Introduction (6-8 sentences)

Lead-in (attention getter)

Sometimes I stop and ask myself,where do I come from?

Build up to thesis statement

To discover where I came from, I have explored my paternal and maternal lineages, and my family’s current story.

Thesis statement (main idea of the essay+essay map: main argument + the three points you’re going to discuss)

Body Paragraph 1 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 1 (main idea of the paragraph)

My paternal lineages are life lessons.

Supporting details (2-3 examples to support your topic sentence)

Concluding sentence (wraps up paragraph and ties everything together)

Body Paragraph 2 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 2

My maternal lineages are more connected to me.

Supporting details

Concluding sentence

Body Paragraph 3 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 3

My family has a long, crazy story.

Supporting details

Concluding sentence

Conclusion (6-8 sentences)

Paraphrase thesis statement

To discover where I came from, I have explored my strict paternal lineage, warm-hearted maternal lineage, and my family’s confusing current story.

Paraphrase topic sentences

My paternal lineage has educated me for the real life. My maternal lineage gave me motivation. My family’s exciting current story has made me expect for the unexpected.

Final thoughts (what do you want the reader to do/remember?)

Whenever I think about family the first thing I think is love. What is life without family?