If you want to access wifi.wavlink.com in order to Wavlink repeater setup. wifi.wavlink.com is the default web address of wavlink devices. Go to wifi.wavlink.com or ap.setup in your web browser. You’ll be asked to select a language. If you encounter any problems while accessing the wifi.wavlink.com, please visit our website for assistance.


Ap.setup is an offline webpage that can only be visited while your wavlink extender is wirelessly or wired connected to the device. The user can also use the WPS method to configure the new AP extender. Ap.setup can be viewed via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on any device. To connect with ap.setup without any problems, make sure your device is connected to a repeater. The IP address is an alternative for the Ap.Setup page. If you’re still having trouble connecting to the AP setup web user interface, contact our Ap.setup support staff, who are trained to troubleshoot any issues with extension setup.

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