wifi.Wavlink.com is not working (

The WPS method can be used if you are unable to access Wavlink range extender login page on a computer or mobile device by entering “” instead of “wifi.wavlink.com” because mostly wifi.wavlink.com is not working . The device’s web interface is generally recommended for new users to complete the setup process. The WPS connection method has made the Wavlink extender setup process easier. The range extender does not require the user to know the router’s WiFi name or network key.

The only requirement is that the router to which the range extender is connected supports the WPS connection method. Check for a physical WPS button on the router’s front panel.

Steps to set up the Wavlink range extender using

Sometimes viewers can’t reach http://wifi.wavlinks.com while using the IP address “ not found”. They must recheck while filling in or find their device’s default IP address to continue. This given steps will sought out wifi.wavlink.com not opening.

• Unbox and connect the range extender to a nearby power outlet.
• After the range extender has been turned on, go to the computer or mobile device and turn on the wifi.

• Scanning for available Wi-Fi networks near the range extender
• Connect to the default Wavlink WiFi name.

• Start a browser on your computer once you’ve connected to the extender’s network.

• In your browser’s address bar, type or wifi.wavlink.com. Hit enter and then the configuration page appears on the screen.

• In the provided field, type your default login password (admin) and click Login.
• When you are finished, click Next. It is recommended to customize the Wi-Fi settings by entering a new network name and password to manage the security level of the network.
• Assign a unique Wifi name to the router and type in the Wifi password to the router’s network.
• A Wifi password should be different from the login password.
• In the next one, select “Repeater Mode” and find the host’s Wi-fi network name on the list.

• Type in the Wi-fi password of the host’s network and click on the Connect button.

• Wait for a few seconds until the screen shows a 100% connection.

• Once the connection process is done, wait for 60 seconds to allow the transmission of Wi-Fi signals.
• When the Wi-fi LED comes back to solid blue, it indicates that you have clean and clear Wi-fi signals.
• Now, you can relocate your range extender to an optimal place.
• When you connect it, wait for one to two minutes to allow it to connect.
• It is connected to the router when the LED returns to blue after flashing red.

If wifi.wavlink.com is still not working, Solving the problem (WPS method)

This is the simplest way to turn your router into a Wi-Fi repeater. Check to see if your wireless router is compatible with “WPS.” Please read the operating instructions for your wireless router for more information.

  1. The mode selector must be set to the “AP/REPEATER” position for the REPEATER MODE.
  1. Plug the AP/Router into a wall socket.
  1. Press the WPS button on the extender for at least 6 seconds (the Wi-Fi J WPS LED now flashes for approximately 2 minutes).

  2. Within these 2 minutes, please press the WPS button on your wireless router directly for 2-3 seconds (for further details/instructions, please read the operating instructions of your current Wi-Fi router).

The AP/Router will connect to your wireless router automatically and copy all of your wireless keys and settings. Your wireless router’s SSID and wireless key can be used to connect to the AP/Router. The Wi-Fi Repeater Mode can also be configured by connecting it to your computer or laptop via an enclosed RJ-45 cable or wirelessly.

So these are the methods you can use. As soon as the setup is completed, relocate the extender to the place between the router and the no coverage zone or dead zone where it will get strong wifi signals. In this case, if you face a wifi.wavlink.com error, use For any other queries, visit our website wifi.wavlink.com.