What Is Local SEO and How Does It Work?
Local SEO, or Local search engine optimisation, is the process of optimising your website and all of your content to appeal to search engine algorithms such as those used by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

While general SEO focuses on achieving high rankings in niche-specific searches, local SEO considers the user’s location.

While many of the same concepts apply, keyword use and backlinking will change to suit local audiences and optimise impact in a smaller pool of competitors.

How does Local SEO Work?
Each search engine has a single goal: to provide the most relevant results for a user query.

Search engines achieve this by crawling, indexing, and ranking all internet material and filtering out the best results using artificial intelligence. Your position on the results page is determined by whether or not your website has the required components while excluding those that Google considers being penalized.

Local SEO aims to get a higher ranking on these sites by targeting a more localized audience. Instead of competing with the big players in your market, you’ll want to stand out in your local.

Techniques including certain inserting location-specific terms in keywords and backlinking to local events pages will increase your visibility in a more relevant area. This will boost your ranking when local searchers look for your product or service.