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glass, fabric, rubber, or even shell and what sort of material you want to use in order to keep the beads together. You can thread things onto cord, ribbon, elastic, leather, or metal chains, as well as many other things.

One of the styles of beads that have emerged in recent years as a firm favorite amongst home jewelry makers is the “Pandora” style of beads. They have much larger holes than most other sorts of beads, and they are also delightfully chunky. If you want to work with these beads, you will probably have to buy a thicker gauge of threading material to work with, so that your work looks as high quality as the bead you are using. These beads are alternatively known as European-style beads because this is the region of the world where they originated from. There are three main styles of Pandora glass beads.

Polished Pandora Glass Beads
Polished glass beads are beads that are made from glass that has first been cast into a bead shape, and then vigorously polished until it is smooth. These globules use colored glass, but the coloring process, teamed with the way they are cast and polished means that every bead has a completely unique finish. If you buy a pack of these beads, they will look similar, but the vein patterns and marbled effects of each bead will look slightly different. Although these beads do not offer as much sparkle as some of the other beads which are available, they do offer a lot of variety.

Pandora Faceted Glass Beads
Faceted glass beads have been cut and polished so that they have a larger number of edges and a large number of faces. These faces have been cut and polished to help to give the bead as much sparkle and shine as possible. Faceted globules are also available in a wide range of different colors, but unlike their polished cousins, these globules should all be completely identical. Each bead is only one color and should not contain any variation.

Pandora glass beads with colored rhinestones
These beads usually consist of a metal core, which is studded with glass rhinestones. These glass rhinestones are faceted for extra sparkle. If you are buying Pandora glass beads that are studded with rhinestones, you will usually have the choice of buying ones where the rhinestones are only one color or buying beads where the studded rhinestones are two or more alternating colors. These globules offer a lot of sparkles, and a lot of variety, but if you buy lower quality globules they will break very easily. If you want to buy studded glass beads, always choose higher-quality ones.

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