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Thinking allowed, thinking aloud:
Rough, first thoughts, as an invitation to meet
Monterey Bay Charter School.

I love to see yOur website radiating the power and wisdom of head, heart, hands education: “Structure supports spontaneity.”

I have no wish to get entangled or institutionalized in personal preferences or politics. I want to enjoy a fun-da-mental and user-friendly hub for my daughter’s Kindergarten and future school.

This document here is currently in view-only mode. I welcome your input, your feedback, your creativity:

Holger Hubbs

Pacific Grove, May 15th 2016

PS: The tool you are seeing here is called Gingko.
Please pretend some openness (-; and enjoy clicking around.

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!!! AORs - Areas of Responsibility

This can be a very empowering list!

Contact information

Teaming together!

Knowing whom to ask, avoiding wasted time or confusion

Showing all the details of the bigger picture.

Delegating responsibilities

… all the nitty-gritty things that need to be addressed and decided.

Cleaning: Mr X, Mrs Y // telephone, email, office, availability

Tech Support: Mrs Z, Mr A


Tree trimming

Window Cleaning


Food Counselor, nutritionist

Medical aid

Safety & compliance


STREAM & filters

Daily Information Flow


Milestones & Reports

MBCS in the media

Articles, Archive


Attitude: head, heart, hands, education

Testimonials, shoutouts, Quotes

Core Values and Goals

In nature nothing creates itself and nothing destroys itself.
-Maria Montessori

The only cause of trouble in the world
is you posing as a ‘person’.
How can something as obvious as this
be missed or even grasped?

“Structure supports spontaneity”

School Accountability Reports

Hands on: Daily Operations

FILE CABINET - A little Bureaucracy




Up-to-date Schedule

Current Goals and Focus

Your voice: Feedback & Improvements

Dedication: upkeep, infrastructure and resources



Property, grounds, assets

Propos, Tools & Toys


Accounts, Insurances, Licenses, Permits

Suppliers & Supplies

MBCS & Public Relations

MBCS Foundation Board

Board Agenda and Minutes


Welcome to MBCS

for students

for parents

new staff

You, Friends & Supporters

Parent Handbook

Photo Gallery



Daily Practicalities

Car Pool

Classroom preparation

Cleanliness and respect

Bulletin Boards


Speak with a person!

Link to AORs - Areas of Responsibility

Understanding this website

A solid framework to support growing up

discern the lifespan of information

keep information focused, up-to-date and relevant

provide transparency and ease of use

“BE the change you want to see in the world”

Website Tech


A good website is a very powerful tool.

I look at a website as a STREAM of information.

Your organization is alive, your homepage a dynamic canvas.

Your audience is diverse, your goal is simple: easily find what you need.

To welcome and guide your visitors into your website

keep the focus high and everyone on the same page!