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Seeing the increasing market for live tv streaming service providers, Youtube TV was launched in February 2017. Many popular channels like AMC, Bravo TV, CNN, BBC World, TNT, ABC, NBC and Cartoon Network are part of its 100 plus channel lineup. Earlier, Regional Sports Network (RSN) or Bally Sports was also part of their package, but of late, Youtube TV has dropped Bally Sports from its list. Youtube TV is available at a monthly subscription of $65.

  1. Channel Lineup - Youtube TV provides the best channel lineup among its competitors. It has more than 110 channels and includes all the popular Live TV channels. In addition to their standard package, there are various add-ons available for Sports channels at an additional monthly cost of $11. You can also get a Movies add-on for $15 a month.Go to watch ESPN youtube tv
  2. Multiple Screens - Youtube TV profile can be added on six screens and can be watched on three screens at a time; this is a feature that no other service provider offers.

  3. Cloud DVR - This is a feature that no other provider offers; unlimited DVR storage, and these recordings are stored for nine months. You can store anything and can watch it anytime and anywhere.

  4. Devices supported by Youtube TV work on all smart TV devices, like Roku streaming stick, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, Tivo, Chromecast, etc. There are no compatibility issues with Youtube TV with any smart devices.

How to activate Youtube TV?

  1. Install the Youtube TV app
  2. Open the App; it will give you a code
  3. Open espn.con/active on the browser
  4. Enter the code
  5. Link it with your account and start watching Youtube TV