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1. True Purpose

The objective of work for yourself is to provide an array of opportunities for people who want to work for themselves because:

  • they have been laid off from a corporate job
  • they are transitioning from the military
  • they are starting out on their own

Work for Yourself will provide assistance beyond what the base direct marketing companies provide. This will include:

  • social media marketing training
  • facilitation of content development
  • access to direct selling programs

Develop a process that develop continuous residual income and
one that evolves to be self sustaining — that is early stage participants continue to grow Work For Yourself opportunities for new participants to the extent that residual commissions can be sustained over many years.

Develop processes where the focus of Work For Yourself transitions from selling products and memberships to training and coaching leaders within the company.

We want to move because we don’t have enough space for our stuff.

In these examples, we start thinking that the problem is “our house is too small” but realize the real reason we want to move is because we feel it’ll simplify our lives.


Hmm, a different way of saying that is: because we have more stuff than space.


Because we often buy things to try to improve our lives.


Because we feel our lives are too chaotic. We can never find what we need, we are constantly cleaning but there’s always more.

It’s just too much!


Ah! Because we have too much crap!

Vicious cycle. We don’t need more space (we’ll probably fill it anyway). We need fewer things, and a better life flow.

We want to move because we feel our place isn’t nice enough. It doesn’t reflect us.


Because I’m ashamed of the state of it when guests come over.

Your Fears
Fear and Shame are a powerful blinders, and very often stop us from seeing the most direct path to reaching our true purpose.


  • Social media has worked for others but I have not been able to use these methods to generate profits
  • Kent has stated that he has not seen social medial produce results and thus may not be willing to support the content publishing plan over sufficient time for results to develop
  • I do not have content development processes define substantially enough to produce the breadth of original content that I think is needed.
  • If I continue to spend on deployment tools and support, will I jeopardize the core capital assets we have to the remainder of our retirement.

Quotes on Fear

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”
― Seneca

“Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.”
― Salvador Dalí

Re-evaluate the Project

  • The way forward is to initiate the social media program using mostly Twitter to grow audience, Facebook along with Google+ to expand the conversation, and YouTube to demonstrate the potential of each product/service. LinkedIn is probably a secondary source for this business model but would be used to find content development support people.

  • Necessary for all of this to work is a completed web site and blog. This is currently in the realm of responsibility of Charlie and may be a limitation on the rate that we can progress.

  • Finding and developing content development people has some constraints from both access and budget. Finding the skills should not be a significant limitation but being able to provide them continuing employment (1099 engagement) since three is not current income and limited budget

  • Development and agreement on a content calendar is needed but could also be a constraint as Kent may not be willing to use the time needed for this because is would cut into the PBN efforts.

Initial Project

Move to a bigger house.

Alternative 1

Get rid of clutter & simplify.

Alternative 2

Find the top three things about our current home that complicate our lives, and change them.

Alternative 3

Maybe it’s no so much the space, but what we choose to do in it. We might be happier if we focused on finding activities we all enjoy. Have friends over more often? Games as a family?

Alternative 4

Maybe we do need to move, but not to a bigger house, but a different city? A small town? A different country? Maybe there’s a place for us that just fits with our vision of a more peaceful, wholesome life?

2. Principles & Constraints


  1. To provide quality opportunities across several vertical markets including wellness, personal care products, business services and others
  2. To provide sophisticated marketing tools for participants
  3. To continue to grow business opportunities to widen the interest areas for participants.


  1. Existing budgets will challenge implementation and growth activities
  2. Content development to identify the value proposition for Work For Yourself will be limited initially to what can be created personally
  3. Marketing through social media channels will be restricted to what can be done in a few hours per week.

Core Principles
The principals for pushing Work For Your self has two primary forks:

  1. Do something that is interesting and profitable
  2. Help other develop capabilities that lead to personal and financial independence.

Of course, underlying this the expectation of attaining personal and financial independence for ourselves in the process.

Supporting this would be to create processes where the people in our programs provide opportunities to others to acheive the level of personal and financial independence also.

As an example, the social media programs will require significant original content. Much of this can be developed by third parties. There are many stay at home mothers, spouses of military personnel, physically restricted people who could all work on these content programs as it would fit into their personal schedules and abilities. Including opportunities for these people along with the participants of Work For Yourself is a core objective.

Make do with what we have

Less is more, especially if it’s fewer better things.

Challenge assumptions, especially the assumption that “Oh, we simply need to have” some particular thing.


  • Time is probably the most prevalent constraint.
  • Kent is more focused on Premier Business Network which is appropriate as this business appears to have much more near term promise with regard to generating a client base and creating income.
  • Terry is more focused on BrightZone because there is more invested in this business, income results can be determine from the business plan and target customers are easily defined. Plus, he continues to work one day per week for PwC.
  • The web s ite and other technical work is being done by Charlie Panky ($250/month minimum) and he is doing some content development work. However, he also is more focused on PBN that other programs. This says nothing about is ongoing commitment to maintaining and growing his own business.

An essential constraint may be that the two principals do not have a strong conviction that the multi-level marketing model really works unless there is a passionate and committed person involved.

Finding those passionate and committed people is not easy. And convincing them to participate with could be difficult in the principals are not committed.

Quotes on Constraints

“The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest and, therefore, when most was required of imagination in order to build at all.”
― Frank Lloyd White

“I decided to write a song based on the first thing I saw upon opening any book… I picked up up a book at random, opened it, saw “gently weeps,” then laid the book down again and started the song.”
― George Harrison

3. Outcome Envisioning

The goal of this phase is to have a generate 12 active participants within the next 90 days

Gather Inspiration

Find or create images that evoke (not necessarily explain) what success will look like.


Quite simply, close your eyes and daydream.
Refine your dream by asking questions.

If you’re working with someone, take part in each other’s dream:

  1. One person is designated the Dreamer.
  2. The other people are the Actors.
  3. The Dreamer starts with “This is what you see…” and describes the scene in words.
  4. The Actors ask questions about the scene. “What do I see on that wall?” or “What happens when I do this?”
  5. After a time, a new person is designated Dreamer, and the process repeats until everyone feels the vision is real.

These examples are regarding a physical space, for simplicity. But the same procedure applies for imagining a software interface, or a new manufacturing process, say.

4. Current State

At this stage very little has been accomplished. Social media sites have been created but content has not been developed or published

The marketing visioning has not been adequately define or developedn

The unique value proposition has not been adequately described in a manner that can be used in discussing the opportunity to prospective participants.

Websites and social media sites need significant attention. Work on the is scheduled to be completed (Version 1) by September 5. Work on the social media sites are not scheduled.

Current State
Product and service opportunities

  • Nopalea - a super food that suppresses inflammation One of a wide array of products from Trivita
  • Leanology - a weight management program featuring Garcinia Cambogia along with a meal replacement shake and snack chews
  • Amazon Herb products including Zamu Gold and other featured products
  • Nerium - anti-agingskin care products
  • Rodan & Fields - skin care products
  • Wine at Home - Private label wine sold through in home demonstrations
  • My Wellness Net - social media programs for marketing and sales
  • BrightZone - small business consulting, coaching and training

5. Brainstorming

“What are some ways we can accomplish this?”

Idea List ( ideas so far)

Gather as many people as you can for this stage, to get as many ideas as you can.

Start throwing ideas out there as they come.

Four simple Rules:

  1. Focus on Quantity.
  2. Withold criticisim.
  3. Welcome unusual ideas.
  4. Combine and improve ideas.

When you start slowing down, use the techniques below to generate even more.

Some random idea

Another even crazier idea

Another one.

Creativity Techniques

Random word generator

Random phrase generator

More Random Images

(edit card to get a new one)

Use “What if” questions to trigger the imagination.

  • What if constraints were 10x more stringent?
  • What if you had all the resources in the world to do this?
  • What if you could ask anyone for advice on this. Who would it be, and what would you ask?

6. Next Actions

  • develop value proposition
  • develop descriptions for each of the business opportunities
  • develop the social media plan for content development and publication
  • develop blog content plan that included curration of material from thought leaders and business programs
  • develop sales material for potential participants.

Start with general groupings, break it down until you get to “surely doables”, then stop.


Once you’re done brainstorming, determine the very next physical, visible actions needed to move the project forward. Include who’s responsible by @tag.

First physical, visible action step.

If you’re stalled, it’s likely that you need to think more about the detailed steps. Keep breaking it down, as many levels as necessary, until you know exactly what needs to be done.

Another multi-part action step

A rule of thumb: keep going until your list of actions are definitely doable and within your control.

Another next action. @john

This is meant to be a living plan, not a static one. Keep revisiting and redefining each section, as much as necessary. If problems arise, revist. If project gets stuck, revisit. At whatever level necessary.