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Development (build up to the thesis)


I am a person that if I want something i obtain it , Im a really outgoing person and social, I am a very active person .

Body Paragraph 1

Topic sentence

My hobbies are cooking and workout.

Supporting details

*I like to cook because that relaxes me and because i like getting complements from people when they try my food.

*I like to workout because i like living a healthy life.

Concluding sentence

You can tell based on my hobbies that i love moving around and at the same relaxing.

Body Paragraph 2

Topic sentence

I had good and bad experiences .

Supporting details

*The bad thing or experience is that I can’t see my family, and its so hard and difficult being apart from love ones.

*Not only do I have bad experiences but also I’ve had good outcomes like learning English and getting a better education, and getting prepared for my future.

Concluding sentence

In conclusion to my experiences no matter how bad nor good things has happen to me, I know that in the future the outcome or the result is going to be a good one because I’m going to try my best to keep on going and to achieve my goals.

Body Paragraph 3

Topic sentence

My goal is to be a professional teacher.

Supporting details

*To become a teacher I’m going to try my best in learning every step of the way, so I can reach my goal and be successful.

*I want to be a teacher because, I would like to help kids learn and get them ready for what school is and also i love being around kids.

Concluding sentence

To become this dream true, I haven’t one this alone I’ve had a lot of support from my loving family, and friends. Also I’ve tried my best in staying together and not letting my feelings interfere with achieving my goal.


Paraphrase thesis

Paraphrase topic sentence

Final thoughts