I’m very excited about being here today! Today is a very special day.

This is going to be a complete master class with valuable information for you to significantly up your virtual show game in time for the Holidays.

This is the launch day of the program that many of you already know I’m working on

About the program

Program open for a very short time

This program will be open for a very short time, because I want to dedicate all my energy into working with everyone that joins the program to implement Virtual Shows they will extremely proud and, most important, will be completely able of running by themselves.

Beginning of a moviment

It is the beginning of a community with committed … members.

Change the game.
This will have my intensive dedication, and for that reason the registration will be limited.

This is not just the opening of the program.

This is the BEST live stream that I’ve already put together. This is a complete class with all the foundation steps to structure really Immersive Virtual Shows

This is a complete master class

This Masterclass is a complete class with all foundation steps of a virtual show.

You will be able to take action immediately and what you will learn here will help you significantly up your game in time for the Holidays

Bonus material

You will receive a bonus with material that you will be able to instantly use in your next shows.

Those who have been following me for some time now, knows that I’m always delivering quality content to help you guys get up to speed.

But this one will be EPIC.

So be sure to stay until to get those bonus materials.

You know that my material is something that is really valuable. I don’t share material that is not really impactful.

You will be able to improve your shows using this bonus material with what you will learn with me here today.

Big news at the end

At the end I’ll give a very “nice” news, but only for those who stay [mentorship]

Masterclass Super Promise

In this masterclass

3 key aspects of the program

In this Master class we’ll go trhough great value content.

You’ll learn the core basics techniques that you will be able to implement right away in your shows and burst it with interaction even if you don’t have the time or the crew to make it work.

Even if you are not joining

You will learn XYZ that are central part of the program that I’ve dedicated and put a lot of effort on and will be opening at the end.

Seat comfortably and enjoy, even if you are not joining the program at the end, I ensure you that this will be a good use of your time.

Great material + bonus

I’ll cover a lot of content and at the end I’ll will give you ALL the material that I’ll show you here for you to apply in our virtual shows.

You will not leave the same way that you entered.

Even if you don’t know if the program wil be for you or not, stay with me because there will be bonus material…

Is this for me?

Mental triggers

[convince there is a problem and the solution is XPTO]

For anyone doing or thinking on

This is for anyone that IS doing or is considering doing magic and mentalism shows.


New to virtual show

Doing 5 shows a day

Why being virtual

The virtual shows, as virtual meetings, is our new normal and is not going to change soon.

[Matt testimonial, more shows in december]

At the same time, the path to the online life is [ineroxravel] and were even cattalised by the pandemic and have a market of [nativos digitais] that [esperam] connectivity the entire time.

“Pandemic just accelerated the process, but there is already a whole generation of public 100% connected”

Theree are so powerful potential to connect to people in their homes, in their moments of hapeniess or even [solidão], I believe this is going to grow into something even more important.

This is like the early days of TV.

The world has received an massive injection of technical conscience and it is not going back from here. It is only going forward.

This is a medium of super power and the level of interaction you have here is beyond what is possible in any other medium.

Haven’t done a show yet?

I’m not … shows yet, is this right for me?

If you intend to do it, the response is absolutely yes.

You will have the opportunity to chat expeirenced performers and accesss state of the art resources and tools for….

I am doing 5 shows a day

I am a seasoned virtual performer and I do 5 shows per day, is there something for me here?

I believe that people that already doing lots of show daily [are the ones who are gonna take special advantage of todays class].

I’m going going to show here solution to problems that will allow you solve 3 of the biggest problems in virtual shows.

[elaborate on the importance of be doing these 3 tips]

Rethinking theater experience

IF you are doing shows, you arleady know, if you are not, this is the chance of strating right.

This is not about just adapting your show to the virtual medium.

This is a super medium [for the thing to work] it will take not only adapting but transforming. Rethikning the whole theater experience as we used to do it.

Be in the game

This is a movement for those show want to be IN the game “for real”.

But it’s been challenging

This is important but at the same time has been incredibly challenging..

Engagement is hard (?)

Bring the enganjament to these virtual shows is not something easy.

[not your fault / authority ]

Not your faulty

This program is for those who want to be in the game and I’m working on it for a while now, with players of all levels to elevate the virtual theater and supress the challenges that {afasta} a lot of performancs.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

It can be simple and intuitive.

You can start from really simple things, very basic equipment and just build up and evolving as you go more confortable with the different technilogy.

This is my mission.

I’m on a mission now to help performer creating Virtual Shows as they should be: simple to operate and unforgettable to the audience


By acting now

We are all immersed in the [digital]

You will begin in the right way.

You will elevate your shows even if you have no time, not a lot of equipment and not a crew.

[Testemonial of someone of someone that has a side job and do a lot of shows]
Maybe Jordan

Jordan was able to get up and running quickly

I’m here to help you in this journey>

With a lot of experience

200% of dedication

Is not easy, but there is a way

[convince there is a problem and the solution is XPTO]

Truth is, making a virtual show look great and professional is hard work either you’re going solo or with a team.

And taking full advantage of the virtual medium to produce really interactive experiences can be an almost impossible enterprise.

There are so many things to manage… new technologies, equipment to set up, routines to design… all to put together a performance you have to pull off… ALONE!

I’ve seen exceptional artists GIVE UP doing virtual shows, in the belief that it would take too much work to carry out a show that really fulfills their standards to create the unique theater experiences they envision.

In a world where being in zoom meetings sounds like work, making this a WOW virtual theater experience is, indeed, a long run.

Is it worth the effort?

Now, considering all that, you’re probably asking yourself “IS IT WORTH THE EFFORT?”

And the answer is a BIG YES!


[como fui parar aqui]

[Convince them I’m the best guy to bring the solution to them. Someone they trust to guide them in this path.]


Story 10:58


Sem falsa modéstia mas mostrando o que vc ajudou os outros a alcançar.

Decided to help the community

Free content can only go so far

Scrapping bits of information all around the internet and facebook groups will only get you so far

Beyond 1on1

Do not stop in the personal success, but help everyone in the [campo de batalho]

Helped people from all levels

People contact me every day and I try to help with free content

Decided to create a systematic content

Beyond free content that helps everyone

A systematic content that to help you with everything that is coming ahead [GM common enymy]

This masterclass is a demonstration of that

In this content I’m going to show [degustação] of the method and promote a small transformation.


[prove I’m cable of teaching]

[this is where the story permeates the content]

The wrong way

It works. But suboptmial and [às custas] of a lot of time.

The more [multi-area], the best.

It is easier to use my method (combination of difffernet personal aspets of my journey)

My method is the combination of all relevant things that happened in my story. [Being designer, developer]

[Steve jobs associa ter feito aula de tipografia com ter feito a Apple]

[Efeitos podem ser ótimos mas o show pode ser arurinado por um tempo inadequado]

[Give other examples of what can go wrong]

[correlacionar o problema com a minha solução]

[Tell some personal story of what it is like to deal with something new (?)]

[Loop through Wrong and Right way on all 3 topics]

I’ll send the replay and obs template

I will send you the OBS template as a BONUS to get you up and running fast. Everyone that is registered and here right now will receive this bonus.

Hook to the offer

I’ve shared a really valuable content for you today

close all the tabs

This is just a fraction of what I’ve designed in my program

With everything you’ve seen here you can do…

BUt today I want to give you an opportunity to take the next step with me

I’ll blow your mind

So what I’m going to show you now is going to blow your mind.

Super Promise

If you like what you saw so far, you better prepare yourself for what I’m going to show ahead.

Create truly immersive ONE-PERSON performances and deliver a VIRTUAL THEATER experience your audience will NEVER forget.

I’ve designed a program

To create truly immsersive experience managed by a single person.

Experience the audience will never forget.

Intensive help


Am I promising too much?

You might be asking yourself how would I be able to do that much?

Am I promise too much?

You’ve seen, it is possible.

The opportunity is opening right now.

[taha video]

[Dar contretude pra promessa dado o que eu tenho escrito mais recentemente]

This is the opportunity to arrive Christmas [bombando com seu show em outros termos] and advance in 2021 [abrindo seu leque de repertório em termos de imersão e interatividade com a audiência]

[Be the more specific that I can. Say months, weeks, days]

How is it gonna happen?

My invite today is that you join the Inside The Show Program

Explain the program

[Be detailed, like you explaining to Simone’s mom]

[FAQ will help, and draft email of remarketing]


Break objections

O modo de operação do curso reforça o processo de transformação:


Price anchoring

Ancorar a preciosidade do valor:

Vale muito mais do que custa, não tem haver com o preço.

É um investimento para entrar e inovar num novo mercado

É um investimento por que vai retornar pra você.

Está investindo pra estar jogando um jogo totalmente diferente.

E um bônus pra fazer bastante uso nos shows de fim de ano.

What is the value of this investment?

Besides that, you’ll get 3 bonuses

1- Facebook Group with my follow up
2- Live sessions with Q&A Guests
3- Live consultancy if you buy before Cyber Monday is over

Never have to worry about scraping bits of information

My consultancy hourly is $100

Opportunity to get all of this for a fraction of what it would cost

I know it not cheap

Hook to objection break


If you buy before cyber monday

Open Chat

Time to consume the product

Time will be short

Urgency and scarcity

Você já sabe disso. Vc já sentiu o gosto de fazer de uma forma diferente. Hoje voçê vai sair daqui afazendo diferente já e isso é só o pingo de começo.

É impossível sem a prática, sem um método, chegar num resultado satisfatório.

Então, esse é um programa como não existe nenhum outro no mercado e eu posso te assegurar.

[Urgência é pela transformação: a hora é agora. É hora de sair na frnete, sair junto e resolver isso de uma vez por todas. Não atravessar mais um período de tempo indetemrinado sem dominar essa forma de rodar os shows. Não tem oportunidade mlehor. Não tem decisão melhor que ele possa tomar nesse ano de 2020. Por que se ele ficar de fora, a sensação de não aproveitar tudo o que ele pode aproveitar nos holidays, e não entrar deposi do inverno complettamente transformado com poder de craição e execução de shows, ele vai realmente lamentar bastnate. Por que você não tem a menor idéia o quanto que essa turma vai demandar de mim e quando é que eu vou poder abrir denovo alguma coisa semelhante. Mas uma coisa é certa, igual a isso eu nunca vi ainda.]


[Gerar a sensação de qu vai ficar sem, e que via ficar de fora de uma comunidade que estar nascendo. Gatilho do pertencimento. Esse vai ser um grupo muito especial de membros fundadores dessa comunidade, e eu tenho certeza que eu não vou parar. Por que eu quero mudar o rumo da prosa.]

Nesse caso, pouquíssimo tempo é REAL.

Dependendo do número de pessoas que registrem, eu posso encurtar o período de abertura, por que eu tenho um limite de capacidade de absorçnao num projeto como esse e eu não vou fazer nada meia boca.

[Gm do desapego]

Se achar que não é pra voçê, que nõa está na sua hora de entrar, melhor não entrar. Por que essa é a geração de uma comunidade e eu tenho realmente escacês de tempo e eu quero pessoas tnao comprometidas como eu de buscar elevar as coisas pro próximo nivel. SE esse não é você hoje, não é pra você agora.


Mas se for, não espera não, pois serão NO Máximo 72h de abertura de vagas. E se eu achar que for muitio, acredite, eu vou fechar antes. Pois via ser relament eu um trabalho de dedicação que eu vou começar aqui.


Eu disse pra voçês que quem ficasse até o final iria ter uma notícia incrível que eu vou falar agora. Mas é pra você se increver AGORA.

Quem se inscrever até a meia noite de cybe rmonday via ter uma consulturia comigo.

Isso é muito loucura da minha parte, mas eu queria dar algo muito especial para vocês que ficaram até aqui até o final.

Vai ser hard, mas eu vou fazer consultoria individual ocm TODOS que se inscreverem até meia noite da cybe rmonday.

Então, não deixa pra depois, compra agora. Não deixa pra amanha pois eu estou abrindo até meia noite, mas se tiver muita procura, eu fecho as inscrições ants mesmo.

Então, já decidiu que é pra você, não deixa pra depois. Ffaz agora.

Via ser um prazer conhecer o seu show e faz consultoria invidual com vocês todos.

Metralhadora de provas