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Why Does My Amazon Fire Tablet Keep Disconnecting From Wifi?

Wondering why your Amazon fire tablet keeps disconnecting from wifi? Don’t worry! It is not an issue with your device or wifi router. Sometimes, even the slightest fault in the network or device’s settings may hinder the connection.

This blog will explain the reasons behind this issue and the right way to resolve it so that you can have an uninterrupted reading time.

Reasons: Kindle Fire Keeps Disconnecting from Wifi

Know the problems before you find the solution;

• Problem with your Internet Service Provider.
• Electromagnetic waves emitted by devices and gadgets in your home.
• Older version of router firmware/software.
• Virus or malware in your router.
• Kindle device hardware or software issues.
ce hardware or software issues.

Solutions: Kindle Loses Connection

Here are some easy tips to resolve the disconnection issue without requiring any technical knowledge;

• Internet Connection: First of all, start by checking your internet connection. Check if the internet is fine on other devices. Tightly secure all the wired connections. Lastly, contact your ISP if the issue is on its end.

• Remove Interfering Devices: There are many devices in a house that emit electromagnetic waves. These disturb the connection. Relocate your wifi router or change your location where there are no devices interfering with the connection.

• Firmware Update: It is mandatory to update your wifi router’s firmware from time to time. Firmware plays a crucial role in the router’s connectivity and working. So keep it updated to the latest version.

• Kindle Update: Every now and then, a device needs to be updated to keep it working efficiently. So, make sure you update your Amazon Kindle reader next time it shows an update notification.

• Factory Reset: If nothing works, reset your tablet to its default factory settings and then set it up again from scratch.

Important Note: Before resetting, know the important points to avoid losing your data.

Chat To Get Reset Instructions

Wrapping Up!

You can have an uninterrupted reading time when the ‘Amazon fire tablet keeps disconnecting from wifi’ issue is resolved. Once you know these steps, you can follow them anytime you face a similar issue in the future. Make sure, you know the precautionary steps before resetting the device, as it might delete all your important data.