Invest in other industries to help increase GWP
  • Create international panel to work out how to optimize everything
  • By the time we’ve hit $5/day for everyone, we should be able to work out with all the world’s banks and large corporations a package that will allow Economy5 to keep growing at a steady rate, long-term, such that we can steadily increase the minimal standard of living
  • Eventually, just make it like a normal currency, that still increases, but at a slowish rate
  • If governments accept taxes in Rocket5, then they’ll be able to get more done
  • The more people / groups that accept Rocket5 as a normal type of currency, the less we’ll be limited by the amount of ‘other’ currency that’s in the global markets
  • Set up the rules on how much governments can receive
  • On Pay5 - allows for direct payments using Rocket5
  • Even though will hand out a lot of ‘cash’, it would likely act like cash in parts of the economy that will use it all up
  • But would act like solid investments in parts of the global economy that have a surplus
  • People hold on to investments



  • Grassroots
  • Social enterprises
  • Charities


Change name:

  • Don’t use this name
  • Just a placeholder

Healthcare5 / Wellness5


  • C K (Corinne) on Telegram

Energy devices




People to contact:

  • Claim to have healing chambers
  • Jared Rand
  • Smarty from Holotech (Group)
  • Question marks?
  • Check in with guides


Sun, dance:

Keshe Foundation:


Theories of aging:

  • Mitochontrial decline
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cirtuin


  • Cellular activator
  • Enhances gene expression
  • Immediately neutralizes cause of whatever your problem is
  • Doesn’t cure anything - activates the cells
  • Increases celular intelligence
  • Only formula for many, many years
  • No other celular activation, natural, no side effects
  • 12 patents, 45 years to perfect



  • 1 capsule of each 3 for 5 days
  • Then 2 capsules of each
  • Lots of water



TV / cartoons for kids:

DogRescue5 / Castaway5



  • Knowledge5


New way of learning

  • Updated knowledge
  • Methods of learning for the 21st C
  • New tools for learning (e.g. history, science …)
  • Create courses that are specifically tailored to different needs / cultures - that can be used for free
  • Alternative teaching styles etc


  • Give extra support to those that need it the most


  • How a society treats and looks after its elders says a great deal about that society
  • Right now, in the West especially, we are failing with this simple act of humanity that should be a moral obligation
  • There are many elderly and infirm that society has forgotten about
  • Poverty can come in many forms, and we consider loneliness as one of those forms



  • Create jobs based on what a person is good at, what they want to learn, and what they want to achieve in life
  • Combine work with learning / development
  • Help create a sense of achievement
  • Brain-storm about where could fit into the Vision5 organization



  • Ultimately to re-design society
  • Platform for everyone to discuss what is important, and what parts of society we should support (first)
  • Explore new paradigms for humanity
  • Don’t pretend to know the answer, and it’s up to humanity to decide
  • Will explore different models, and help groups out that want to try them out
  • Probably different types of implementation, and different phases






  • Any extra services for the public
  • e.g. Removing hate vandalism
  • Depends on the locality

Lawsuit5 / ClassAction5

Class action lawsuits:

  • Help to coordinate class action lawsuits
  • Don’t get involved per se





Community5 (U5?)

Inclusion5 (U5?)

  • Include all marginalized groups
  • Marginalized groups can - often accidentally - exclude other marginalized groups
  • Let’s bring together all marginalized people


  • Next generation
  • Future5 for toddlers
  • All the way up to ‘the next leaders’
  • Future5 for Young Adults/Leaders (up to 25)
  • Kids that grow up with Vision5
  • Acorn5
  • Kid5
  • Youth5
  • Kids
  • Below the age of 12
  • Afterwards, Teen5 or Youth5
  • Essentially focused on helping teach the rest of Humanity5 to kids


Freedom Writers Foundation:



  • Give a set amount of money to each community
  • e.g. in the UK, to each postcode
  • The people in each postcode can choose which fund they want to put money into (e.g. for Par)
  • Those postcodes can then be combined, so e.g. a fund for Par Running Track, Par Beach …
  • Voting is done online, as a percentage
  • Defaults can be created for local areas - and local people can be voted on to suggest the distribution
  • Results can be a combination of representatives and direct democracy




  • Society5
  • Citizen5


  • Contact representative directly
  • Keep track of number of messages sent
  • Keep them manageable for large numbers





Civil liberties:

  • Lawsuits to protect civil liberties


Progressive5 ??

  • Progress5
  • To help promote progressive politics
  • Put together a set of ideals
  • Help support parties with that agenda, including setting up new ones
  • Provide packages of information that are useful to different groups


Grassroot5 ?


Student issues:

  • Campaigns for students
  • Specific to each university
  • Get lists of schools for each country




  • Separate project for each nation state
  • Tailored specifically for each country




  • Lunar5
  • Mars5



  • As most people likely realise, most, if not all wars, at the end of the day, boil down to money
  • But what if the people who secretly create wars are making more money using Economy5
  • Probably not everybody, but most will eventually choose the route that will make them the most money
  • And that will be Economy5
  • They won’t need to create wars for oil profits, because they make more money by buying Rocket5
  • Similarly, civil unrest usually has poverty as a big source of the problem
  • What if we’ve also erradicated poverty globally?
  • If we erradicate both the financial motivation for war AND global poverty, we could live in a world where the primary motivations for lack of peace simply go away
  • We will then be in a better place to resolve our disputes and differences, from a much calmer starting point
  • Eventually, world peace could just solve itself, because we’ve tackled the biggest source for lack of peace
  • It’s unrealistic to think that there will solving the money problem will solve everything, but we could see that most motivations for war just go away

Israel / Palestine

West Wing:

  • S06E02
  • Theoretical deal
  • In the past, Israel offered to give up parts of Jerusalem if there were a peacekeeping force
  • US wouldn’t pay for the troops?
  • Vision5 could pay for them, once we’re far enough along


  • Humanitarian projects
  • End poverty there
  • Then peacekeepers
  • Offer to act as an intermediary at the right time (once we’ve ended poverty)
  • Could ask them both along the way if they can have ceasefires so that we can help both sides



Find out about local activities:

  • Local movements
  • Local community activities
  • Local causes / campaigns


  • Gender5
  • Orientation5
  • Latino5
  • Can be any identity, and we’ll create projects for any identity, no matter how big/small


Community5 ?

Media5 / Narrative5 / Citizen5

  • Mainstream media
  • Alternative media
  • Conscious media
  • Just list the different types of media outlets / channels?
  • List the topics that they focus on heavily


Citizen journalists:

  • Live feeds from events / locations
  • Include GPS data potentially (could make it vague while actually live / give a general area, with more specific later on)
  • Tim Pool





  • Daily planner
  • Don’t want to think about anything, just build the whole thing
  • Including the P90X stuff
  • Include a natural detox for 15 days before the fast

Meal planner:

  • Can design own customized meals / day
  • Print them off
  • Shopping lists
  • Don’t need to have food that goes off
  • Other users can create their own menu options

Link with P90X:

  • Partnership
  • Do something special
  • The Vision5 platform will make P90X known to a lot more people
  • Have an updated platform for Vision5

Internationalize videos:

  • Train native speakers for different languages
  • Could even do from different countries
  • They must go through a P90X course with TH at least once
  • Must speak very good English
  • Great personality too
  • They will do the videos in their native language
  • He checks through them to see it’s up to scratch
  • P90X5 subscribers can get any language version

Internationalize meals:

  • Create appropriate meals based on the available ingredients in different cultures / parts of the world
  • Need to emphasize certain things, like nutrition and cleaning in poor countries
  • Adapt recipes to the different cultures too

Free versions in certain languages:

  • Can offer free in Hindi etc where most people are poor, so wouldn’t buy it anyway
  • Adaptations for how to do exercises without having to buy anything
  • The aim is to help improve the overall health of humanity

Free public sessions:

  • In poor countries, could do regular open-air sessions
  • Encourage people to have better health
  • Could have big arena
  • We pay for the instructors


  • Have a special player for the gym
  • Double tap to pause, and sticks in one rotation
  • Doesn’t just go off easily
  • Lots of knocks etc if moving around


  • Config to replay specific sections
  • Could do that for any videos, but for P90X5 etc the config would be built in
  • Can replay all or just some, and select how many times (e.g. 2-3 times to start with, then just once, then not at all)

Tap into P90X’ers:

  • P90X5 will have lots more stuff that’s great for P90X
  • Make the upgrades so compelling that many people who’ve already done P90X to sign up

Generic for other programs:

  • Create a generic gym / nutrition platform
  • Just use the generic platform for P90X
  • Also have other programs too, with other people

Water fasting


Sue everyone


  • For lying to the American people about aliens
  • For lying about the real causes of climate change
  • For lying about free-energy technology
  • For lying about electro-gravitic technology
  • For deliberately covering up certain info


  • Simultaneously in every country
  • Tell whole story
  • Recommend to government to nationalize the central bank
  • Recommend that the government seize the assets of the family in that country



Organize at the grassroots level:

  • Platform to co-ordinate grassroots movements
  • Can be anything
  • Catholic church / pedophiles
  • Link to information / statistics

Grassroots leaders:

  • Kevin Annett
  • Corey Goode

Organizing emails:

  • Campaigns can register who they want emails from
  • Automate in the system
  • Have record of all official emails of everyone in public office
  • Select the people as part of a particular campaign
  • Keep track of the numbers of emails / updates


  • Lifestyle-builder
  • Add in the Holistic5 and FastFit5-builder
  • Put in budget
  • Helps people to build a healthy lifestyle without having to think too much about it
  • All the explanations of how things are good can be included
  • Can share, and change




  • Maybe put in Humanity5?


Dale Harder:


Prepare humanity for open contact



Help trap child traffickers:

National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free at 1-888-373-7888.
ChildHelp international
Abolish Human trafficking groups and services
Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) rescues sex trafficking children

FastFit5 / Superman5



  • Water
  • Intermittent
  • Superfast

Liver cleanse:

  • Holly’s email


Planet5 / Gaia5


  • Harmonious Earth /
  • Balance between man and nature
  • Love for Mother Earth
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Consciousness
  • Creating harmony and peace



Thanks everybody a few more links to get you acquainted with hydroponics and aquaponics before our video tour of the farm coming next week. Had to throw in the honeyflow because we will be purchasing a couple of theses for the farm.

Links for ziggys playground.

The New Honey Production System.

Good website for information

Going vertical.

Home System

Going big vertical.

Go Small AquarimPonics.

Just wanted to put up some links I’ll be back later today to play a little.

Thanks for BEING here!

LitterPick5 / BagIt5 / JustABag / Just1Bag5





  • Remove GMOs from planet



Garbage disposal:

  • Speak to David Wilcock
  • Knows people with the technology / machines to dispose of the waste


Eat plastic:

(find link)


  • Spend $10T trying to slow and reverse the damaage that has already been done to the planet
  • Slow global warming
  • Clean the air of particles
  • Clean the eco-system
  • Prepare


Cleanup the black goo:

  • From explosion of Tiamat 12500 years ago
  • Lower vibration than that of Earth
  • Either mix with terrestrial black goo, or send to outer space?
  • If we could put inside Earth, then it would sort it out
  • If we do this, then make sure the people who do this are high-vibe, and spend time in positive crystal chambers with high-vibe energy pumped into it to help protect them


Biodegradable bottles for all:


Collective ownership of seeds:



  • Ted Mahr said that Galactics cleaned up most
  • But humanity must learn to clean stuff up ourselves
  • Ask the galactics to help with the technology



  • Dark Waters fil


  • Ask Adama about cleanup of toxic stuff like PFOA




  • Rebuild the existing pyramids
  • Build new ones on the laylines of Gaia, especially intersection points (where they don’t already exist)

Put in PyramidOne

Over DUMBs:


Zach Bush:





Save DNA:

  • Save DNA samples from pretty much every breed of animal that we can find
  • Store in case of future disasters




Other uses:

  • Hemp clothing
  • Hemp paper

EarthGrid5 / Leyline5

Rebuild electric grid:



Unity5 / Academy5

Name considerations


  • Visa/Mastercard likely to cut us off if we have Unity5
  • Be challenging to set up Economy5 without conventional payment processing
  • However, if we pay the fees of third-party payment processing services up to 1.5 or 2%, be OK
  • We can set up our own payment-processing companies separately
  • Do payment processing via Direct Debit etc into bank account


  • Want as many people as possible to buy into the concept
  • The richest people around will be RV’ers
  • They’d likely be pro-Unity5

End users:

  • Will attract patriots if have Unity5
  • Will likely put others off


  • Generally like organizations to be neutral
  • Truthing stuff is triggering
  • They can get behind philanthropy, but truthing more challenging


  • Revolution that has already begun and will happen regardless of Vision5
  • This section will be Vision5’s efforts to help speed up this process



Andrew Kaufman:

Autism / vaccines:

Germ theory:

Critique of studies:

  • Go through thousands of studies
  • Check whether the summary is appropriate for the paper or not
  • Have a modern paper-critiquing site


  • Antibiotics causing cancer
  • x bacteria > certain types of cancer
  • Zach Bush

Air pollution:

  • Mapping year on year
  • Staying in the air
  • Cyanide

Immune system:

  • Doesn’t really exist
  • Just homeostasis / balance

Target key points:

  • Things that are often taught incorrectly
  • Things doctors need to unknow
  • Complete change of thought process

Babies being born:

  • Pre-natal
  • Birth
  • Post-natal

Crib sheets:

  • Provide basic information for everyone
  • Adapt to every culture
  • Make approachable for everyone


  • Discontinue use

Copied from Kyla Bee.

Arthur Firstenberg on facial masks.

As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through August 1980, the surgeons and staff in that unit decided to see what would happen if they did not wear masks during surgeries.

They wore no masks for six months, and compared the rate of surgical wound infections from March through August 1980 with the rate of wound infections from March through August of the previous four years.

And they discovered, to their amazement, that when nobody wore masks during surgeries, the rate of wound infections was less than half what it was when everyone wore masks.

Their conclusion: “It would appear that minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all” and that wearing a mask during surgery “is a standard procedure that could be abandoned.”

I was so amazed that I scoured the medical literature, sure that this was a fluke and that newer studies must show the utility of masks in preventing the spread of disease.

But to my surprise the medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

• Ritter et al., in 1975, found that “the wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination.”

• Ha’eri and Wiley, in 1980, applied human albumin microspheres to the interior of surgical masks in 20 operations. At the end of each operation, wound washings were examined under the microscope. “Particle contamination of the wound was demonstrated in all experiments.”

• Laslett and Sabin, in 1989, found that caps and masks were not necessary during cardiac catheterization. “No infections were found in any patient, regardless of whether a cap or mask was used,” they wrote. Sjøl and Kelbaek came to the same conclusion in 2002.

• In Tunevall’s 1991 study, a general surgical team wore no masks in half of their surgeries for two years. After 1,537 operations performed with masks, the wound infection rate was 4.7%, while after 1,551 operations performed without masks, the wound infection rate was only 3.5%.

• A review by Skinner and Sutton in 2001 concluded that “The evidence for discontinuing the use of surgical face masks would appear to be stronger than the evidence available to support their continued use.”

• Lahme et al., in 2001, wrote that “surgical face masks worn by patients during regional anesthesia, did not reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria over the operation field in our study. Thus they are dispensable.”

• Figueiredo et al., in 2001, reported that in five years of doing peritoneal dialysis without masks, rates of peritonitis in their unit were no different than rates in hospitals where masks were worn.

• Bahli did a systematic literature review in 2009 and found that “no significant difference in the incidence of postoperative wound infection was observed between masks groups and groups operated with no masks.”

• Surgeons at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, recognizing the lack of evidence supporting the use of masks, ceased requiring them in 2010 for anesthesiologists and other non-scrubbed personnel in the operating room. “Our decision to no longer require routine surgical masks for personnel not scrubbed for surgery is a departure from common practice. But the evidence to support this practice does not exist,” wrote Dr. Eva Sellden.

• Webster et al., in 2010, reported on obstetric, gynecological, general, orthopedic, breast and urological surgeries performed on 827 patients. All non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries, and none of the non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries. Surgical site infections occurred in 11.5% of the Mask group, and in only 9.0% of the No Mask group.

• Lipp and Edwards reviewed the surgical literature in 2014 and found “no statistically significant difference in infection rates between the masked and unmasked group in any of the trials.” Vincent and Edwards updated this review in 2016 and the conclusion was the same.

• Carøe, in a 2014 review based on four studies and 6,006 patients, wrote that “none of the four studies found a difference in the number of post-operative infections whether you used a surgical mask or not.”

• Salassa and Swiontkowski, in 2014, investigated the necessity of scrubs, masks and head coverings in the operating room and concluded that “there is no evidence that these measures reduce the prevalence of surgical site infection.”

• Da Zhou et al., reviewing the literature in 2015, concluded that “there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that facemasks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination.”

Schools in China are now prohibiting students from wearing masks while exercising. Why? Because it was killing them. It was depriving them of oxygen and it was killing them. At least three children died during Physical Education classes — two of them while running on their school’s track while wearing a mask. And a 26-year-old man suffered a collapsed lung after running two and a half miles while wearing a mask.

Mandating masks has not kept death rates down anywhere. The 20 U.S. states that have never ordered people to wear face masks indoors and out have dramatically lower COVID-19 death rates than the 30 states that have mandated masks. Most of the no-mask states have COVID-19 death rates below 20 per 100,000 population, and none have a death rate higher than 55. All 13 states that have death rates higher 55 are states that have required the wearing of masks in all public places. It has not protected them.

“We are living in an atmosphere of permanent illness, of meaningless separation,” writes Benjamin Cherry in the Summer 2020 issue of New View magazine. A separation that is destroying lives, souls, and nature.

Arthur Firstenberg
August 11, 2020



  • Increased Schumann frequencies - how affecting them

Fruit flies

Appear out of nothing:

  • Tests that show that fruit flies just appear
  • In clear box with no way for anything outside to come in
  • Cameras
  • Check to see if fruit flies just appear out of nothing, and record it



  • Element 140
  • Used on ET / stealth craft



Magic Mushrooms


Water computers:

  • Ted Mahr
  • Oxygen within water
  • Partially alive

Atlantean technology

  • Ted Mahr
  • 8-10 years (2028-30)

Earth History

Ice age:

  • No ice age 12,500 years ago according to (1)
  • That was added to hide the true origins


Global Schumann resonance:

  • Lots of machines in different parts of the world
  • Same machines, different locations
  • Measure it as the schumann average rises


Sasha Stone:

  • Ask about his knowledge of people to rewrite sciences


Cymatics + food:

  • Elizabeth April - about 40 mins
  • Water bottle that emits frequency to raise vibe of water
  • Ditto for food


Open Intelligence Agency



  • Say that if News5 is based on people who are familiar with Reality5 etc


  • All news channels can accept donations
  • If they put out stories on the platform, they can be paid for that


  • Up to the minute
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


Ayurvedic medicine (ayurveda)



  • We are all One
  • Trying to bring humanity back into conscious alignment with the One
  • Has so many facets
  • Exposing the dark, real science, real history, disclosure, spirituality


Platform for unity:

  • Try to bring people together


  • Make moderating a group effort
  • Maybe Vision5 decides who seems honest / trustworthy?
  • Have a community weight, too
  • Try to make it very difficult / impossible for the DS to infiltrate
  • Maybe allow people



  • Alan Steinman + Bashar
  • Focus on the positives of the new world
  • Not the negatives of the existing one
  • In this video says that between 2025 and 2033 we’ll really start to see this energy shift and shift in consciousness

Working with ETI’s:

  • Working with positive ETI’s
  • Many groups in the world have been working with negatively-oriented ET’s to help enslave the human race
  • Only a few people at the very top of the global pyramid know this, and most people are oblivious to this knowledge

_Main parts

5 main parts:

  • News5
  • Reality5 (TV + info)
  • Sci5
  • Conspiracy5
  • Disclosure5
  • Holistic5 / Natural5
  • Ascension5
  • Consciousness5
  • Lightworker5


Stage 1 - Aggregate claimed knowledge

Stage 2 - Additional research

  • Lab5?
  • True science
  • True history
  • Natural medicine
  • Vaccines etc
  • Chemtrails
  • Climate change

Stage 3 - Create courses

  • All topics
  • Course books
  • Tests

Stage 4 - Pilot programs

Stage 5 - Schools and academic institutions


Dr Shivva Ayyadurai:

  • Courses
  • Very intelligent
  • Very articulate

Resonance Science:




5G Bioshield:



  • Edge of Wonder
  • Jordan Sather
  • David Wilcock
  • Corey Goode
  • James Gilliland
  • Peter Maxwell Slatery
  • Simon Parkes
  • Elizabeth Wilcock
  • Michael Salla
  • Nasseim Haramein
  • The Kate Awakening
  • David Icke
  • Age of Truth
  • John DeSouza
  • Justin Deschamps
  • Dustin Nemos?
  • Dauntless Dialogue
  • Dylan Monroe?
  • Simon Esler
  • Laura Eisenhower


  • Aaron Doughty
  • Victor (his buddy)


Assume DS is the cause of division:

  • Show that every major disunity / division on every topic is caused by the DS


  • Steven C. Eaton




Prominent in Unity5:

  • Really help people on a daily basis


Absolutely key:

  • Make this high on the list of ways to change your life
  • Don’t need to be a believer in other stuff


  • The Secret
  • Edge of Wonder
  • Loads more, I’m sure


Victims of child sex abuse:







Notes - David Icke - Beyond The Cutting Edge

Part I - Matrix5

  • Consciousness matrix
  • 0 - 2h10


  • Use this as template for Reality5


  • David Icke - Beyond The Cutting Edge
  • 13m11
  • Michael Ellner
  • “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”


  • Try to piece together the truth
  • On the surface of it, it’s confusing
  • The picture becomes clear when you look at the details

Big conspiracy:

  • We are One
  • Remembering who we are
  • Consciousness
  • Remembering who we really are
  • How this plays out in our reality on the surface is very confusing, and doesn’t seem orderly
  • When you take the time to look at all the pieces collectively, a clear picture emerges
  • “Infinite love is the only truth - everything else is illusion”
  • D.I. - Beyond the Cutting Edge - 59m


1) Consciousness Matrix (Universe, matter illusion)
2) Technology Matrix (Orion-Saturn-Moon Matrix)
3) Perception Limitation Matrix / Receiver-Transmitter Matrix (Visual spectrum, EM energy)
4) Society Matrix (Social conditioning, Illuminati …)
5) Individual Matrix (Own belief system / awareness)

Holographic Universe:

  • Hypnotism
  • Decoding of child
  • Brain isn’t decoding frequencies of child
  • Can see through a person
  • Obviously not physical
  • 1h38
  • Everything is mirrored at smaller level
  • Universe, Earth, body - fields, horn torus
  • Reflexology, acupuncture etc works because the ear etc are smaller versions of the body as a whole

Holographic Internet:

  • 1h46
  • Internet / TV only exist on screens
  • Otherwise just frequencies / vibrations
  • The Matrix - energetic information

Walking through fire:

  • If your consciousness says it won’t get burnt, then it won’t
  • Different decoding

Part II - Civilization5

  • History of human civilization
  • 2h10
  • Story of human civilization

Ancient civilizations:

  • Atlantic
  • Lemeuria


  • Giants that interbred
  • Mesopotamia
  • British Empire


  • Spread from mesopotamia
  • Royal families of Europe
  • Aristocracies
  • Divine providence


Control the whole world:

  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • 2h20


  • Multiple stories from round the world
  • Reptilians + humans
  • Not racial on Earth - black people too

Interbreeding as software:

  • They view as a software program
  • What they decode and what they don’t decode
  • 2h23

Serpent gods:

  • Serpent gods all over the world
  • 2h25
  • Children of snakes
  • Brits around the world
  • Learned the knowledge from shamen, then killed them
  • Golden penis - copper
  • Phalic symbol, obelisk, bloodlines
  • See serpents everywhere

Garden of Eden:

  • Snake symbolic for something else?

Extra dimensional beings (M5):

  • Just outside the visible spectrum
  • Visible light very narrow
  • Ghost appear just outside of your frequency
  • What about mass???!!!
  • Like a radio not quite being on the station

Shapeshifting (M5?):

  • e.g. Queen
  • A hologram - just like all of us
  • If change to a reptilian, then it’s the user’s perception that has changed
  • A bit like when a TV screen has interference
  • DNA ‘software’
  • 2h40
  • ‘Vibrational sympathy’ for the DNA of the being that interbred with them (not necessarily physical)
  • Can be easily taken over by the consciousness of a being like that - compatible
  • These beings put themselves into power by controlling the mental / emotional processes of these beings/vehicles
  • That frequency just outside visible light moves into the frequency range
  • Change in a decoding of the brain of the energy field that it’s observing (viewer)

DNA database:

  • Check out who has the right DNA to be able to be targeted
  • Software program to activate being controlled


  • 2h46
  • Iris scanner
  • 2300 eyes
  • 4% were reptilian type / appearance

Black eyes:

  • Look through to another dimension
  • Of the entity that is possessing the person

3 types of people:

  • Sentient programs (software programs playing out their program)
  • Body-conscious people (perception only of body so just like a spectator)
  • Multi-level connected (more as more people wake up)


  • Oldest part of brain - reptilian
  • 2h54
  • Fear
  • Survival
  • Locks into the reptilian brain

Energy vampires:

  • When have emotions, then output energy in different frequency
  • They absorb that energy
  • Loosh

Reptilians live in between realms:

  • 2h59
  • Energy phase just outside of visible light
  • Heaven between heavens

The Real Rulers of the World:

  • 3h00
  • Image!
  • Reptilian entities possess nefilim bloodlines
  • They can only survive on low-vibrational energy that we output through hate, fear, stress etc

Vibrations of emotions:

  • 3h02
  • water crystals with emotions

Wars to feed the energy:

  • World wars - huge amount of energy
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Human batteries

Pyramid of manipulation:

  • 3h10
  • Keeps the majority ignorant
  • Sucked out the ancient knowledge (inquisitions etc)
  • Passed it on between just a few
  • Kept that info at the top


  • 3h16
  • 33rd degree Scottish Freemasons
  • Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)


  • 3h21
  • 9/11

The Totalitarian Tiptoe:

  • 3h29
  • Go from A->Z in one jump, then people won’t accept it
  • European Union
  • Totalitarian sprint

Belief system:

  • Religion
  • Sell them a belief system

Christianity stole from other religions:

  • Stories were just adopted and changed for Christianity
  • A bunch of them
  • 3h39 ish
  • Church of Babylon
  • Sumeremis - virgin + baby
  • Nimrod/Osiris - penis
  • Symbols affect everything energetically

Sun god story:

  • Jesus
  • Dyonisus / Bacchus - seemingly story of Jesus
  • Nimrod / Tammuz / Horus

Secret societies:

  • Religions vs secret societies
  • Except that religions worship the same gods
  • Eye of Ra / Horus
  • 3h49
  • 3h50

Part III - Conspiracy5

  • Modern-day conspiracies


1 - Matrix5 - Holographic universe, Matrix
2 - Sci5 - Real science, vibration, frequency
3 - Civilization5 - Human origins, ET races, creating modern civilization
4 - Conspiracy5 - All conspiracy theories
5 - Symbology5 - Symbols, statues …
6 - HiddenTech5 - Free energy, healing tech …
7 - Holistic5 - Natural medicine, holistic health
8 - Ascension5 - Celestial cycles, symptoms …
9 - Fact5 - Honest fact-checker, based on the above
10 - New5 - News with proper intererpretation



Research5 / Investigator5

Collective research board:

  • Post topics and research
  • Loads of tools for organizing the info
  • Either individual or groups
  • Organized by topics

General over all of Vision5:

  • Like Lab5


  • Victim5
  • Testimony5
  • Affadavit5
  • TargetedIndividual5
  • Targeted5

Different name:

  • Name is likely to cause anger with other kinds of victims
  • Could just have it generic
  • All types
  • Affadavits that can be used as evidence
  • Also non-affadavits

Catalogue victims:

  • Specifically of things like targeted technology weapons

1 - Universe5





2 - Sci5

3 - Civilization5

Current grid:

  • Technology


  • Moved
  • Cause for the end of previous civilizations

Virtual reality:

  • Peter’s idea
  • Replay events

Akashic records (M5?):


ET races:

  • Density / dimensional (according to consciousness model)


Overall though - I’ve got lists of topics, with logical groupings and order to lead the reader through things in a logical order, with each section building on the previous. We’d add links to scientific research, but the focus will be to present everything really clearly.

We’ll present things in multiple levels, and in multiple ways, to allow for different users to approach it from different angles and with different knowledge.
There will be lots of cross-referencing, links to videos of people explaining the different points, etc.
It’ll evolve over time, and eventually when the whole package has been solidified, we’ll likely create various videos for each section.
Maybe even add some VR to replay simulations of past events etc?
I think videos/animations more than VR, but we could potentially create VR too - eventually. Nice idea!


  • Galactic Federation of Light

4 - Matrix5


  • Matrix of reality
  • Saturn / Moon? - maybe in a different one
  • TV / Media / programming
  • Overview



History of the Deep State (toolkit):

  • Timeline over thousands of years
  • Adding confession to Catholicism in the 13th century


  • Have as multiple subsets of Timeline5 / History5
  • Turn data points into animations
  • Translations, images …




Main sources:

  • David Icke
  • Wisdom Teachings
  • Ascension Papers
  • Law of One
  • Grouped into sections
  • Key info, wider picture


Soul contracts

Dimensions, space, time:

  • Ascension papers stuff
  • Densities
  • References to The Law of One, AP

Meditation / spirituality


Cosmic disclosure / ET contact

Wisdom Teachings stuff

  • Sacred geometry
  • Source field


  • The scale that Aaron Doughty uses


5 - Conspiracy5 / TruthFinder5



  • Organize conspiracies by narratives
  • Present multiple narratives
  • Don’t make it open season (i.e. just present genuinely different narratives)









Pizzagate5 / Pedogate5






  • Flooding of agricultural land
  • Increase food prices
  • Forces people back onto the grid
  • Easier to control
  • Edge of Wonder guys





Donald Marshall:



Google/YouTube insider:


Involve Jewish Leaders:

  • Should have some kind of interaction with them
  • Get their blessing / ask them to write a statement on this
  • Involved them in the process at every stage

Closed group:

  • Have a page saying that the nature of the topic is highly sensitive, and we need to be considerate and thoughtful to the vast numbers of people who are not yet ready to consider questioning the official narrative of WWII
  • Private group for now
  • Will involve and seek guidance from Jewish leaders about what information we should share publicly, and when
  • Get their blessing


Major sections:

  • DeepState5 - deep state companies? / overlap


  • Vaccine5
  • Cancer5
  • BigPharma5
  • HolisticMedicine5
  • Organize into sections
  • Put the dark stuff like SRA, human trafficking etc in separate section at the bottom

6 - Symbology5


  • Serpents / gargoyles
  • Eye of Horus
  • Illuminati eyes


  • Locations on map
  • Photos


  • Play videos on YouTube etc
  • Have time breakdown / symbology
  • References to topics etc


  • Disclosure
  • Truth in plain sight


  • Series

7 - HiddenTech5

  • Free energy
  • Healing technologies


8 - Holistic5

Holistic medicine / lifestyle:

  • Explain how to live a holistic life
  • Balanced
  • Energy

9 - Ascension5

Unity consciousness direct:

Unique ascension:

10 - Fact5

Nibiru5 ?

11 - News5

See through the lies:

  • Have people give their interpretations
  • Base off other models
  • Simple explanations, with explanations linked

Choose people with good discernment skills:

  • Get people with good discernment skills to organize
  • Need to have a good overall understanding of the whole corruption
  • Present possibilities



Show connections:

  • Show the connections between all the parts
  • Everything should be able to relate to different parts
  • Should all be internally consistent

Different display methods:

  • Dynamic map
  • Static maps
  • Auto-generated maps

Auto-generated maps:

  • When want to show the inter-connection with different topics, then can auto-generate a specific map
  • Map5 / Connection5 / Link5 / Interconnection5
  • Can be used to talk about specific topics in isolation
  • Tables with related information can be generated

General principles

All about information:

  • Charities think you’re helping
  • You tell them stuff
  • They note it down

Video series

Multiple people:

  • Get loads of people to do videos on different topics
  • David Wilcock re-do some of his Wisdom teachings stuff with new format?
  • Could get other people to do a video series (DW probably won’t want to do it again)
  • Have multiple people approaching the same topics from different angles
  • Let the user decide
  • Have them in lots of different languages, too


New model

  • This is a new model of reality that is different from the one you generally hear
  • It’s not one that most people will be aware of, or possibly even comfortable with
  • Based on common knowledge among thousands or millions of people, spanning thousands of years



  • Key tactic of the DS

Distraction / diversion:

  • Do one thing to hide something else


Limited hangouts


  • What resonates with you?
  • Should not make any one person (including us) the arbiter of what you believe

Our community

Message to everyone

  • Cooperation and kindness
  • Try to work together
  • Understand that nobody has all the answers, but between us maybe
  • Need to stop fighting among ourselves, and try to bring together the whole picture
  • Forgiveness

James Gilliland:

The main message we gave at the conference is we need to all work together, put all our research on the table, learn to cooperate, be open to other opinions and ideas to truly get the big picture. Put cooperation and kindness first, there are no exclusives with God or ETs.


  • When you know you can win the debate, you welcome it
  • When they think they can’t win the debate, they censor everyone and shut the debate down

Conspiracy theorists

  • Reality journalists
  • As opposed to puppet journalists who follow the mainstream narrative without questioning it


  • Call out lies / false statements


Positivity sandwich:

  • Start positive (Matrix - interesting)
  • End positive (Ascension - positive change for humanity)
  • Put the dark stuff in the middle

Most important info:

  • Have the key information highlighted
  • So many details that it can be hard to absorb it all

Red-pilling advice:

  • Techniques on how to better red pill your friends / family


Update ticker:

  • Don’t need to go through all the different sections to find updates
  • Updates are logged and sorted by tags
  • Can include update ticker
  • Generic for the whole of Vision5



  • Explain how reality really works
  • Holographic universe
  • Vibration / frequency
  • Infinite beings

Foundation of Conspiracy5:

  • When you understand

Birth certificate fraud

Depository Trust Clearing Corporation

Illuminati / USA

Secret Space Program


US Corporation



  • Main
  • Frequencies
  • Amplitudes


  • Present a new metric that better shows the increase
  • Combination of the amplitudes somehow
  • Currently it’s just the amplitude for the first Schumann resonance




Anon discussion board:

  • Like 4chan / 8chan
  • Nothing illegal

Warning about content:

  • Don’t go there if it’s offensive


Generic testimonies:

  • Put something on record
  • Could be any topic
  • Organized into a database
  • Can be for anything imagineable
  • Videos better put on Stream5 to guarantee that they’re not taken down


Individual investigators:

  • Anyone can do research into anything
  • Try to piece things together
  • Ordered in with other investigations
  • Sorted by topic
  • Organized by date / investigator
  • Included in Narrative5





Stop 007:

Prepared affadavits:

  • Prepare similar affadavits for all types of harrassment
  • Could this one affadavit be used for all?


Censorship examples:

Zingdad5 / Adamu5



What if a blockchain could be used to automate a totally peaceful and loving global economic revolution that could completely change the world in just 15 years?

  • Foundation of everything positive that we will be doing is from ReVolution5
  • And that is based around Rocket5
  • Economic revolution based on technology
  • Economy5 will be a wealth-generation and distributeion engine
  • Not zero-sum
  • The people who will gain the most financially in real terms are the people who are already rich and the banks - because they’ll have the most money to trade and invest in Rocket5
  • But the people who will benefit the most in relative terms / life-changing terms are those on or below the poverty-line, because Economy5 has the potential to lift the minimum standard of living globally to a high-enough level that nobody needs to suffer
  • We’ll also
  • The revolution will be a move from the world we live in now, to one that has eliminated poverty, is on the way to cleaning up the mess we’ve done to the environment, and where the future looks promising for everyone
  • It will not be just an economic revolution, but a mental revolution, as most people, hopefully, start to change how they view life, and become more positive
  • This will not happen overnight, and for those that are struggling the most right now, that mental shift may not kick in for a number of years, because this change will not happen overnight
  • In the West, most people should see meaningful positive change within 5-7 years, and in the poorest parts of the world, we hope to be able to have touched every person on the planet within 10 years, even if we haven’t
  • ReVolution5 is all about the inner mental changes that each of us will need to make, as well as the external one
  • It will take time for each of us to think differently about money, the future and life in general
  • Children born after 2040 will almost certainly live their entire lives in a world without poverty, and that works together for the common good, whether that is their motivation or not
  • It’s the people who are aware of the difficulties of life today that will have the biggest change to make mentally, but by all working together, we’ll achieve postive results much quicker
  • It doesn’t necessarily require much - just downloading an Internet5-compatible browser and using Web5 will help in a small way, and when hundreds of millions of people have upgraded to using Internet5, we’ll be well on the way to realizing the vision





  • Will be a large, decentralized, global think tank that will be formed to plan the expansion of Vision5
  • Wherever possible, parts of Economy5 will be fully automated, and stored on the blockchain - to prevent even the possibility of corruption
  • However, we do need to plan everything out first, so that once it’s automated, it’s done so in the right way, and
  • Looking to build a large team of some of the most intelligent people in the world to plan
  • All our plans will be laid out, for everyone to see and discuss (sooner or later)




  • Show how all the religious texts are essentially telling us the same thing
  • Pick out passages from each text
  • Include the teachings of JC that didn’t make it into the Bible, but for which there is a lot of evidence that they are credible
  • Focus on the teachings of the people, not necessarily the book
  • Focus on the main points, like ‘love, humility, kindness’, as well as the ascention process and prep for some big solar event




  • Consciousness5
  • Vibration5


  • Helping people to grow once they’ve woken up


  • Connection with Mother Earth
  • Vibrational shift
  • 4th density



  • Have a different colour for each meditation?
  • Different lengths of time (15m, 20m, 30m, 45m, 1h)
  • Different languages
  • Put a tone in the background, same tone even between languages
  • Could just have a tone - so no speaking


V-Star Childrend’s Project:


Organizing videos:

  • Organize videos into topics
  • Create ‘courses’ or ‘intro to …’ collections
  • Anyone that wants to create a generic series, can do so
  • Adds a bit of structure to learning

Take responsibility away from Vision5:

  • Make everything an open database / platform
  • Allow anyone to use it
  • Build on Couchbase / servers first (for speed)
  • Move everything to blockchain and/or Peernet5 etc later when ready
  • Take the full responsibility for individual content away from Vision5

Build projects using platform:

  • Once the generic platforms are in place, we can build on top of them



  • Help people to increase their vibration

CoCreative5 / OneMind5

  • Consciousness is a FIELD not something that is only localized in the brain
  • One mind in the universe, all a part of the same thing, and can affect other parts of it
  • Scenarios where we construct co-creativity
  • Studies about positive meditation + crime rates going down
  • Changing the future co-creatively
  • Positive future, no anxiety about the process etc it will have an effect
  • Every day for a few mins, just think positively about this change
  • Diagrams with different stages of enlightenment
  • Stronger interaction between the different entities
  • Morphic fields help to bring up the collective consciousness - a bit like pushing out waves to the others

Maharishi Effect

  • 4000 participants
  • Washington DC
  • 1993
  • DS S1 TV 25m05
  • 23.3% down in Colombia
  • Be part of the rudder to guide humanity’s co-creative consciousness and future
  • CE S06E10
  • Unity Through Co-Creative Consciousness
  • Automated
  • Try to get the whole world thinking positively
  • Only ask for 5-10 minutes, and user can select when (once a day, week, fortnight, weekdays, weekends …)
  • I love myself
  • I forgive myself for things I’ve done that have pained me
  • I forgive others that have pained me in the past
  • I promise to myself that I will be more forgiving in the future
  • I promise to myself that I will focus more on service to others (and less on service to self)
  • I promise to myself that I will focus more on being positive
  • I promise to myself that I will focus more on being a nice person
  • I promise to myself that I will focus more on being a good person
  • I promise to myself that I will focus more on creating a better future for eveyone
  • Send love to partner
  • Send love to children
  • Send love to parents
  • Send love to other family
  • Send love to friends
  • Send love to work colleagues
  • Send love to community
  • Send love to humanity
  • Send love to X (you choose)
  • Send love to [country] - country is chosen by computer (look up where it is if you don’t know)
  • Feel happy about the past (no regrets, learned experiences) - can think of experiences
  • Feel happy about the present (good day today, recentre yourself if you feel negative)
  • Feel happy about the future (we’re creating a better world together through Vision5 and all the other millions of projects going on right now)
  • Go through the list 5 times, and focus for maybe 5 seconds on each point
  • 5-10 mins total
  • The meditation effect
  • Singular consciousness
  • Link into DNA / source field / wavelengths




  • health
  • spiritualism
  • values …


  • Enlightenment
  • Narrative5
  • Project to present the ascension narrative
  • Conciousness Renaissance that we’re primed for
  • Explain about densities
  • Acension5 narrative
  • This is a process that the whole of humanity will need to go through, but we first need to understand that almost all belief systems (including to an extent atheists) believe parts of the same overall model
  • Narrative of the universe
  • Take info from the Law of One, all the religions, art etc, and bring them together
  • Include as many references as possible, from scolarly sources
  • Include science and weird science
  • Message to increase vibration, service to others …
  • Encourage constructive discussion of these ideas, but abuse of others or rudeness will not be tolerated
  • Include common objects, concepts, ideas, teachings
  • Explain points from the bible etc (e.g. the arc of the covenant was probably almost certainly a device)
  • Taken from the perspective of Christianity, Islam, Hindiusm .. Atheism, Science
  • For science, point out that Western science does not appear to have the right model - the universe is a giant thought, not a giant machine
  • Psychology - social conditioning / manipulation
  • Power/control
  • Physics (Nicola Tesla, German scientists …)

Platform for musicians:

  • Awakening music
  • Contact David English

Contract video work:

  • Do paid work / videos on concepts to create a course in general with explanations of different topics (loved the ego self / higher self)
  • Awakening5 broken down into topics - we will pay some great people in the community to create videos on particular topics
  • We’ll organize the topics on the main site(s)
  • e.g. Justin Deschamps

Awakening challenge:

  • Create a list of topics that want to include in the awakening series
  • Organize by sections
  • Ask people that are knowledgeable on different topics to create videos on them to help spread the word
  • Put up on YouTube / other platforms
  • Create a kind of awakening course, with lots of different people, different languages
  • Guide people through large list of topics, but with different perspectives
  • Can select your favourite citizen journalists, and see what videos they have on specific topics
  • Link into the ‘conscious media’ concept / narrative

Social media:

  • Organize social media pages / groups etc by topic
  • DO IN GENERAL, not just for this topic


  • Truth about the world
  • Real science
  • Practical advice on becoming a better person


  • (avail)
  • (avail)
  • (premium)
  • (premium)


  • Likely do Awakening5 > [sties] > topics where we actually set up / operate multiple [sites], but we hide that a bit from the public, while still guiding people to the info
  • We can set up lots of different sites on Web5
  • Claim that they’re just ‘community’ sites

Integration with Social5 / Feed5:

  • Put ‘related topics’
  • Include all the ‘Great Awakening’ topics in a hierarchy

Hand over control of lists:

  • Hand over the control of the lists to other people
  • People that are already involved in the GA process
  • Not people within the organization
  • Those people can add other people as admins, too

Integrate with Narrative5:

  • Present different narratives
  • Don’t push any one particular argument per se
  • Present the list of options
  • Select for each narrative
  • Could call them ‘full woke’ and ‘diet woke’ :-)

Public statement:

  • Vision5 is aware and supportive of the Great Awakening that is happening
  • We would like to help that process, but from an impartial perspective
  • Vision5 tries not to promote any one narrative, but will promote all the narratives, and show connections between them, and allow the user to decide on what they believe
  • Please understand that our intentions are to help get to the truth, because it will be a positive thing for everyone in the long-run
  • Regardless of what any dark truths exist in the world, our mission is to help create a sense of positivity, love and hope for the future
  • Please don’t shoot the messenger!

Details from books:

  • Extract the key details from books like Bloodlines of the Illuminati
  • Put into semantic AI system
  • Get translated



This is the time that all the prophecies speak of. From Mayan Calendar to Hopi Prophecy to the Book of Revelations. They all say the same thing. We will pass through a time of transition that will be challenging. On the other side is a new age of light on the earth. You are involved in this transition if you are reading this. High frequency waves of light are impacting the planet. These waves will continue to intensify in the years ahead. The time of transition is likely to last until 2032 when something else will happen. You are here to be part of the change. Do not shirk this task!
Ascension is a personal and collective process. Do not worry about the planet. Everything is going ahead as it needs to. Focus on your own awakening first. When you are ready then you can step on your path of service. That path may be small or grand but whatever it is it will be essential.
The process can feel challenging. You may be judged, by yourself or others, as being selfish. When you start to focus on your growth and awakening this can happen, especially if you are someone that has been running around after other people. You are not ignoring the needs of the world by opening to the ascension process. Rather, this is like the instruction when flying to put the oxygen mask on yourself before trying to assist others. This is just one challenge. There are many others.
Ascension comes with certain side effects. When the process begins you may feel weird in different ways. Changes are occurring on all levels of your being. These can be experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You are going through an energetic reboot. There can be digestive problems, your diet may naturally change. You may want to eat in new ways. This is not a conscious thing more you body just shifting. There can be strange head sensations. Changes in hearing or an increased sensitivity to sound. The same can apply to bright lights. Changes in sleep patterns with waves of extreme fatigue that can come and go unexpectedly. General body aches and pains, including tension and soreness. Sporadic bursts of increased energy. Feeling hyper-active at times. Sudden anxiety, panic attacks for no apparent reason, accelerated mental energy, racing or scattered thoughts. Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations. Also intense emotions that come and go. A need for more personal space. Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments. A lack of mental focus, feeling scattered, brain fog and being unusually forgetful. The list continues. I recommend you doing a search on the internet for Ascension Symptoms. There is plenty of information out there.
You are not alone, you are guided. You may or may not be listening which of course is the real essence of the matter. Tune into what is happening around you. Your Higher Self and guides can communicate as easily through your meditation as they can through synchronicities in the world. The world can become like a huge tarot deck speaking to you in metaphorical/symbolic language. This is a language that you will need to learn. But do not worry, if you are open you will be shown the way.
Ascension is an increase in light in your energy fields. Anything that is not light will be brought up to the surface for healing and transformation. Another word for light could be love. Cleanse yourself of all that is not love. Hold up fear to the light. The ego, which is a protection set of programs, will seek to protect you from light, from love. Eventually the ego itself will be transformed in this fiery process.
Ascension will bring you back to your heart which is the gateway of the soul. This ends the dominance of the mind and brings it back into balance with the heart. When heart and mind are balanced and working in harmony then many doors in your life that were closed or not even visible will suddenly seem more open to you. As the process deepens you will find you will develop a more compassionate and loving outlook and others will be drawn to you because of this.
Ascension can trigger a certain amount of emotional turbulence for a time. Anything old or stuck is being shaken loose. Any energies that do not belong to you are also being shaken loose. Lightworkers are sensitive people and this often means they can absorb energies that belong to others. Other people’s anger, grief, hurt, fear and so on. None of this is helpful in any way. You cannot use this energy and actually it will feel like a weight in your energy fields. This is the time to drop such energies and come back to your own pristine light.
There are many who point the way but you are not here to find a spiritual guru. There are no leaders in this process. That belongs to the outgoing age of Pisces. You must find the inner teacher. You must become your own channel of wisdom. You have an intuition, develop it. All the answers are within you. Many teachers and channellers pointing the way but always trust what resonates with you as true



  • Show the common threads in our history
  • Compare the ancient teachings, including bible etc
  • Rainbow body



  • Plan/preparation for a post-coronal-eruption world

StarSeed5 / Wanderer5

  • Do you believe you’re here on a mission to help make the world a better place in some way, but didn’t know how? If so, there’s a good chance you’re a starseed
  • StarBlossom


  • Provide support to people
  • Help them plan for the future
  • Identify skills
  • Assist them in learning / development
  • Guarantee that we as an organization will be there throughout life



  • Focusing on individuals, and personal growth
  • Remind ourselves of what it is to be human
  • Positive values
  • Focusing on the self
  • Humanity Upgrade













Free energy technology





  • Holistic lifestyle
  • Info about balance
  • Books to read
  • Ingredients and foods
  • Supplements
  • Recipes
  • Suggested life-builder
  • See Lifestyle5

Contact Peter Eguene

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IMpulse K1 Phone is the first blockchain based phone released so far and it’s amazing. It’s based on the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) – which is one of the main features of the IMpulse K1 Phone. It allows full encryption. All data – documents, invoices, text and voice messages – are sent peer-to-peer and end-to-end enciphered, thereby minimizing third-party intervention. As a result, there’s no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions, as the peer-to-peer encryption cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Here are the top 5 things that make this phone so innovative:

All third-party companies are eliminated and replaced with a p2p model as a result of implementation of the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoPB) 
Matrix ID allows the user to create an infinite amount number of blockchain account with every wallet to be assigned to one identity
All your media data, photos, docs can now be encrypted and stored in a p2p way because of the IPFS storage implementation.
Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location protects user whereabouts
Worm Guard technology creates a protection shield around private keys to protect them from theft or loss

Natural News:




Unity consciousness timeline:

How timelines work:

  • Info from Adamu - see creator consciousness link


Heal the world:

  • When people start to view the external world as already whole and complete, it becomes that
  • Multiply this over humanity



  • Redesign of the education system
  • Based on hidden knowledge, new knowledge and techniques


  • Lab5 can be under any of them



  • Conspiracy5
  • Universe5
  • Model5
  • Pyramid5
  • CropArt5
  • Geometry5
  • Homeopathy5
  • Crystal5
  • Antigravity5
  • ZeroPoint5
  • SpaceTime5
  • ET5
  • Hyperdimensional5
  • Interplanetary5
  • Redshift5
  • Blackhole5
  • Layline5
  • Scalar5 (scalar physics)
  • Cymatic5
  • Sonoluminescence5
  • Solar5
  • Ascension5
  • RainbowBody5
  • StarTrek5 (a hidden reality - disclosure)
  • StarWars5
  • Marvel5
  • HollywoodDisclosure5 / CinemaDisclosure5
  • Illuminati5
  • Heliosphere5
  • Lunar5
  • Aether5
  • Ocean5
  • Ozone5
  • Atmosphere5
  • Psychic5
  • Paranormal5
  • Powerbubble5 (vacuum bubbles)
  • Tesla5
  • Numerology5
  • Annunaki5
  • UFO5 / Vimana5
  • Yuga5
  • Problematica5
  • Giant5





Lockheed Martin Skunkworks:


  • Try out all the tools that will build into Web5 first


  • Digitial signals
  • Facial recognition








  • Max Gerson’s Miracle Diet
  • Water fasting?



  • Truth isn’t democratic
  • R+D that is for the benefit of humanity
  • Release all info for free, without patents
  • Overall goal to come up with a model of the universe that works for everything
  • Add in consciousness
  • Try to bring about a paradigm shift in thinking inside a generation

Not getting heard

  • Invention Secrecy Act 1952
  • The powers that be don’t want the majority of the world to know the truth

Quote to start

  • If these results are correct, then most important discovery in 90 years of Chemistry
  • Need to re-evaluate …
  • 29-6 24m ish
  • Say that we need to re-evaluate the whole of science, and some of the world’s best scientists, including Nobel laureates have said so
  • God does not roll dice :)

Roll out of new info

  • Over the course of a few months, we will be rolling out a long series of the latest info
  • Will culimate in a whole new model of science, that we think is much closer to the truth, and we are inviting the world’s scientific community to come together to refine it and to come to a new consensus
  • Each rollout will include papers and experiments for other groups to repeat
  • Make summaries of each of the technical papers
  • Explain how the experiments fit into the whole
  • Ask for ideas on other experiments that could support it

Could just dump at once

  • Probably better to do all at once
  • Safer
  • Can fit into a holistic model, which might incentivize scientists more to test them out

Users suggest experiments

  • Potentially anything that can be of benefit to humanity
  • Open-minded about anything
  • Make it ‘fun’ on the surface
  • Allow users to set up their own experiments
  • Can tie any of them into a cryptocurrency too

University papers

  • Catalogue the university papers that back up the data

Modern day Galileo’s

  • Dr Halton Arp

People to get on board early

  • Richard C Hoagland

People to contact before launch

  • Every scientist in every university of the world
  • Make a list of all the scientists that are interested, and will add them to the list
    Email every scientist in the world and then do a press conference?

Supporting evidence

  • Books
  • Magazine articles

Present argument for thinking again

  • Diagrams of current model
  • Evidence that contradict the model
  • Suggested new model
  • Tests that we’re proposing / will do

Scientists that want to investigate

  • Fear of losing funding
  • We will fund the research
  • We want to find out the truth, even if our ideas are not correct

Lists of scientists for peer review

  • Create list of scientists that are interested in exploring these theories and peer-reviewing
  • The more scientists that are listed, the more likely others will do so


  • Law of One (PhD)
  • Seth Speaks (Masters)

People call it pseudo-science

  • Say that based on the accepted model of science, most of this would be considered pseudo-science
  • However there is a dearth of information to suggest that that model itself is wrong, and we are proposing updated models, and using the scientific method to back up (or disprove) our own hypotheses
  • This info is not new, and in many ‘classified’ programs around the world, these models are apparently common knowledge
  • We are just telling the world about research that has already been done, and presenting it in a holistic model, translated, and providing a platform for scientists round the world to replicate our findings


  • The research that is gathered (from all sources) over the ext 5-10 years will be compiled, and used to form the basis of a series of textbooks with the complete model
  • PFDs will be made available for free, and will be translated into 30 languages
  • It will be possible for any printing company in the world to print them, and we will ask only for recognition - but we will need to retain the cover
  • We will also sell printed copies
  • We will update the volumes regularly, with the latest data, and will provide info on the updates online (so if have vol from 2025, then in 2028 will be able to check the differences from the 2025 volume)

Contacting universities

  • Contact every university in the world asking if they have any scientists that have done related research
  • Also, if they are aware of any research in the past in any language
  • Ask for academics to link to supporting evidence, also

Practical advice

  • Moving bed
  • DW-WT S17E04,05
  • All Geopathic zones stuff
  • Really focus on this to help improve the health of the world

Source Field Investigations

  • Basically cover this book
  • When post the job application, then say that applicants should read the book before applying, so that they know what we’ll be investigating
  • He who has the peso has the say-so


  • Present all the ideas as hypotheses
  • Then build up evidence to back it up / contradict it


Abductee5 intro:

  • Human abductions
  • Could be Human (MILAB), Human/ET or ET
  • Track markings, with photos
  • Identify which race abducted you
  • Different types of marks / experiences / technologies


  • Simon Parkes
  • Emery Smith


  • Watt-ahh
  • Ionized water
  • Super good for you


  • Point out declassified patents that could be useful


  • Research into torsion physics


  • Investigations into the relationship between diet and diseases
  • 90% of diseases are diet-related
  • Samantha Backman


  • The Truth About Vaccines

Data to present:

  • Details on what is contained within every vaccine
  • Don’t say all are bad
  • Risks, effects of each
  • Also, the cumulative effect
  • Quantities
  • Allergies, epilepsy, autism (mercury poisoning), asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes, IBS, rhumatoid arthritis, anxiete, bi-polar, schizophrenia
  • Cumulative effect
  • Need to include in holistic approach to the causes - but can show correlation (perfect correlation - 3x since 70s/early 80s)
  • Anti-vax - holistic medicine
  • Historical statistics (by country)
  • Legal liability of doctors (US)
  • Lack of studies (maybe test individually, but not in combination)
  • Compensations


  • Bogus science
  • Doctors know it’s weak
  • Doctors taught very little about what goes into vaccines
  • Unwilling to defend it in front of informed criticism
  • Almost every doctor (who journalist interviewee spoke to) has chosen to choose a different schedule than the CDC schedule
  • Even the people at the CDC also do that
  • Didn’t do Hep B - after looking at the data, knew it was a bad idea
  • Doctors don’t want to go on the record for fear of losing their job
  • Doctors don’t even know about the vaccine reaction compensation scheme / where to report vaccine reactions
  • Docs not taught about adverse reactions / ceasures


  • 1989 was when things like ADD, ADHD, ticks increased - epidemic
  • Science now that suggests that thimerosal / aluminium … cause those effects
  • Since 2011 legally classified as ‘unavoidably unsafe’

Benefits vs Safety:

  • TTAV1 - 1:13:00, risks are high, benefits are low (Mike Adams)
  • With large populations, more children end up having side-effects from the vaccines than the vaccines themselves claim to prevent
  • Stay on topic for modern diseases, not focus on small pox / polio


  • Glyphosate (probably carcinogen)
  • Thimerosal (arganomercury)


  • In US, vaccine-makers can’t be sued
  • Means they don’t have the science set up properly


  • Dr Andrew Wakefield (struck off register)
  • Just split MMR into 3 because no evidence that it was safe
  • Replicated in 28 countries, including Switzerland


Infant mortality rate:

  • TTAV4: 1h02m
  • The higher the number of vaccines newborns have, the worse the mortality rate
  • The lower the number of vaccines, the better the mortality rate
  • Take small clip



  • Which doctors do now follow the CDC schedule
  • Nurses, work at the CDC / other health organization, pediatricians
  • Will not provide any data to CDC / others

Synertistic effects

Put together all papers on negative effects of vaccines


  • Stimulate and open discussion about vaccines
  • Currently people are stigmatized for even questioning them

Real reasons for decrease:

  • Quarantine and isolation
  • Small pox cases skyrocketed with vaccines

Immunization vs vaccination:

  • Im. for life
  • Comes from exposure to diseases
  • Strong immune system fights off diseases
  • Vaccines harm the immune system
  • Never naturally exposed to a virus by injecting

Gates Foundation:

  • TTAV2 - 1.22:42
  • Oral polio shot
  • Don’t give in US since 2000 because it’s a live vaccine, and every case came from the vaccine
  • They use it in third world countries because it’s cheap
  • Polio outbreaks
  • GF went to Uttar Pradesh Province, India in 2010/2011
  • Because 9-10 cases of wild polio every year out of millions
  • Polio campaign with OPV
  • Within 2 years there were 47,500 cases of Flaccid Paralysis (formerly known as Polio)
  • Can’t use live viruses in a vaccine in places where there is no sewerage and no clean water
  • Timing is crucial
  • We need the public on our side
  • Would be better to wait until we’ve shown all of our good intentions
  • Payday loans, philathropy, universal basic income
  • Also, we need to have Market5 really large (over $1T?, or at least $100B)
  • When people can really see our good intentions, they’re more likely to trust us
  • Store vaccine info in ‘Citizen5’ first, so it’s not us vs Big Pharma, but organize it

Possible reasoning (leave out autism, focus on auto-immune diseases):

1 - Big Pharma knows that the things they put into vaccines cause problems with the auto-immune system (which will make people sicker) - check
2 - Big Pharma lobbies government to make prosecution from vaccines - check
3 - Since vaccine prosecution became illegal, the number of vaccines has skyrocketed - check
4 - Since the numbers of vaccines have increased, the numbers of auto-immune and chronic diseases has also increased immensely
5 - Zero studies have been done to test the cumulative effects of many vaccines (all of which include injecting mercury or aluminium into the bloodstream / brain)

Vaccine studies

NHS benefits


New peer-review platform

  • Create a completely automated peer-review process that is NOT controlled by the current beneficiaries of science
  • Any professional scientist can join
  • Anyone that shows clear signs of bias towards the status quo can be kicked out
  • Those existing members that have previously had trouble with particular individuals can highlight those individuals

Reviews made public

  • When other people have made reviews, those reviews are also made public
  • Anyone in the world can review those reviews
  • Will help to find false claims

Not just science

  • Any academic field


Consciousness as the source:

  • Ascension Papers 2
  • Currently think that the source of everything is energy
  • Actually it’s consciousness

Apsden has everything

  • All universal constants fall out
  • 24-13 12m

Aether is fluid crystals

  • 24-13 16m30

Muons make everything

  • Muons are the building blocks for the cosmic quantum medium
  • 24-13 29m

Double muons = quon

  • Two counter-rotating? muons super-imposed
  • Double the weight of a muon (2x206/7 = 413 of electron)
  • 24-14 13m30
  • Aether = space of paired muons, with opposite-polarity charge pairs
  • 24-14 20m

Electrons in a quon

  • Exactly 1843 fit into Aether cubes
  • 24-14 23m20

Planck’s constant derived

  • 24-15 8m20
  • r/d in the quon-space

Laws of physics different

  • Physical constants change in different densities
  • 24-15 27m30

Squared circle

  • 24-16 13m

Sacred geometries


  • 24-17 15m
  • squared circle

Earth vs Moon

  • 24-17 23m
  • 1xx3x4x5x6x7
  • 8x9x10x11


  • The laws of physics are not what people think they are in the public arena
  • Super-luminal travel is possible, and we’ve been interacting with ET’s for tousands of years
  • Hollywood is just a low-level front for the conspiracy, but is used as a drip-disclosure mechanism


Similarity between sound and light frequencies

  • 29-6 11m

Postbiological life

Vibration, information, matter

  • 29-7 20m
  • Finds matter, light and higher-resonance * (22m30)
  • Information (light)
  • Matter (light squared)

Postbiological life

  • Davies, Eerie Science
  • All scales of space / time
  • Non-material?


  • Geometry of vibration
  • Spherical torus (outside) - to propogate through space
  • Torus created by the rotation of the merkaba, with tetrahedrons going in opposite directions
  • 29-8 14m


Letters in alphabet from torus

  • 29-7 29m
  • Stan Tenen
  • Whole Hebrew alphabet comes out of looking spherically at spiral going through torus
  • 30m30
  • 29-8 17m

Symmetry in the Hebrew alphabet

  • 29-8 18m50
  • Also analysis of the Torah, number of letters in it etc

Letters in alphabet from Star of David


Amlituhedron and Kabbalah

  • 29-8 22m25


Cypher of Genesis


Cymatics experiment in 2D

  • All regular polygons up to 20-sided
  • Circle
  • Irregular
  • Pure frequencies
  • 2 frequencies (in different ratios)
  • 3, 4 …
  • Use special cameras to try to work out / record the geometry (if there is one)

Cymatics experiment in 3D

  • Sames as 2D, but in water
  • Small particles of sand

Merkaba and cymatics

  • Diagram to show the cymatic image
  • 29-10 16m

Wave genetics

Super genes

  • 29-11 15m

Source field

  • Source field most basic level
  • Torsion fields / morphic fields / scalar waves act ON the source field in some way, applying different forms TO the source field


Colours of rainbow vs diatonic scale

  • 29-6 18m

Things to know

Dollar Bill

  • Novus Ordu Seclorum
  • 1st Lieutenant in the 4th Artillery of the US Army
  • Charles A.L. Totten
  • 1882
  • NOS is a quote from the 4th Eclogue and was borrowed in turn by virgil from the mystic Sibylline records
  • A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens…
  • 26-1 19m

Star Trek / Star Wars …

  • Pick out what tech reality


Reduce catastrophes

  • Scientific evidence
  • 26-9 20m45


New model of evolution

  • Psycho-electro-plasmic universe
  • Emergent DNA
  • Mutations
  • Mutation corrections
  • Darwinian evolution?
  • Spontaneous DNA re-writes (stress)
  • Periodic evolution accelerators / activation (cosmic cycles)
  • ET genetic manipulation
  • Genetic-memetic co-evolution
  • Cloning (recent)

Spontaneous DNA re-writes

  • 29-15 15m

DNA mutation corrections

  • 5 generations max (eyes of a fruit fly)
  • 29-15 17m30

Quick evolution

  • 29-15 20m
  • Lizard developed new organs in 36 years (descendents)
  • Very rapid adaptation to the environment

Primitive human lived much more recently

  • 29-16 21m30

5000 years ago

  • We’re more genetically different to humans from 5000 years ago than they were to Neandertals
  • 29-16 30m
  • 7%


Evidence for solar event

  • Position of animals
  • 29-17 30m40


Geometry of DNA

  • Season 29

Culturing polymerase

  • Needs DNA to start with
  • Just water
  • Still cultured DNA
  • 29-6 29m

Helix in nebula

  • 29-12 32m

DNA can be changed by energy alone

  • 29-13 21m44

Wave phase of DNA

  • 29-17 9m50

Speciation rates

  • Massive spikes
  • 29-17 28m
  • Some types of life basically stay the same, e.g. ferns
  • 29m


Patent to alleviate earthquakes

  • 29-14 21m50
  • Cool pyramid shape, with spiral

Weather modification

Cause clouds to dissipate on rainy day

  • 29-14 23m40
  • Stroboscope


Apricots turn into apples

  • Record vibrations from apple trees
  • Play them back to apricot trees with magnetic field oscillator
  • After 16 days, the apricots had turned into apples
  • 29-14 30m

Rats grew cats’ tails

  • After 4 days
  • 29-14 31m30

Elios device

  • Purified any food

Light treatment

Zap light to fix body

  • 29-12 18m45


Split up

  • Christianity5
  • Islam5
  • Zoroastrianism5 …

Presenting multiple interpretations

  • Realise that it’s a sensitive topic and one which is of importance to people
  • View it as important to give people all the information
  • Also provide some historical / recently discovered science to back up many beliefs
  • Ultimately to help show that we are all more alike than we perhaps realize, and that the funamental message of all religions and faiths is ‘we are all one’, and ‘be nice’
  • We hope that with a greaeter understanding of one another, that we can co-creatively make the world a better place



  • Build up by topics
  • Present both mainstream and non-mainstream interpretations / analyses
  • Try to tie them all together
  • Each major topic has its own name
  • Can cross-include info into different topics


  • The content is all semantically based
  • Inputs in any language (once the NLP has been built up)


Mis-translated words

  • 27-10
  • Replace all the mis-translated words, and read the bible now
  • Elohim = mighty ones = God
  • Lord = Yahweh
  • Heaven(s) = sky, outer sky, space



  • Analysis5
  • Narrative5
  • Interpretation5
  • Scholar5
  • Research5
  • Truth5
  • TellUsTheTruth5

Generic catchall for alternative theories

Music harmony

Interplanetary Climate Change

As a part of Heliosphere5?

  • 26-4 16m

Clouds on Mars

  • 26-6 13m
  • Now clouds around equator on Mars where there weren’t any before

Plasma balls

  • 26-8
  • Table 5m - different paraphenomena

Climate change on the planets

  • 28-(3+)
  • Keyword: [planet] planet unexpected’

Van Allen Belt heating up

  • 28-13 16m
  • Inter-stellar matter

Local Interstellar Medium

  • 29-18 12m
  • Donald Shemansky (C-SPAN)
  • Professor Aerospace Engineering, Uni South Cal
  • NASA awards
  • Began 1978
  • NASA - persistent pernicious bias against LISM work


Summary for Peter

Yes. I’ll summarize it as I understand it:

  • The entire universe is in constant flux
  • There are variations in background energy at different frequencies everywhere
  • Our Sun has a twin ‘dark’ star that makes it a binary system, with a period of just under 25k years
  • Every 25k years we go through energetic cycles, hence the Yugas in India
  • This time round, as we move into the age of Aquarius (from Pisces), there’s something particular special with the universal energies that is causing this special ascension
  • These background energies are affecting all bodies in our solar system, and there is evidence of increased vibrational activity in all the bodies in our solar system
  • Between large spacial bodies, there are ‘filaments’ that pass energy between bodies (like from the Sun to the Earth and back) - these are used for portals
  • Energy can be passed through these conduits, and through space itself
  • Where the Earth is heating up, it’s heating up generally from the inside - i.e. from the bottom of the oceans / volcanoes, not from the surface - which suggests the source of any heating is not primarily from the greenhouse gases
  • Surface temperatures have changed in the last 50 odd years, but no more than any previous cycles (there’s more than just the 25k cycle)
  • Surface temperatures have barely changed in the last 20 years, but they’ve lied about them on TV - in parts of the US, the actual temperature can be up to 12-15 degrees lower than what the TV is saying (i.e. they’re telling people the temperatures are going up, when in fact they aren’t) - James Gilliland of ECETI talks about this problem for farmers in his area
  • CO2 levels account for I think 0.1% of the greenhouse effect - 99%+ is water vapour
  • CO2 levels are particular low right now in the history of humanity - in the period of the dinosaurs, I believe they were 4x higher than now
  • More CO2 means more vegetation - the world would actually be healthier with more CO2 than it has now (think about your biology 101 classes in school - photosynthesis - CO2 is food for plants)
  • Satellite photos that NASA have taken have shown an increase in vegetation on a global level (because of increased CO2 levels - this is a good thing)
  • The whole Global Warming / Climate Change agenda is a distraction, designed to make people angry and misdirected, and is a multi-trillion-dollar operation (carbon taxes)
  • CO2 is not the problem, though we are polluting the air with lots of other stuff, which we need to stop
  • Whatever we do wrt CO2, it will have a miniscule effect compared to what cosmic rays are doing (to the whole solar system and galaxy)
  • The Smart Grid is being sold as the solution to the Climate Change problem

Deep Ocean heating

  • 26-8 14m
  • 2km down
  • Must be because the Earth is heating up

Sun causing climate change

  • 28-2 (22m35)

Real data:

  • Present the real data
  • The temperatures are fudged, by 10 degrees or more
  • Big scam

Carbon cycle:

  • More CO2 in atmosphere
  • More ‘food’ for vegetation
  • More vegetation
  • Balances out

CO2 minor gas:

  • 0.04% of air
  • Tiny fraction of CO2 is man-made
  • Major greenhouse gas is water vapour
  • Water vapour 2%

Carbon levels:

  • 20% more vegetation now
  • During Jurassic period, many times higher
  • Plants flourished
  • In the past, they were 15x higher
  • Much greener planet
  • If our CO2 levels go up, then more easy to grow plants / food


  • The lungs of the world are the oceans, not the rainforests
  • 70% of oxygen in air comes from phytoplankton not trees
  • Reducing CO2 would affect their ability to grow
  • Reducing to the levels they would want would destroy the ability of phytoplankton to produce oxygen


Kimberlite pipe

  • Small vacuum balls
  • explosion, diamonds
  • Speed up time


Magnetize non-magnetic rocks

  • 26-8 10m30


Weird things that happen with tornados

  • Matter doesn’t work normally

Vacuum domains

  • Antigravity


Solar magnetism

  • 26-6 22m
  • Sun’s magnetic field dissipated

Solar Flash

Closest neighbour had solar flash

1987 eruption

  • Protons got here in 15 mins
  • Knocked out Canadian grid
  • Earth’s magnetic axis shifted by 8 degrees

Not going to eliminate all life

  • Prox C
  • 29-19 26m10
  • Would take 1000’s yrs

God Helmet

God Helmet

  • Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation
  • 29-19 28m

God Helmet and telepathy

  • 29-19 30m
  • Harribance effect
  • 7.83Hz
  • More telepathic when more in tune with the frequency of the Earth

Self as a signal

  • 40Hz
  • 29-19 32m


  • Analyze the data for each conspiracy theory
  • No theory is too weird
  • Evidence is catalogued for people to make up their own minds


Earthquake lights

  • 26-7 5m30



  • 26-7 8m30
  • EM-M-GS-H diagram !!!


Neil Armstrong :

  • There are breakthroughs available to those who can remove truth’s protective layers
  • 26-6 9m50

Wisdom teachings

  • 205-9 to get

Modified theory

Ripples create spheres

  • Vibrations create morphic spheres in the source field
  • Spheres expand
  • Spheres have internal morphic fields through cymatics

Scalar technology

Tom Bearden


Geometry in celestial objects

  • Solar system
  • 26-2 (Planets, sun …)


Spheres in cubes

  • 25-2 12m50
  • Spheres spin inside cubes

Electrons fit inside cuon

  • 25-2 14m10
  • N=1843 - 0, 1842 72.3km/s, 1841 144.6km/s …
  • N = number of electrons that can fit inside the cuon
  • Quantum energy zones
  • As it gets more dense, the number goes down
  • Space itself can then (presumably) act like lots of balls of diameter of the Plank length?

3D Time

  • 25-6 25m
  • Quantum physics in tau-space (time)
  • Conventional dynamics in sigma-space (space)

Space existing in different time rates

  • 25-6 29m

Time runs on the quantum level

  • 26-1
  • Might be in same space, but experience time in different way
  • Makes more sense to live underground, if there are constantly surface catastrophes

Upcoming solar eruption

Moving through space domains

  • 25-2 17m
  • Harold Aspden

Moving into cloud

  • 30ly across, 6000C
  • NASA
  • 26-4 7m


John Searl

  • 25-4 19m
  • Plans to add to Lab5
  • Creates space domain wall

Spin to gravity

  • If go in one direction, then become lighter, other direction, heavier
  • So gravity probably has a spin effect to it

Space domains

Flips at large scale

  • 25-2 27m
  • 760 ly across cube

Milky Way shooting out spitballs

  • 25-3 7m45
  • Article online

Mass species evolution

  • 25-3 24m

Four corners per galactic rotation

  • 25-3 25m
  • Octahedron with icosahedron inside for galaxy
  • 62 myr cycle 25-4

Red shift

Red shift and ascension

  • 24-5
  • Cepheid variable stars
  • Pulsating

Redshift changes in galaxies

  • Each galaxy has high redshift in centre, low outside
  • Increases in quantized way
  • 24-7, end, 24-8

Multidimensional planes of existence

  • 24-8

Doubting the faith

  • Dr Halton Arp
  • 24-6 29m30

Halton Arp’s new model (24-8, 12m)

  1. When speaking of extra-galactic objects, ‘high redshift’ means ‘young’
  2. It does not imply far-away, high-velocity or expanding universe
  3. Background objects probably aren’t (far away)
  4. Our local cluster has more members than presently believed

Redshift quantization

  • 24-10
  • William Tifft - very hated by Cabal
  • Grouped into 36km/s groups - semi arbitrary?
  • He’s completely mis-understood the graph in 15m10 about steps (they’re just groupings)
  • Not that they don’t appear at other levels, but are grouped
  • A bit like redshift shells
  • JUMPS OF 72 km/s

Redshift groups

  • 24-11
  • Galactic chakras
  • 9m20 - maps
  • BLUE SHIFT ??? on edge
  • 25m
  • 1000s galaxies, and 46,400 quasars, 6 quantized redshifts
  • Fits perfectly with Tifft’s model
  • 6 redshifts + 1 of sun
  • Finger of God !!! 28m


  • Explanation of quantized redshifts
  • 24-12
  • Maxwell’s eq’ns assume Aether
  • Aether exists - Einstein said so



Dream contact

Prepare for something big


Einstein got his equations to work

  • 24-12 24m
  • Needed to assume Aether
  • Philadelphia Experiment worked because of him
  • Couldn’t tell anyone

Fluid crystals

  • 24-12 28m
  • Season 24 13+ (205-209)

Russian documents

  • Get them properly translated
  • DW-WT S11E03

Black Holes

Black Holes new model

  • Actually active galaxy nuclei
  • 24-9
  • Wiliam Tift

Levity force

Levity force

  • Flow in opposite direction
  • Actually seems more like gravity force in opposite direction
  • Could be from planet to atmosphere?

Mandela Effect



  • baken
  • beer
  • bishop
  • bottles (wineskins)
  • commotions
  • confederacy
  • devilish
  • duke
  • easter
  • enterprise
  • holy thing
  • jupiter
  • matrix
  • mufflers
  • naughtiness
  • pisseth
  • presidents
  • pricks
  • suburbs
  • tires
  • unicorn

Luke 19:23 - “bank”

Luke 17:34,35

Matthew 6:9-13 (Lord’s Prayer)

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Exodus 18:3


  • Acts 5:15 Beds and couches? wasn’t it cots and mats
  • Matthew 9:17 wine into old BOTTLES? wasn’t it wine skins right
  • Hebrews 11:34 Turned to fight the armies of ALIENS? Aliens WTF now i don’t remember no ALIENS
  • Mark 13:10 PUBLISHED the gospel? wasn’t it PREACHED the gospel
  • Mark 1:7 the latches of whose SHOES I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose? wasn’t it SANDLES
  • Revelations -> Revelation


  • alien (foreigner/stranger)


Interview with the Vampire (‘a’)

Forest Gump

  • Life is/was like a box of chocolates

Star Wars

  • Luke, I am your father (no, I am your father)

The Matrix

  • What if I told you everything you knew was a lie
  • Mr Anderson, we’ve been expecting you



  • Fetch help because Timmy fell down the well


Snow White

Mickey Mouse

  • Suspenders

Berenstain Bears (Bernstein Bears)

Charlie Brown

  • End, pumpkin


We Are The Champions - ‘Of the world’

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a/the Barbie World

What a wonderful world

In the air tonight - Phil Collins


Black Tom

  • New York Harbour
  • 1916

People’s names

Mother Teresa

  • Was Theresa


Seth M(a)cfarlane

Evel Knievel (Evil)

Charles Shul(t)z

  • Peanuts

People living / dying

  • Barry Nelson first James Bond

Ed McMahon

  • Publisher’s Clearing House
  • American Family Publishers (now)

Eli Whitney



  • Position of heart, etc


Mike Tyson

  • Ear of Evander Holifield



  • Guy has monacle


Statue of Liberty

Christ the Redeemer

The Thinker

King Tut


  • Horns
  • Bible horn references

Capitol building

  • Statue at top / spire

Lady Justice

  • Scales + sword

Easter Island

  • Red hats


Buddhist Temple


Mona Lisa

  • Before, not sure if smiling
  • Now, clearly smiling

The Last Supper

  • No cup?

Henry VIII

  • Eating chicken

Nursery Rhymes

Hush little baby


New Zealand

Sri Lanka

Bering Sea - 500km?

  • No ice age needed to bridge the gap between Alaska and Russia

Great Wall of India

Ceuta (Spain - Africa)

  • Was Portuguese, then Spanish

Gibraltar - Further south before?


White giraffes (see white animals)

Mini horses

Flying chickens

Hairless raccoons

Flying snakes


Brands / Logos

20th (t cut off) Century Fox

Alaska(n) Airlines

Barnum’s Animal(s) Crackers

Beats by (Dr) Dre




Coca-Cola Zero



JC Penn(e)y

Jif(f(y)) peanut butter


Looney Toons / Tunes

Metro Goldwyn Mayer (Meyer)

Oxi clean (Oxy clean)

Reddi W(h)ip




Totino’s - Toastinos

Victoria(‘s) Secret

Wite-Out vs White


Curious George

  • Monkey has tail


Donald Trump

  • Shitholes (non-white countries)


Dollar sign

  • Two lines


  • CERN
  • Aliens
  • Co-creative reality
  • Deja-vu <-> Mandela effect

D-Wave + quantum computing

  • Many ‘real’ world tales in The Simpsons


Woman not have same husband

Girl loses sister





  • Two pieces


Energizer battery man

You don’t get it. In our timeline, it always WAS the lion laying with the lamb, that’s why so many of us remember it that way. The change is in the timeline. NOW, in THIS timeline, it has always been the wolf living with the lamb. But to so many of us that is simply ALIEN. Not just morons and heathens. My mother has read the bible cover to cover several times, and she remembered the lion laying with the lamb. When she saw it was the wolf, she was surprised, but she accepted it because ‘that’s what it says’ Maybe in YOUR timeline it was always a wolf. For MANY of us, it was ALWAYS a lion. Maybe you should look into the effect a little deeper. Many of the changes we have found, there are still remnants of the remembered thing in physical media. CHECK OUT THE VOLKSWAGEN LOGO. you know DaVinci’s The Last Supper, where was the ‘grail’? It’s not there anymore! Remember Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come?” NO, NOW it was ALWAYS, “If you build it, HE will come.” Ever hear of Barry Nelson? NOW he was the first James Bond! Never HEARD of him before! These things didn’t just get changed a few years ago, the “reality” of those facts has been changed throughout HISTORY!




  • Inject into acupuncture points
  • Test where go
  • Proove what the Chinese knew
  • DW-WT S23E04

Morphic fields

  • Morphic resonance tests
  • Provide mass, global scientific evidence that morphic resonance is a part of our universe

Mass meditation

  • Have more / fewer people meditate each week
  • Measure the times of day
  • Intensity, how long …
  • Great Global Meditation
  • Unity Through Meditation
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Don’t say ‘Co-creative’ per se, but just say that will take stats and compare to official stats
  • Say to kids that we’re going to be a part of a global experiment
  • Worse case scenario, people become more zen in their area

Mass mediation examples

  • 29-4 32m
  • 72% fewer violence - 7000 people
  • Machine guns - Lebanon - guns went away

Geometry in quantum physics

E8 Topology


432 Hz

  • Effects of tuning to 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz

Types of music

  • Study from university


Vigesimal counting

  • 20 amino acids
  • 29-5 25m40
  • Similar to ancient Chinese and 64 parts of genetic code

Mental health

Mental illness

  • Show people that the universe is actually conscious and is inter-connected
  • Matter is not ‘dead’, and we are trying to co-creatively build a better future for humanity

Benefit to the powerful

  • The most powerful people in the world want you to believe that there’s no cosciousness after physical death because it helps their agenda
  • Invention Secrecy Act 1952



Better name for psychadelic

  • 29-5 (middle)


Apartment blocks

  • Most coherent (calm) helps other people around them
  • Through the walls
  • 29-4

Love and nature


  • Plant two groups of seeds,
  • Physically distant from one another, but otherwise separated
  • Same planting procedures
  • Express love and happiness to one group of seeds, and anger and hate to the other
  • Spend 10 minutes each day expressing these emotions separately, and have a short break between the two,to allow the emotions to go away (no cross-contaimination)
  • Share the pictures of the results
  • Share stats about the plants - including numbers, heights, colours …

Torsion fields

Nikolai Kozyrev

  • DW-WT S11E01,05
  • 10k documents
  • Covered up by Russian government for NS
  • Twisting drives planets, life, time …
  • ‘Expansion’ of the universe due to the galaxies moving away???


Cannon ball

  • Measure weight
  • Drop on ground
  • Measure weight for next 20 mins
  • Comes back in quantized amounts
  • 1/3, 2/3, 3/3
  • DW-WT S11E06 (21m)

Tibetan meditation

  • Have about 20 mins before weight comes back

The Aspden Effect

  • DW-WT S11E06 (27m)
  • Matter is like a vortex, and space is the stream


  • See torsion fields
  • Time emerges because matter exists
  • Movement
  • DW-WT S11E03,05,06
  • Flows differently depending on frame of reference
  • Different animals experience at different speeds?
  • 2nd density - generally quicker?


  • DW-WT S14E11
  • Professor - research
  • Benjamin Libet
  • Brain prepare body for movement 350ms before conscious mind tells your body to move
  • Body reacts before actually sees the image !!!

Pre-cognitive response

  • DW-WT S14E12


Global Consciousness Project

  • DW-WT S14E12

Healing through consciousness


Orgone flows

  • DW-WT S16E06
  • Energetic health - orgone
  • Energetic disease - dead orgone


  • To talk about it!!!
  • DW-WT S16E07

Geopathic zones

Dead orgone

  • DW-WT S17E01-08

Geopathic streams

  • DW-WT S17E02
  • Tree cancer
  • Get people to identify trees with twists / cancer, and dowse around the area, to try to work out which direction
  • Then put on Lab5 map, with photo

Geopathic-philic creatures

  • DW-WT S17E03
  • Dowse where cats curl up, dogs avoid
  • People can double-check with their animals

Geopathic zones and illnesses, incl. cancer

  • DW-WT S17E03
  • Also, practical help
  • Von Phol Scale

Detecting geopathic zones

  • Better companies in Europe
  • DW-WT S17E04

Moving bed

  • If have any kind of pain, sleeping badly …
  • Try moving your bed, or sleeping in a different room
  • There are thousands of studies in Germany alone that back this up
  • Big Pharma doesn’t make $100,000’s from you by telling you to move your bed
  • Not always going to work, but we’ll be collecting the data for the whole world for years to try to back this up
  • Wife of former German PM did the study, and they got better
  • DW-WT S17E04


  • DW-WT S17E05
  • Try to put the various grids on a map, so people can check even within their house
  • Hartman grid
  • Curry grid


  • Apparently Toronto a geopathic zone

Geopathic zones and illnesses

  • DW-WT S17E06
  • Former FL of Germany - 700 patients, 100% got better

Geopathic equipment

  • DW-WT S17E06

Schumann resonance equipment + pyramids

  • DW-WT S17E07
  • USB stick
  • Advanced Medical Systems (AMS) USB Medisend

God Helmet

God Helmet

  • DW-WT S17E08
  • Try this out
  • Get one !!!

Solar eclipses

Next solar ecplise - NA

  • 8 April 2024


Ghost-detecting equipment

  • DW-WT S17E06

Feng Shui

Feng Shui science

  • Energy in room
  • DW-WT S17E01



  • DW-WT S17E01

Weather modification devices

Weather modification gun

  • Orgone gun
  • DW-WT S16E06
  • Use to create rainfall
  • Desertified areas

Healing technologies

Orgone box *

  • DW-WT S16E05
  • Sun largest orgone generator

Crystal healing

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing

  • DW-WT S14E13



  • DW-WT S15O1-04

Consciousness in water

  • DW-WT S15E03
  • Snowflakes

Memory of water

  • DW-WT S15E01

American Psychotronics Association

  • Lots of work to prove various theories
  • 10k docs from Russia, 40k worldwide (the classified ones)


  • DW-WT S15E04


Orgasms and torsion fields / bions

  • DW-WT S16E01,02

Spontaneous life

SAPA (Sand particles) bions

  • DW-WT S16E02


  • DW-WT s16E03
  • Grass die-off, then spontaneous life

Cancer cure

  • DW-WT S16E03

Fritz Albert-Popp

  • Carcinogens scramble light 380nm

More die from chemo:

  • Check facts on how many people die from cancer and chemotherapy
  • More die from chemo?

5G effects

Protective layer:

  • Some tech to limit harm of 5G?


  • Benjamin Fulford
  • 3G hits like a basketball
  • 4G like a golf ball
  • 5G like a needle + can cause brain damage
  • Frequency similar to brain, so can be used for mind control

Quantum entanglement replace 5G:



A Flight Attendant Speaks:


  • DW-WT S15E01,02

Holographic universe


Hyperdimensional physics

  • DW-WT S11E04


  • The ‘consciousness’ of the universe is Karma
  • Laws of distortion
  • Not sure how we can prove this



  • Gravity is a torsion field (my understanding/idea ???)
  • The torsion field creates matter from the background energy
  • The torsion field creates time through the twisting motion
  • Without matter, there is no time
  • The more gravity there is, the quicker time runs
  • DW-WT S11E02
  • There is just gravity and background energy ???

Laws of Thermodynamics

2LTD - not necessarily true???

Spontaneous life


  • Father a 33rd degree Mason



  • Doesn’t actually work
  • Fruitflies
  • DW-WT S10E10


  • Fixes mutations


  • Late 1800s
  • Louis Pasteur won
  • Created science as we know it
  • Was paid off


  • Psycho electro plasmic model of the universe
  • Source field DW
  • Space
  • Time
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Biology
  • Densities of photons / light
  • Include LoO stuff
  • Robert Moon - protons as points on geometric shapes
  • Buckminster Fuller - emanating shapes from Fullerenes
  • Roger Penrose - Penrose tiles (rhombuses of 2 shapes)
  • Hans Jenny - Cymatics
  • David Hudson - Iridium, 850C, dematerialized? (no weight)
  • John Hutchison
  • V.N. Manoharan - beads, geometric shapes
  • Holographic principle
  • Same at all levels
  • Fractal
  • Snowflakes
  • As expands, hologram of the original
  • Dan Schechtman - quasi-crystals - Nobel prize
  • Sound - diatonic scale
  • Colours in the rainbow
  • Seven octaves


  • Test cards
  • Line up with siderial time (centre of the galaxy)


  • Light treatment

Inform yourself

Watch ‘The Truth About Cancer’

Study Max Gerson’s Therapy

  • Dying to Have Known documentary
  • Healing the Gerson Way

Jason Christoff

Size tumor + resist cut/poison/burn

  • Never poison/burn
  • Cut only if causing pain / other good reason

Apply alka/oxy diet + juicing + supplements

  • Cancer thrives in an acidic environment
  • Lots of greens, chlorphyll
  • Get oxygen into your body, breathing
  • Masticating juicer (Omega juicer, slow RPM)
  • Not centrifugal juicer
  • Turkey tail mushrooms by Host Defense
  • Medicinal mushrooms help immune system
  • We share 30-50% of our DNA with mushrooms (why we’re accepting of them)
  • Only a few % with plants
  • Turkey tail in particular helps with detoxifying liver

Apply proper holistic lifestyle principles

Continue studying

Inform of vibrational therapies - Rife

Other videos

  • Max Gerson
  • A Cancer Therapy


TODO - Move to separate sections

Space liquid superfluid

  • Mail
  • Space itself demonstrates liquid-like qualities
  • DW-WT S10E03


  • Amplituhedron creates 4 of 5 sides
  • Could be formed into dodecahedron?
  • DNA angle like dodecahedrons added on top of one another
  • DW-WT S10E03
  • Not a merkaba, but could be dodec???

Amino acids

  • DW-WT S10E04

Silicon-based life

  • Heat sand+water
  • Shine light of various life
  • Wait to see if silicon-based life appears
  • Do the same with carbon?
  • Try to create the same life, but one silicon-based and one carbon-based


  • Harmonics
  • Trapezoid
  • DW-WT S10E07



  • Conspiracy theories
  • Amalgamation of what different people are saying
  • Links to various websites
  • Integrated feeds from different people
  • Include people from all around the world
  • Create a platform for people to translate articles / create animations etc
  • Link to YouTube videos about different topics
  • Helps to make all the information available in every language
  • Build the translations into our translation system
  • We do not necessarily agree with anything that people are saying here
  • Viewers should make up their own mind





  • Need to leave name, and a key phrase that has meaning to you OR a numerical code
  • Leave photos of loved ones
  • Would be good to leave photos of when you were a young child, too
  • Need to tell nobody
  • Need to tell family that you want them to notify us upon your death
  • Can also contact them if a child appears with that info
  • Potentially reunite the soul with former family
  • Test with photos, with plenty of random photos too


  • Galvanic skin respons
  • DW-WT S09E03
  • Mental field
  • DW-WT S09E04

Remote viewing

Training people

  • Take people from the public, and train them


  • DW-WT S14E06
  • Several during the war
  • Try to get the expert mentioned to teach


  • DW-WT S14E06
  • 2.25 ounces
  • Weigh people


Attack the personality

  • Taught to attack the credibility of the person not the data
  • Skepticism about sceptics
  • Rupert Sheldrake
  • DW-WT S14E07

Collective behaviour

Too fast

  • DW-WT S14E07
  • Turn faster than nerves

Interaction with nature

  • Before mind/body/spirit complex (inviduated), and the concept of ‘I’, at one with nature
  • Tell nature that you are hungry, and are guided to it
  • Aborigines still do this - i.e. tell nature they want something to eat, and it appears


DW-WT S14E07

Personality embedding

Organ transplants

  • DW-WT S14E07
  • hearts

Brain / mind

Brain like antenna

  • DW-D Rupert Sheldrake
  • DW-WT S14E09
  • 5% of brain and still work
  • Mind non-local, comes in through the brain

Plant feelings / bio-communication

The Baxter Effect

  • DW-WT S14E02,03,04
  • See Celabrity5

Lab5 TV


  • Lab5 Hollywood
  • Lab5 London …
  • Lab5 Bollywood

Normal people

  • Do day-to-day episodes with non-famous people
  • Do a new one each day
  • Do this in every country

Get the word out

  • Use celebrities in each country to spread the message of a new model
  • Have a fun few hours of ‘odd’ tests
  • Get to do the test, then have someone explain the results afterwards
  • Donate $1000 to a charity that their kids decide on
  • Inform the world and help people at the same time
  • Try to do a different test each time, so we’re explaining lots of different concepts

CelebLab5 / Celab5 / Celabrity5

  • Get big celebrity
  • Take cells from their mouth
  • Take them hundreds of miles away
  • Have stuff happen to them (e.g. driving in LA)
  • Celeb like The Rock, Tom Hanks, Oprah …
  • DW-WT S14E04
  • Could do mini-series of tests, and do multiple celebs at the same time

Disclosure5 Hollywood

  • Get celebs to say that they want full disclosure


Day of and day after

  • Easier the day after

Other ideas

  • Morse code
  • Rhymes that aren’t real (fake Japanese nursery rhymes)
  • Words in different langauges

Astral body

Out of body experiences

  • Stroke cat while in astral body
  • DW-WT S14E05

Psychokinesis + co-creative proof

  • Chicks
  • DW-WT S09E05
  • If chicks can do this, then surely humans can!!!
  • Link to the meditation


  • Make sure that the whole world is supplied with the new technologies that will be needed
  • Energy
  • Electro-gravitics
  • Replicators
  • Essentially meaning humanity won’t need money anymore



  • Ambassadors for humanity
  • Begin to have open relationships with ET/IT civilizations
  • Inner-Earth too




  • Create ECETI ranches
  • Could try to work with ET’s to work out the location(s)
  • Work out what kind of protocols to use with each one (just intent?)


  • Work with James Gilliland to train people


  • Look for locations where Bigfoot has been sighted
  • Thinner veil between worlds
  • Buy up ranches?
  • Special energy


  • Clarity5?
  • Narrative5
  • GUT5
  • Unified5
  • Theory5

Disclosure presentation

  • Summary of the whole of disclosure
  • Sorted by section on one page, with images / icons for each group
  • Letter from me
  • Fight back through technology, economics, hope and love - not through anger or fear
  • Could present this as the solution
  • Rolling banner for the different parts

Claimed recruitees


  • DS S1 ITP

Laura Eisenhower

  • DS S1 Inside the program
  • 1m15
  • Contacted to go to Mars
  • Targeted before she was born

Randy Cramer

  • Marine Corps Special Section
  • Spent years on Mars
  • DS S1 ITP 3m08

Call to action

  • Emphasize that very, very few people actually knew anything close to the truth, so don’t diss on the workds, just the few corrupt people
  • Call for global boycott of fast-food chains, and avoid certain weaponized foods, especially in North America and Western Europe
  • Demand full disclosure - provide means to send email to MP etc (just provide the emails) + military + NASA + CIA …
  • Most people are good people, and even in the affected companies, very few (if any) really knew the full extent of the whole operation
  • Even businesses/organizations that have corrupt people in them can clean house, and invest in a better future with us by embracing Web5 and Economy5
  • Encourage people within these organizations to share the info, and demand that the people within their organizations be held to account
  • Provide emails for EVERY organization
  • Provide a full list of emails in one line that can copy and paste - hehe
  • It is time to be a passive majority no more

Timeline articles

  • Fringe conspiracy theory
  • Mainstream
  • Top mainstream
  • Different colours


  • Templar crosses
  • Pyramids / eyes
  • DW-WT S23E09 - In God We Trust
  • DW-WT 23-10 (20m30) - Maltese Cross inside Star of David
  • Bathemet (In God We Trust, music industry)
  • Templar Crosses on Oreo’s
  • Maltese Cross on Queen of England AND Hitler
  • Popes 23-10 (28m), All-seeing eye on top


  • James Glattfelder
  • Metaanalysis of bank transactions
  • Comple1x Systems Theorist
  • 23-11 (18m50)

Role of companies + organizations

  • Suspected
  • Evidence

My letter

  • My reasonings
  • Bolivia spiritual experience
  • Affect business (not go down quickly, we will come out of the turmoil on the right side - wheras most big companies won’t, fighting for the people)
  • Never wanted to risk V5 being corrupted, and already have a plan to hand over ownership to a foundation with safeguards for future generations

Free Masons

Disclosure5 token

  • Create a token for disclosure ($1, 100M)
  • Paid to people who help
  • Hold them in account until Economy5 is launched
  • Paid to people to help find evidence, and validate it
  • Community effort + automated


  • CIA involvement with drug smuggling

Fast food weapon system

  • Also fluoride
  • SAD - Standard American Diet

Car tech


  • Wikileaks docs

The Alliance

  • Log the info / actions of the Alliance vs the Cabal

Shadow WWIII

  • Alliance vs Cabal

Top videos

  • DW-WT S22E11
  • San Diego

Song lyrics

  • Dumbed down
  • DW-WT S22E14
  • Quote @ 29m


  • For each data point (article), ask questions like ‘Why Sony and RAND meet if it’s just entertainment?’
  • Call them ‘logical questions to ask yourself’

Types of disclosure

  • Ultra Slow (already happening)
  • Partial (coming soon)
  • Full (what we need)
  • Put diagram on homepage


  • DDT - Decoy, Distract, Trash
  • General - fear, distraction, fighting each other

Mars slave camps

  • Put as ‘full disclosure’
  • Will be handed over to humanity
  • Allow to become a fully Star Trek society

Star Trek society

  • We are already a Star Trek society
  • Only a few people know about it
  • A part of full disclosure


  • Keep track of documents by CIA, NSA …
  • New York Times articles (keep by theme)


  • Speculate on disclosure by Cabal and by the Alliance
  • Iron Man 3 - Asia first, some disclosure stuff added in at last minute
  • Stan Lee a hero
  • Link of ownership of all the companies in the world
  • Payments
  • Use the data from the Swiss guy


  • DW-WT S12E05 (30m)
  • For every grain of sand on the Earth, there’s at least one inhabited planet in the universe
  • DW mis-represents the Drake Equation


  • Include every event that hints at disclosure and that talks about ET’s
  • Include links to newspapers in every country if possible


  • Get designers to work with Emery
  • Try to catalogue every type of

Island concept

  • Need to think of the Cabal / disclosure like a group of islands
  • Initially seem isolated, but need to think of them like an archipelago
  • It’s so complicated that very few people have an idea of the depth and scope of this
  • We will try to piece together the full truth from the research and testimonies of thousands of people, with as much cross-referencing as possible
  • Hmm, this is somewhat negative


  • DW-WT S18E12
  • Skeletons that have been found all over the world
  • Compare sizes and locations
  • Mehtion Smithsonian

Super Earth

  • Maldec
  • Tiamat (Cuneiform)
  • Elektra
  • Note : DW+CG both put the heliosphere outside the Oort Cloud, but elsewhere it’s inside

Planets and moons

  • Structures
  • Artificial moons
  • Geometric lines …

Known to info

  • Known to public, Air Force SSP, Navy SSP …
  • Public announcements, or hidden announcements
  • Guide people through the process of realising that certain information is known only to some people
  • Make the assumption that it will be revealed at some point


  • US beat the Wermacht, but not the Nazis
  • Won the public war, but not the secret space race

Public announcements

  • Guide people through the process of disclosure in the public

Fiction disclosing truth

  • Arthur C Clark

Films disclosing the truth

  • Link in clips of films where it’s disclosed
  • Also, music videos, comics

Comics disclosing the truth

  • Comics knew / disclosed info long before films could
  • Face on Mars
  • Have entire section dedicated to backup stories from all comic books
  • Get James involved?

Sacred geometries

Fact vs According to vs Theory

  • For each stage, can clearly see paths
  • Can allow any number of insiders to validate …
  • Presented by (e.g. DW)
  • ‘Suggests’, ‘Strongly suggests’, ‘Almost certainly implies’
  • Need to be very, very sure when say ‘almost certainly’

Community participation

  • If spot any factual errors, then please let us know

Law of One

  • Some stuff only on
  • DW-WT S19E01 (32m)


  • Truths of the past that have been erased


  • Georgia Guidestones (DW-WT S13E01)

Red Cross

  • Can’t shoot the Red Cross workers
  • No hypocrisy - leave them alone
  • DW-WT S13E05 (6m)


  • Evidence of weather manipulation
  • Catalogue all episodes
  • Snowden - just because ‘they’ didn’t tell you your phone was being tapped doesn’t mean it wasn’t true
  • It was covered up!
  • It is clear from all the evidence that has already surfaced that there is a similar cover-up on the UFO / technology issue, and we just want to get to the truth
  • This issue, especially around the technologies that could save humanity, is possibly the most important issue of our time
  • If what a lot of people are saying is true, humanity already has all the technology that could save our planet, and it is being kept by just a few to keep power over the masses. This is not fair to the rest of humanity.
  • The truth is not democratic (Robert Bauval)
  • Push for disclosure
  • Info on the SSP technologies
  • History too
  • Unity Through Awareness / Truth
  • Include issues like corruption with aid to 3rd world countries
  • Present multiple different disclosure narratives
  • Try to do so objectively
  • Say that our team has employed multiple experts on body language etc to assess whether they think people in CG’s narrative (including all the sources) to see if they think they are lying, and cross-referencing data
  • Also, body-language analysis of many of the Ufologists
  • Try to present evidence from a scientific study point of view
  • Take negativity / anger away from us and on the positive idea of the world being told the truth
  • Ditto for SSP, Cabal, cover-ups, crimes against humanity …
  • Electro-plasmic universe
  • Hyperdimensional mathematics
  • Psycho-electro-plasmic
  • Petition to demand the technologies be disclosed
  • List of technologies
  • Short PDF with summary of the info


  • David Sereda





  • Astral projections, 1m years ago, Mars




Examination of Source Field Investigation

  • Get PhD holders to break down all the different parts of the source field investigations, and sources
  • Identify very specific articles and link to evidence, and to whether the presentation of the information (by us) is an accurate representation of the article
  • Get doctors from around the world to verify that

Standardized summaries of papers

  • Create a generic way to summarize all scientific papers
  • Key formulae, diagrams etc
  • Also, key stumbling points

Basis for the rest of the investigations

  • Devise other tests that could check the same thing
  • Create various hypotheses and test them
  • Add more evidence
  • Create new tests
  • Do this in Model5

Both right and wrong

  • Include arguments that are shown to be wrong, too
  • Indicate arguments that are critically wrong, or just casually wrong


Assume certain hypotheses

  • Assume certain hypotheses first, like sacred geometry
  • Then test the hypothesis


  • 23-12 (3m)
  • The vibration shown IS the amplituhedron (or rather looks like it)
  • 4 sides of 5
  • Show DW this image alongside the image of an amplituhedron

New Theory



  • Def ‘fire in the middle’
  • Comes from the harnessing of energies
  • DW-WT S20E06
  • Egyptian - per-neter - House of Energy
  • DW-WT S21

Pyramid water

  • Build a pyramid
  • Put water inside
  • See if it helps people get well / feel better
  • DW-WT S21E01,02
  • Health benefits of pyramid water

Create commercial pyramids

  • 12m - Moscow
  • DW-WT S23E2 (17m)
  • Try to create really cheap pyramid that can be put up anywhere
  • Totally free of metal
  • Especially for the developing world to help harvests

Helping communities

  • Demonstrate the pyramid
  • Let them try it out for a year for free
  • If they want to keep it, then will need to pay for it (shouldn’t be expensive anyway)
  • Ideallly shared between the community
  • They could have multiple ones, with their own unique designs on - customize for the community
  • Each year, perform tests alongside the community
  • Don’t charge them, but ask them to help with the experiment
  • If after a year they decide that it has helped, then they can keep it
  • Will ask to help with more long-term experiments
  • Helps them without it appearing like a gift
  • Sets up good rapport for future beneficial services

Increasing rainfall

  • Demonstrate that it makes it rain more in an area
  • Then apply to the whole world :-)

Health of People in countryside

  • Demonstrate that it works
  • Get the Gates Foundation on board

Pyramid guidelines

  • DW-WT S23E03
  • No faces needed
  • No metal
  • No over-exposure (karma speeds up / more intense)

Razor blade in pyramid

  • Scanning electron microscope
  • DW-WT S23E04 (24m)
  • Became sharper

Pyramid kids

  • Pyramid of life
  • DW-WT S24E04 (26m)

Pyramids and earthquakes

  • DW-WT S23E04

Pyramids and granite inside

Origin of universe

Single photon

  • DW-WT S23E05
  • Second distortion NOT light
  • Dewey Larson - vibration
  • LoO seems to say that Love created light, but doesn’t say a single photon (i.e. fractal), but that light comes first
  • Fractal in the LoO

Fractal-like in Logos

  • Seems more like the fractal natures is in the source field
  • The underlying vibration is fractal, not the light
  • Light emerges from the vibration
  • Confusing sub-divided with fractalized

Packing with spheres

  • Tetrahedron (4)
  • Merkaba (8)
  • Octahedron (6)
  • Cube (8 more, 14)


  • Not quite Mandelbrot in 3D (says so on website)

Plank’s constant

  • 2/3 of cube, minus a bit (Ohm’s equation)
  • Energy of the vacuum
  • Not convinced
  • DW-WT S23E07
  • Just seems coincidental
  • Tetrahedrons not overlapping
  • Photon = tetrahedral merkaba - what???, no mention of photons, just cubes and plank’s constant
  • And the 6.626 is arbitrary

Photons are merkabas

  • Radek Chrapkiewicz
  • Maltese Cross / Templar Cross
  • DW-WT S23E07,08 (26m10)
  • Schrodinger’s equation

Plank’s equation

  • E=hv (v=frequency)
  • h=(6.626x10-34 J.s)

Maltese Cross

  • DW-WT S23E09 (9m, wrist watch on ancient Sumerian)

7 Vibrations - new?

  • Structure of whole universe follows one vibration
  • Sub-sections then follow 6 further, lower vibrations to create each Logos / sub-Logos
  • Looks like there’s a vibration in the universe that causes a Merkaba-like structure
  • Not a fractal, but is sort of fractal-like
  • Makes them spin in opposite directions, to create the double-moving torus
  • 23-12 (10m50)

Super torus

  • 23-12 (18m)

Expansion ratio

  • Major strucutre 34,560 (19m)

Octahedral universe

  • 23-12 (27m), 24-1
  • Universe forms along two octahedrons
  • Sun in centre
  • Said that there was a ‘supernode’ close to our solar system
  • Super diagram
  • Egg-carton universe - seems like lots of spheres

Fractal octahedral universe

  • 24-1 31m30
  • 7 octahedra inside one
  • 7 spheres sit inside larger one


  • Separate single hydrogen atom out
  • Expose to different vibrations / frequencies of light?
  • If turns into helium, lithium … then suggests theory correct

Geometry in the universe

List of studies

  • All papers from universities that show geometry, especially sacred geometry, in the universe
  • 24-1 6m


  • Vibration
  • Octahedrons
  • Spheres in octahedrons


  • VIBRATIONS IN THE LOGOS / morphic field
  • The vibrations ‘learn’ from previous
  • If the vibration were light, then would be too slow

Binary nature

  • Two main octahedra at start
  • Stars are binary

Galaxies and sacred geometry

  • 24-4 13m

Crop circles

Crop cricles fractals

  • 24-2 15m

Crop circles narrative

  • Assume that the ET’s are presenting various info to us
  • That they exist (but doubt, because of free will)
  • Look at x,y,z in terms of physics
  • Put dates
  • Fluid dynamics was the key (26-2, 10m)

Sacred numbers

  • Build into
  • Harmonics
  • DW-WT S23E06

Platonic solids


  • DW-WT S23E06 (19m))
  • Sacred geometry comes out
  • Dodecahedron - trapezoid / triangle alternate
  • Tetrahedron = 1/3 volume cube
  • Oct -> Icos, golden ratio
  • Cube inside dodecahedron
  • Merkaba inside cube
  • Octahedron inside tetrahedron (2 of them)
  • Icosahedron inside octahedron
  • Dodecahedron inside icosahedron
  • DW-WT S23E08 (6m20)
  • Merkaba, Octahedron, Cube in ancient Buddhist image


Russian poltergeist sightings

  • DW-WT S23E02

Appearance of photos

Photons appear everywhere

  • Dimensional shift?
  • DW-WT S23E01

Atoms like black holes

  • DW-WT S23E01



  • Bubble inside water gives off light
  • DW-WT S23E01

Aspden effect


  • Try to get physicists on board that know about the science
  • THe guy that was interviewed on CD was good



  • Make it a generic tool
  • Can be hooked into anything
  • Projects can be included / not
  • Any number of timelines can be merged on top of one another / combined
  • Evidence can be hooked into it (photos, links …)






  • Link events to different news sites around the world
  • Different languages


  • Thread for topics like ‘Brexit’
  • Could just use tags
  • Have sub-threads / timelines


  • The universe is a holographic projection of the interacting universal consciousness fields
  • There is no ‘reality’



Norman Michael Murburg Jr Diana Weinert I just finished “200 years of coexistence” by Solzhenitsyn the most repressed book in the world right now. If you want to go deep here are some eye openers. Even though I was aware of Balfour since 1973, I was a Holocaust believer. After Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decried the Holocaust as a myth I thought he was nuts. But rather than dismiss him, I decided to see if there was some evidence to support his “crazy” claim. After the research, he was not so crazy. The criminal conspiracy is a fact. It is how we got the Fed and were drawn into WWI. It is how we got Churchill, Lenin, Hitler and WWII. Then the Zionists used the liberated camps (starved due to lack of supplies because US and Soviet bombers had taken out the railways) as examples of starvation and killings during the war to win public support for the state of Israel. And use it they did, even though the evidence did not support the narrative. Certainly there were atrocities, Barnau among them but the “6 million” has always been a myth sold as fact. It was an impossibly high number to begin with. Some Jewish scholars have set the number at under a million but these Red Cross documents really cast doubt even on those numbers. The narrative we get is more propaganda than fact. Yes there was a Holocaust but let’s get real about the facts and the numbers so that never again will we be misled and never again will there be another Holocaust.
10 newspapers from 1915-1938 before the Holocaust allegedly happened.
Rare interview with Fred Leuchter 1985
Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom interview
(Banned in Europe!) Exposing the Holocaust Hoax : Zionist WW2 Lies.
Holocaust Survivors who Tell the Truth
Become a Holocaust Denier in 14 Minutes
The lie
Chamber destroyed
newspapers from 1915-1938 before the Holocaust allegedly happened.
Rare interview with Fred Leuchter 1985
Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom interview
(Banned in Europe!) Exposing the Holocaust Hoax : Zionist WW2 Lies.
Holocaust Survivors who Tell the Truth
Become a Holocaust Denier in 14 Minutes
Nietzsche on Jews
Gas chamber
Documentary by Jewish guy
Father what’s his name
Chambers are a myth



  • Could put disclosure in Lab5


Disclosure is going to affect us all

  • Whether we like it or not, there are truths that are going to come out in the coming years and decades that we are not going to like
  • Our governments have lied to us for about a century about some of the most important things in our lives, and when it comes out, a lot of people are going to be very angry
  • It will show the Snowden leaks and Wikileaks archives to just be a tiny tip of the iceberg

Humanity will know the whole truth eventually

  • Eventually humanity will know all the dark secrets of the past hundred years, and it is now not a case of if this information comes out, but when
  • It will likely take decades before the full truth of our dark past is properly understood
  • The truth will set us free (but first will tick us off)

We want to look positively to the future

  • Although there will be many disturbing aspects to disclosure, that will make a lot of people want to just put their heads into the sand and not think about them, there will also be many positives, and it is those positives that we want to promote
  • There are technologies that can give us free and clean energy, make us healthy, cure cancer and purify water that exist right now

We want to help humanity now

  • We just want to focus on helping people now
  • By making people aware of this issue, we can help to accelerate the disclosure movement that has been going on for decades in the background, hopefully getting help to those in need quicker in the process
  • We’ve picked what we think are the 5 most important technologies that will really help people now

Please support the movement

  • Please contact your representative to make them aware of the issues
  • The more people talk about this issue, the more likely it’ll will all come out quicker

We can create a better world by being nicer

  • Good always wins out over bad, even if it takes longer than we’d like
  • We can all help in our own little way by just being nicer, friendlier, more forgiving and loving to others (and to ourselves)


Clean transport

Free energy

Cancer cures


Water purification


Laws of physics

  • Launching Lab5 to investigate the laws of physics
  • Leading scientists have discovered a much more accurate model of the universe, and we’ve put it together into a single package to help advertise it and co-ordinate scientists from around the world to repeat the different parts of it

Disclosure process so far


  • List all the movies / TV series that were in fact trying to tell us something


Official releases



Disclosure documentaries

Patent disclosure

  • To help scientists who may not know about it

Disclosure sites

Divine Cosmos

Full Disclosure Project

Red Pill One

Sirius Disclosure

Sphere Being Alliance

The Disclosure Project

United Family of Anomaly Hunters


  • Model5 launch
  • Same time, so that people don’t see it coming so easily
  • Gives time to establish Web5 and Economy5
  • Have all the main features of Web5 / Economy5 implemented first if possible

Chain of command disclosure

  • Emphasize the importance for people in positions of responsibility to know the truth
  • Elected officials, police …
  • Be persistent


  • We need to have good/evil
  • IF people start to think it’s humans vs aliens, try to bring it back to
  • Humans + good aliens vs Illuminati + bad aliens


Adam Riva (Dauntless Dialog)


  • Disclosure5 - positives only
  • Start small?
  • Deeper, darker stuff on separate websites


  • Local TV
  • Mainstream, national partial



  • CE-5
  • Help create peaceful contact with ET’s and inner Earth beings

Rainbow body

DW-WT S10E01

  • Padmasambhava footprint
  • Trekchö practice
  • 5V - Ah symbol (focus on the rainbow body)
  • Like Vision5 / hand gestures



  • Light

Repair / recovery

  • DW-WT S12E08



Base-12 mathematics:

  • Apparently base-10 mathematics means we can’t understand universal mathematics properly
  • Need to learn base-12 maths



  • Very long-term
  • 25+ years
  • Markers every 2.5 years
  • Try to mix in both shorter-term accelerated studies with very long-term studies
  • Include mixing studies

First marker:

  • First marker will be an analysis of vaccine research thus far
  • How good is the research, what types of additional research need doing …
  • Make this come out after Launch5
  • Make it appear like we don’t already know it’s a shamble


  • Create courses
  • Coursebooks





  • Rob
  • Ben
  • Simon Esler
  • DW / Corey?


  • LightAmbassador5
  • Communication from guides through Light Ambassadors to us




  • Blue Avians


  • Arcturians
  • No origin


  • Arcturians
  • Blue Avians

Soul groups

  • Arcturians: 2
  • Blue Avians: 2
  • No origin: 1


Us -> Person -> Guides:

  • We explain the role (later on, online)
  • Explain expectations


  • Confirm that they agree to this to the person (each soul group separately)
  • Confirm that they’re OK with the names we use (LightAmbassador5 / LightAlliance5)
  • Confirm this to the Blue Avians (again, separately)

Blue Avians:

  • Confirm that the guides have each confirmed this to them
  • Confirm the stated origins of the guides
  • Confirm the pure and loving intent of the person

Blue Avians > Me:

  • BA > Fran > Me (initially)
  • BA > Sil > Me (if there’s no doubt)
  • BA > Me (when I’m able to communicate directly)

[LightAmbassador5 Protocol]

Us -> Person -> Guides:

  • We explain the role (later on, online)
  • Explain expectations


  • Confirm that they agree to this to the person (each soul group separately)
  • Confirm that they’re OK with the names we use (LightAmbassador5 / LightAlliance5)
  • Confirm this to the Blue Avians (again, separately)

Blue Avians:

  • Confirm that the guides have each confirmed this to them
  • Confirm the stated origins of the guides
  • Confirm the pure and loving intent of the person

Blue Avians > Me:

  • BA > Fran > Me (initially)
  • BA > Sil > Me (if there’s no doubt)
  • BA > Me (when I’m able to communicate directly)




6th density:

  • Unity consciousness
  • Put notes in all activities
  • Note 4th D positive / negative, 5th d +/-, 6th d
  • Try to get the lightworkers of the world to focus on 6th density as long-term goal




Michael Love



  • Not actual first contact
  • Humans have been in contact with ET’s since ancient times
  • We’re talking about public, open contact between terrestrial humans and non-terrestrial races


Other names

  • Interstellar5
  • Intergalactic5
  • Galactic5
  • StarTrek5



  • $1B total
  • Body of large numbers of doctors
  • All like-minded
  • Acidic waste / Robert Young
  • Research
  • Publishing / peer review platform
  • Programs for doctors based on existing regulations
  • Plan to lobby / publicise
  • Use Web5 for marketing
  • Start this soon after get RV money
  • Will take multiple years, so best to get in early
  • Synchronize the publication of 500 articles on the same day backing up the theories
  • Translate the most important parts into 100 languages
  • Merge with allopathic and Eastern medicine
  • Expose Big Pharma + murders (apparent suicides) of natural medical practitioners (interviews with family members?)
  • Email all doctors in the world when it’s ready?
  • Promotion by RevolutionOne or someone else, rather than Academy5?
  • Clean up GMOs / RoundUp (Glyphosate) - mushrooms?
  • Take down Big Pharma
  • Free course for all doctors
  • Target all legislators to end oppression of medical doctors in all countries
  • Invite doctors to put their names to the movement to incorporate the information into nationalized medical practices and official medical teaching
  • Contact all medical schools worldwide + say that funding is now available for all natural medicine research


Out-bid Big Pharma:

  • Pay more to academic institutions than Big Pharma
  • Say that they won’t receive anything if they work with Big Pharma
  • Dr Robert Young


Dr Robert Young:

Sugar / salt:

  • Waste product of metabolism
  • Bodies don’t run on sugar
  • Explain the whole process?
  • Don’t need sugar, need salt
  • Flow of electrons


  • Should just take sodium chlorite in water?
  • Not add acid to it?



  • Complete courses for parents / others to homeschool
  • From 4/5 up to high school age


Length of time for primary goal to be achieved:

  • R5: 5-10 years
  • I5: 10-15 years
  • E5: 15-20 years
  • S5: 20-25 years
  • P5: 25-30 years



Third parties:

  • Anyone that wants to join us in collaboration / duplication of successful models
  • Could be any of the pillars, but especially E5/H5

Separate names:

  • Rocket5 Alliance
  • CleanWater5 Alliance
  • Market5 Alliance (keep prices low for consumers, avoid inflation)

Sharing ideas / co-creating:

  • Spend time in each others’ organizations
  • Try to learn from one another
  • Divide information into each section / project
  • Potentially work in each others’ organizations for a bit


TV channels:

  • So I want to create this online TV channel with awesome content.
  • Initially, I was thinking to just focus on the Great Awakening stuff, but actually, I’d like to cover everything on Vision5.
  • I’m thinking of calling it Prime5.
  • On Prime5, we can have lots of different channels, shows, documentaries etc that come under any one of the 5-sections.
  • Initially, we could actually start to do this for Web5 / Economy5 stuff.
  • But then it would come into force for the Unity5 stuff.
  • We can have shows to demonstrate to people how Web5 / Economy5 stuff will be really valuable to people, then when Unity5 comes out, we’ll start to hit people with truthing content.
  • We could have Edge of Wonder / Destroying the Illusion under Reality5, Aaron Doughty under Consciousness5, etc.
  • That way, we’re not limiting ourselves to a part of Vision5 - we’ll be covering the whole of it.
  • Including the Humanity5 stuff too, and later on, how the new economic model will help people.
  • And we’ll have content in lots of different languages.


  • Have explanation animations
  • Explain every different concept in Vision5
  • Have these translated into lots of different languages


Update ticker:

  • Can choose which sections of Vision5 that want updates for
  • Can combine them into one long update ticker
  • Sub-divide by section etc
  • Customized RSS feed


Credibility5 / Trust5

Trust system within the Vision5 organization

But that’s going to be a rather complex thing to get round, and they’re crafty.
Luckily, so am I.
I also like the idea of having multiple ways of presenting the information, potentially under different domains.
One idea I’ve had is to have the home page of every topic be a list of the top 10 keypoints on every topic. This came to me yesterday wrt the birth certificate issue.
I’ve got the overall structure in place, and we’ll put together a large team of people - both within the organization and the public - to organize the information and filter through it.
Throught the whole organization we’ll have a mutual trust system, whereby people can earn trust points in different areas. To get the highest points and most credibility, it takes years. If multiple people with high credibility say that the same person has high credibility, then that helps raise their credibility within our system. This will be used over the whole platform, in many different areas, for many different topics / fields.
So within this area, we’ll build up a large team that I and other close people trust - at least for their honesty and integrity - and then build it from there.
Eventually, it’ll become impossible to get anywhere near the top of the organization if you don’t have high credibility.
And the people with high credibility will have higher weight within the organization.
Even I won’t be able able to over-ride the whole algorithm.
However, I’ll have the highest weight of anyone within it - of course.
At least to begin with.
To get the highest rating, you’ll have to put 20+ years into it with everyone involved believing in you.
I’ll use my start point as 2003, so I’ll get this highest ranking in 2023.

5+ people:

  • All top-level decisions are made by top5 people
  • Certain decisions can be delegated to one of the 5, but the delegation is by the 5 to the 1


Social development:

  • Include people that look at all aspects
  • Go into an area, and speak to locals
  • Include aspects from all the different angles, especially Economy5 and Humanity5
  • In general, it’s the Development5 team that goes into a place first of all

Speaking to locals:

  • Say that this is part of 25-50 year project to build a much better future for the whole of humanity
  • By 2040, we helping create a better future for at least 80% of the entire world
  • We are not just giving things to others - we want to work in partnership with people like yourselves to create a better future for everyone here - according to your wishes, your culture, your customs and how you want to live
  • We have technology, resources and ideas that can help build a better future for the people here, but we want to help you create your vision (not ours)
  • You are among the first people we are speaking to, so in effect, you will be the pioneers here (not us)
  • Soon, we will tell you our ideas, but first we are here to listen
  • We want to know what is important to you
  • What do you need?
  • What are the parts of your culture that you think we should know about?
  • What kinds of services are typical to your area?
  • What kinds of jobs do you feel you need?

_Don’t know



Custome powder mix:

  • Everything that’s in the organic powders I’ve got
  • Supergreens
  • Not mushrooms - message from Layah - good in 3D, but not 5D
  • Combine them so there’s 55 ingredients in one
  • Have the separate branches too
  • Sell in powder or capsules
  • Acai will help make it taste nice :-)

Organic superfoods fast:

  • Don’t eat food, just have superfood powder mixed with water
  • Essentially a water fast, but with quality nutrients
  • Makes a difference whether or not it’s organic
  • Can start on a water fast, then transition to a superfood fast
  • Might make fasting more appealing to many people
  • Also, the detox period is likely to be less intense
  • Will have awesome health benefits, and will make fasting more approachable to many people
  • Easier for people who for practical reasons might not easily be able do a water fast

Food trucks






Brent Johnson:


Web5 ($1B)

Infrastructure ($700m):

  • TBM’s
  • TDC’s
  • BDC’s
  • Servers ($100m)
  • Other equipment
  • Refurbishment
  • Globalus team
  • Partnerships

Tech5 team ($300m):

  • TopTal
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Project managers
  • Team-builders
  • 5 years’ worth

Economy5 ($1B)


  • 55 countries
  • Regulated
  • Accounts
  • Deposits
  • Support for Pay5


  • 55 countries (at least)
  • No fees up to $10k?
  • Cost-fees thereafter


  • Cities - New York, London, Zurich, Tokyo, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Integration with the securities organizations
  • Regulation by SEC, FSA, Swiss equivalent …


  • Blockchain (Dfinity?)
  • Integrated with servers - dual system
  • Integrated with QFS


  • 555 awesome online businesses
  • Online development using Tech5
  • Payouts using Rocket5 for open-source development
  • Core team of 1000-2500 people to cross-manage all the businesses
  • People with awesome ideas / skills can join our core team by showcasing their talents on Tech5 first

Humanity5 ($1B)

Ideas ($100m each):

Western countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand mostly):

  • 1 - Homeless
  • 2 - Kids / parents
  • 3 - Veterans
  • 4 - Other weak / vulnerable
  • 5 - Healing centers (beds, protandim, fasting …)

Developing countries:

  • 6 - Microfinance, through Kiva
  • 7 - Clean water
  • 8 - Clean lighting / electricity
  • 9 - Universal basic income
  • 10 - Social development


  • Social enterprise
  • Schools, teachers, hope for kids (invest in their ideas, no matter what they are, freedom writers, match fundraisers)
  • Sex trafficking support

Planet5 ($1B)

Ideas ($100m each):

  • 1 - Biodegradable packaging (plastics … - sell, partnerships)
  • 2 - Garbage cleanup (ocean, coast, waterways, processing)
  • 3 - Animals (endangered species, pets)
  • 4 - Balanced agriculture (natural pesticides, plants etc, pesticide cleanup - mushrooms - buy land, do research)
  • 5 - Pyramids (environment, crops …)
  • 6 - Climate change research
  • 7 - Eco villages, harmony living etc
  • 8 - Anti-smog trees / air pollution
  • 9 - Clean energy (zero point energy)
  • 10 - Clean travel (electrogravitics)

Jennifer Whittington, [18.02.20 12:55]
Momma says she knows and is quite happy with your list. The main thing she wants if for the people living here to learn how to take care of her and others.

Jennifer Whittington, [18.02.20 12:55]
Most importantly she wants the ocean cleaned up and plastics gone.

Academy5 ($1B)

Research5 ($100m each):

  • 1 - Real science (frequency / vibration physics, base-12 math)
  • 2 - Real history (ancient civilizations…)
  • 3 - Real biology (DNA, genes, upgrading, positronic energies)
  • 4 - Vaccines (>$1B study, >lobby, >$10T class action)
  • 5 - Alternative healing (holistic, MMS, Gerson Therapy, homeopathy, Protandim, fasting)
  • 6 - Cancer research (frequencies, Gerson, MMS)

ThankQ ($1B in Rocket5)

Meeting with Team Trump:

  • Don Jr
  • Ivanka
  • Eric
  • JFK Jr (if alive)

Meeting intro:

  • Are they sure that their phones aren’t going to be recording without us knowing?
  • I won’t take one


  • Vision5
  • RevolutionOne
  • UnityOne
  • OIA


  • How it started
  • Life in 5 blocks of 20 years


  • $1B in Rocket5 for ThankQ Foundation
  • Publicly say 50-50
  • Helps vets
  • Pays for their presidential runs
  • Won’t need any outside sponsorship (thus can just work in the interests of the people)
  • Ask to help do what’s best for America and the world
  • Set up things for a smooth transition - in partnership
  • Armed forces plan a decade in advance
  • On the off chance none of them wins, wouldn’t mind trying to put some things in place with the armed forces before DJT leaves the White House (but up to them if they want to speak to their father or not)
  • Military intel wants to advise us on which companies to clean up first, I’m happy to work with them

Great for everyone:

  • We get to take advantage of their business acumen and obviously ties to Q, Alliance, draining the swamp etc
  • Vets is both a great cause, and great marketing
  • They’ll get their presidential campaigns paid for, and great PR for philanthropy
  • The American people and the rest of humanity will benefit long-term

Press conference:

  • They do meeting with Vision5’s Chief Evangelist
  • I’ll keep out of the public eye (for now)
  • $500m each (in fact us 100%)
  • Then can talk about awesome investment
  • Want to use it to help the vets etc
  • Investment for the future
  • Vision5 wanted to partner with a big name

Shifting money:

  • If they want to actually put some additional money in, they can
  • Alternatively, if they think people will start snooping around their books, they can move money into an account in one of our banks (that we’ll just keep there and they can take it out later)
  • From Vision5’s point of view, it’ll all be done offshore




  • 36.5% to start with
  • Goes down by 0.1% each day
  • Calculated by the second
  • First $50m - 25%
  • Second $50 - 20%
  • Fifth - 5%
  • Calculate it so that we lose income rather than creating a ton more money
  • The Rocket5 system is obviously new, and potentially revolutionary, and it’s only appropriate that the first people to see the potential and opportunity are rewarded
  • Starting bonus is based on the day that you sign up and how much has already been invested
  • Starts at 25% on day 1, 24% on day 2
  • Also goes down progressively as the numbers increase
  • Goes down by 1% for each $10m that is invested
  • So when get to $250m, there will no longer be a bonus
  • Secretly make it go down by 0.1 each day anyway
  • Create a queue


  • Incentive5
  • Invite5
  • Promote5
  • Share5
  • Reward5
  • Tell others about Vision5, and get 10% of what your referees invest (excluding any bonuses that they might receive)
  • Will go down later on
  • 10% for first week
  • 8% for week 2
  • 6% for week 3
  • 4% for week 4
  • 2% for week 5
  • 1% thereafter until Electrum5 trading commences
  • Every 5 days it goes down by 1%
  • After 45 days, goes down to 1%, and then stays there, for 1 year


  • “What if you never had to work again just because you told loads of people about Vision5?”
  • For some, could end up being a life-changing referral scheme
  • If you know people who have money to invest in a sure opportunity that has great returns, then you’ll definitely want to check it out
  • Even if you don’t know any really rich people, if you know a lot of people, and each of them invests just $100, you could end up never having to work again
  • It’s really that good ;)
  • Get a Double5 token for every referral that you make
  • Value after yr 1 - about $2.80, yr2 - about $5.60
  • These tokens steadily double in value each year for the first 5 years
  • Referral codes go inside the URL
  • [name][referral_id]/path/to/page
  • Neater
  • Can then link to any of the ‘teaser’ pages
  • Don’t give people free tokens
  • But give them a 10% commission on Rocket5 tokens that any referrals invest
  • Rocket5 tokens underpin Economy5, and automatically double in value every year for 5 years, and then keep going up after that
  • Their exact future value makes them a really good investment - for anyone, but especially to those who don’t like risk
  • This referral program will continue long-term, so even referrals made now who trade tokens in 10 years’ time will still earn you commissions
  • For a limited time, the referral rate will be 10% (normal value 1%) - standard rate (will never go lower than this)
  • The earlier you sign up, and the earlier you invest in Rocket5, the earlier everyone benefits
  • Many cryptocurrencies offer tokens for referrals, but those tokens won’t necessarily have any value in the future - it’s a gamble
  • No other cryptocurrency (that we know of) pays you commissions on investments that you referrals make with ‘normal’ currency - they can’t, because the free-flowing nature of basically all other cryptocurrencies would make their price go down, so the suppliers would lose money
  • Because we fixing how Rocket5 will continually go up in value, we can be generous with people who tell others about us



  • The part of Economy5 that will be of most interest to those with money
  • The investment opportunity of Rocket5 is unlike any other most people are likely to encounter
  • It is guaranteed to increase in value at a rate known years in advance, and calculated down to the second
  • It never goes down, only up, and initially doubles in value every year for the first 5 years
  • How many opportunities offer you a certain 32x 5-year ROI?
  • Even if you don’t yet believe Economy5 will solve all the world’s problems, we have put into writing that we guarantee the rate will double every year for 5 years, and that the rate after 5 years will be set at least 1 year before it will start to slow down
  • Formula5 guarantees that any Electrum5 investments will double in value relative to the Fiat5 currency basket (USD, EUR, GBP …) each year for 5 years
  • It will also guarantee that it continues to rise indefinitely, and thus the investment risk is essentially zero
  • In the short term the risk is essentially zero
  • In the medium-term (12-20 years into the future), we need to make sure that there is enough liquidity in the global markets for the Rocket5 system to be able to keep expanding, and we have a plan for that (primarily by creating a global system where almost all Electrum5 changes hands directly, and does not need to be converted into fiat currency, but also by working with banks to increase liquidity)
  • In the long-term (20+ years into the future), we predict that we will have a totally upgraded global economy based around programmed cryptoassets like Electrum5, but obviously we’ll have to work hard to make that happen


  • All-in-one
  • Web5 and anything else in Vision5
  • Data will be stored in the most secure data centres in the world
  • Old military bunkers in the Swiss Alps, and could even withstand a nuclear attack
  • Your data would only be accessible to you and anybody you give permission to give it to
  • Never sold to third-parties


  • All websites that are built on Platform5 can integrate
  • Can be in-browser integration or with Central5 / One5 servers
  • All the data can be separated from Vision5
  • Anyone can run their own One5 servers to coordinate (free or paid)


  • 5 top team for each node
  • Each one considered more-or-less ‘equal’ (they’re all just problem-solving)
  • Funding is worked out and put on the blockchain
  • Global algorithms analyze the data
  • Voting can also be made



  • Write up plan in advance
  • Make sure people who work with me know the plan
  • Leave a copy of that plan with lawyers
  • So long as I’m sticking to that plan (which can be updated), then they can’t prevent me from doing so
  • If I’m not sticking to the plan, including in particular making transfers to people (or the kinds of people) that I didn’t say I would be, they can stop it
  • Each transfer needs to be put into context at the time of the transfer

Remove me

  • Saada
  • Boris G
  • Kike
  • Oscar
  • Make video saying that under certain circumstances, I can be removed
  • If I seem to be a different person (mind control, clone, don’t know key info in our friendship)
  • Can have warnings or removal
  • Then oversight is handed over to a foundation
  • Tell Boris + Kike the reasons
  • Not Saada, because she’ll worry
  • Record a message that they don’t know about to give me tests to check that I’m the person they really know
  • If I don’t pass the test to their satisfaction, they have the power and the authority to remove me instantly, and have the power turned over to a foundation
  • If I return, they and they alone have the power to re-instate me, so long as I can pass the test again (e.g. if I were kidnapped, and replaced with a clone - so I could be returned to ‘power’)
  • Only the lawyers would know who
  • Also ask them to sign papers once a year to say that I’ve not lost my direction / mind / plot
  • Also trigger the launching of RPO
  • email 1 billion people in 50 languages


  • Eventually, have a Team5 president situation
  • People from 5 different continents
  • Need to speak at least 3 languages fluently, and can converse in 5 languages comfortably (preferably 5 languages fluently)
  • Need to speak English fluently
  • Needs to have traveled around the whole world and be aware of global issues
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • English-speaking Western countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Trevor Noah ?

Team5 System / Rotation5 / Collective5

  • Every section has a group at the top of 5 people
  • One person that leads it, but with any of the other 4 that could take the place of that person if needs be
  • When the top person steps down, the successor is decided primarily by the group of 5 collectively
  • Could agree to have a rotation basis too, for e.g. 3-6 months (5 months seems like a good time)
  • Work as a team, but with a spokesperson
  • Majority decision (3/5)
  • Leader represents that position to the higher level, regardless of their own personal opinion (can express opinion above)
  • Collective responsibility for decisions
  • 25% extra pay for the spokesperson
  • Look for experts in 5 key factors, with a decent-enough knowledge in the other 4 areas
  • Each member of a Team5 should demonstrate skills in one particular area (at least)
  • Have a balance / good range within the group
  • Identify the 5 key strengths that are looking for
  • Know them up front before building
  • Where it makes most sense, the team can delegate decision-making about a particular aspect to one member
  • Everyone voting on every issue doesn’t make sense
  • But need to log it, and come back to it, so the team can evaluate together


  • Each section has a rotating ‘representative’
  • Mr Blockchain5
  • Mr Platform5


  • Group of 30 at the top of Vision5
  • 5 TopTeam5’s for each pillar
  • Architect5
  • Mr Economy5 + Economy5 Team5
  • Mr Web5 …
  • Mr Blockchain5 … team underneath them


  • Team5’s for each of the 5 sections
  • Architect5 - goes between them
  • Architect5 team doesn’t necessarily need to represent publicly
  • Architect5 group need to have a solid understanding in all the areas, and be able to link them all
  • This team will be built by me, quietly
  • Need to find 4-5 others like me


  • No politicians / world leaders / high-ranking religious leaders / military (any level) allowed to visit
  • Nobody from Hollywood / the music industry that has worked for certain companies
  • Ditto for top media companies in the black-list
  • Can meet in the common areas if working on common projects
  • Not on the main campus
  • In the early days, we want to have the minimal publicity we need to get E5 going, and then keep things quiet-ish until Web5 is done and Pay5 is ready to be used
  • Present an image of (and live) non-corruption and neutrality (neutrality could be everyone, but non-corruption means nobody)
  • Famous people can potentially, but not if they have any suspect links to the Illuminati (eye/pyramid photos online enough) / related organizations + no media attention
  • Want to avoid unnecessary links with political leaders (or people high up in any government) to prevent corruption
  • At the highest levels of Vision5, there should be no prior strong friendships with the political or business elite of the world, apart from casual interactions
  • Any strong friendships should be declared in advance of applying for the job
  • Any links to any ancient / rich families of the world, including Royalty / Presidents / Government cabinet / top UN positions - automatically excludes you from the highest positions
  • Keep the policy internal for the time being, but make it an official policy of the organization
  • Make internal lists of families etc (e.g. Rothschilds) for every country
  • Also companies that have been linked to government spy operations - like PRISM (e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft) - if you’ve worked high in those companies, cannot work high in V5 - low OK, but can’t reach high in V5
  • Use the diagram of global companies that are inter-linked as the basis
  • Internally share all info about what ‘top people’ have tried to do
  • Keep a log of all bribery attempts / seemingly ‘off’ remarks or attempts at inappropriate collusion
  • Discuss any slightly off comments with group before posting, perhaps

Conference5 / Collaboration5

  • Have a separate location for conferences / meetings with other companies
  • Don’t let them come to our main office(s)



  • Redo this based on the updated projections
  • Add in Generation5, Interstellar5 …


  • Photo of me with revolution5 t-shirt
  • Doing the sign
  • Try to get a group of friends
  • Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and related concepts allow
  • Models / ideas are much stronger if they are decentralized
  • We need to share good ideas and practices, and provide the tools and platforms necessary for as many social enterprises to shine as possible
  • If one group tries to do this on its own, there will be too much concentration of power in one place and it will be a point of failure
  • Societies all around the world will be stronger if many different groups create their own solutions, and share their experiences
  • Want to promote the possibilities of this new technology, and create a platform for a decentralized, peaceful, global movement towards a better future for humanity
  • The ReVolution5 movement will share ideas from different groups around the world, and give each other feedback on what works and areas for improvement
  • If we all work together with the goal of creating a much better socio-economic model for humanity, we can achieve it
  • It just takes a few visionaries to get things going, and it’s already started
  • The masses will follow, and if we work in a semi-coordinated way globally, we’re much more likely to succeed
  • People can show their support by uploading photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter etc
  • And by creating their own solutions
  • We’ll provide the platform to share, and it’s up to the world to create solutions that inspire and work
  • The more people that get involved, the quicker we’ll succeed
  • The future of humanity is at stake
  • For the first time in history, we have the ability to transform the global economy from a debt-based system to an equity-based model


Capitalism 1.0 (what we’re using right now) is more-or-less a zero-sum game. The rich can become richer only if the poor become poorer. Since the rich generally also have the power, this is generally what happens, and shifts in the other direction only happen when the populous rebel. This system is far from ideal, and most people lose, while just a few gain. We need to change this model, and thanks to blockchain technology, now we can, and in a 100% peaceful and positive way.

At its core, Capitalism 2.0 has wealth-generation engines that create digital investments that go up in value, and distributes those investments in a way that aims to be best for everyone. Technically, these engines do not require blockchains, however assuming the implementation is robust, using blockchains has the advantage of trust and the ability to eliminate even the possibility of corruption. Rocket5 will be such a system, but it almost certainly won’t be the only one.

The long-term goal of Rocket5 is to create a wealth-generation engine big enough to be able to financially support the needs of the whole of humanity. It will initially expand quickly, such that in just 10 years it will be able to provide a modest universal basic income to every human being $5.55 per day). When we reach that point, we’ll slow down the increase in value of the cryptocurrency (so it doesn’t become crazy and all collapse), but will increase the UBI steadily, thus potentially lifting the 5 billion poorest people in the world out of poverty all together at the same time.

Those who will benefit the most initially will be the ones in the poorest countries, where the cost of living is the lowest. However, as the UBI increases, those who live in richer countries will also start to really see the benefits. Our plan doesn’t just include providing a universal basic income, it also includes providing free education, healthcare, pensions and anything else in the public interest. We’ve already listed hundreds of our own projects, but things will get really interesting when we get the platform up for everybody to get involved. Then, we’ll quite literally be able to redesign human civilization. It’s going to be exciting.

Obviously, such a vision has a million and one challenges, and to be successful, a large portion of the world’s population will need to embrace the idea and come together to help make it work. We appreciate that this won’t happen overnight, however the current models we’re using will mean creating about the same amount of wealth as there currently is in all the world’s stock markets combined (around $70 trillion) over the course of about 15 years. We believe this should be enough time to solve and implement everything necessary to make it successful on a global, or near-global scale. If not, there is leeway in the model to cope.

It’s difficult to predict precisely the effect on the world financially, but in terms of disposible wealth, over the course of 25-30 years the super-rich could become 10x richer, the rich 100x richer, the poor 1000x richer and the very poor 10,000x richer. This will bring the poorest up to the level of being able to lead a life without financial worry, while those that already have a good amount would have more. The earlier you get in, the more growth potential there is. In a rational world, everybody should be happy, but we don’t live in a rational world. ;-)


  • After 5 years, up to $100B
  • Can set up Internet5
  • Loads of other businesses
  • After about 4 years, assuming will start to provide a universal basic income to the poorest 5 billion people in the world

After about 8-10 years, assuming there’s enough throughput in Economy5, we’d likely be able to provide a universal basic income for everyone in the world that wanted it

  • About year 10, the total earnings in one year could be as much as the US Gov’ts earnings for the fiscal year of 2019
  • By year 15, could potentially be able to provide for all public services for the whole world
  • No need to worry about social security problem
  • By this time we’d easily know how much to increase the length of Double5


Global unity:

  • Some 5D event?
  • Like Megathon5?