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This farsighted approach laid a good policy foundation for the rapid development of data transmission radio and wireless RXB9 remote control and telemetry system in the future. In the early 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the important industries of the national economy represented by electric power, water conservancy, tap water, oil, environmental protection, heating network, etc. developed rapidly, and the requirements for the degree of automation were also increasing. The market of remote control RXB9 receiver and telemetry system (hereinafter referred to as “three remotes” system or SCADA system) in China has gradually entered a high-speed development stage from the experimental stage. From civil to military, the application fields are becoming more and more extensive, and the demand is also growing. The digital radio station then entered a period of vigorous development.

Wireless data module development in China
Wireless remote control and telemetry system
RF Wireless module applications and categories
Receiver module operating frequency
Low-power wireless module with multiple channel options
Communication combination of the wireless module
RF receiver output power and current